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Starting the Second Half of 2007

Randy Francis
July 7, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Happy 07-07-07, now we are moving into the second half of 2007.

I would like to take a moment to reflect on what the last six months have brought us. As we began this year there was great anticipation about the Special Grace Workshops that True Parents directed to be conducted around the world. Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim toured for three months from mid November 2006 until our North American events. During that time True Father had directed 120 clergy and AFP to tour each continent. Then to conclude December we held 1,200 Peace message events. This was basically doing HDH and bringing the blessing to all our neighborhoods. It was fun, as well, to hold these mini rallies.

Early this year, the Youth Federation was re-established in America. Then, with this stage set, we welcomed Hyun Jin Nim to 12 cities, where he spoke directly about God and True Parents hope of creating "One Family, Under God" He met with some of our top AFPs over breakfast and really won their hearts. Remember the tunnel of youth?

In February, God's grace of forgiveness was poured upon us giving new power to live as true citizens of the Cheon IL (2 become 1) Nation. I feel this is when the jubilee year began for me. From then, True Parents have been calling gatherings of the highest levels of our contacts, along with their colleagues, friends and families every 17th of the month. By the way, our grace ceremony in the Armory was on Feb 17th. Each seventeenth there has been an International Leadership (ILC) conference hosted by UPF with True Parents and/or Hyun Jin Nim guiding it. 3/17 in Kona, HI, 4/17 in Korea, 5/17 in DC and on 6/17 in Honolulu. This month the ILC will be in Korea and then in Aug. as well. All of this is leading up to Sept 17th in NY.

As I reread Rev. Kwak's memo, and heard Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins speak of the importance of these events, and then when I heard Hyun Jin Nim cite Fathers speech, telling the WCSF participants the fact that this was "A Jubilee year the likes of which the world has never seen" I broke down with tears of joy. What a time we live in. The spirit world is so excited to bring God's Hope into fruition.

Brothers and Sisters, I am so grateful for all your efforts to bring victory at each step we are pioneering. Let's continue to advance all people and things toward restoration to their original purposes.

In the next weeks, we will be setting up educational initiatives where all can study DP, Father's and Mother's courses and the peace principles and your testimonies. On Aug 3rd thru 5th there will be a national outreach summit in Los Angles, CA. The focus will be on witnessing to youth, college age to 30s. If you are interested in joining this focused group let me know soon.

Please let me know of any contacts you may recommend for the upcoming ILCs or the next MEPI on Aug. 22. Also look for our monthly ACLC prayer breakfasts for clergy contacts. These are great ways to introduce ACLC.

Remember, the local Pastor teams are always there for your needs. I hope we can take full advantage of this precious time during this Jubilee Year.

God bless you and your families!

Randy Francis Director District One

Excerpts from Rev. Kwak's memo from April 2007:

Re: Announcement Regarding the Seventh Phase of the International Blessing of 400 Million Couples and the Rally to Declare the Beginning of a New Universal Civilization of Peace

We pray for God and True Parents' blessing and love to be with all regions, nations and providential organizations as we create the sacred reign of peace in Cheon Il Guk, the realm of cosmic peace.

This is to announce the holding of the Seventh Phase of the International Blessing of 400 Million Couples and the Rally to Declare the Beginning of a New Universal Civilization of Peace. Regional presidents and national leaders should do their utmost in preparing for the upcoming events.

I. Seventh Phase of the International Blessing of 400 Million Couples

1. Date: July 5, 2007 (Thursday)
The details of the schedule for the World Culture and Sports Festival 2007 (July 1-11, in Korea) will be announced at a later date.
2. Venue: Korea
3. Participants: Single 1st generation members, married couples, 2nd generation members and (single) children of ambassadors for peace

II. Rally to Declare the Beginning of a New Universal Civilization of Peace

1. Name of Event: Rally to Declare the Beginning of a New Universal Civilization of Peace
2. Organized by UPF and FFWPU
3. Events: Each nation should hold a total of 13,320 rallies, including the 12,000 rallies held as a part of the recent Peace Blessing Tour.
4. Significance of the Rally
(1) Proclamation of a Providential Jubilee and Declaration of the Beginning of a New Universal Civilization of Peace
True Parents have declared a jubilee, the first ever in six thousand years' of providential history. All members of the human race should be restored to his or her originally intended position centering on the sovereignty of goodness, which is centered on the True God; the rights of ownership centered on the evil sovereignty should be reversed and offered to Heaven, thereby completing the beginning of a new civilization.
(2) The Advent of the Pacific Rim Era, whose focus is the Culture of Women and the Role of Women
The Pacific Rim era has dawned centering on the ocean providence, which represents the culture of women. Women should be awakened to their role and mission in this age and restored to their original positions as women, so that they may carry out a central role in manifesting a peaceful world.

The 12,000 rallies are being held on the foundation of the victory of the 2006 world tours that brought about the entrance ceremony and coronation and the completion of the blessing ideal in three generations. Please be sure to have the central figures among the participants from the 12,000 rallies take part in this upcoming event, so that the actual Cheon Il Guk civilization can be imbedded in our sphere of life.

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