The Words of the Francis Family

Preparing To Welcome True Parents To The East Coast

Randy Francis
September 5, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our True Parents have concluded the ILC and Fishing tournament in Kodiak, AK. Our brother, Art Lamson, from NC won first prize. Paul Bulow, who went representing our District, had a wonderful experience. You can see photos at

Now we are preparing to welcome True Parents to East Garden, where they will officiate, during a 2 week period, the celebrations and ceremonies surrounding the UPF anniversary and ILC events.

We expect Father and Mother to return to NY on Saturday the 8th. All FFWPU leaders and UPF affiliated organization leaders will welcome them. Then from Sept. 9th through the 25th there will be opportunities for all of us to join in HDH at East Garden at some time.

Members from district one can attend at anytime. Please be aware that the EG staff requires notification, by a list from our district office, of those attending each day.

The Anh Shi Il days will be held in the larger hall (11th & 19th). HDH on the other mornings may be held in the smaller dinning area.

Please make plans on attending as often as possible. To be placed on the notification list reply to this email. The transportation to EG will have to be done by car pooling. Please organize with your friends and community.

Thank you, R Francis

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