The Words of the Francis Family

Memo To All District One Members

Randy and Kumiko Francis
April 28, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are hoping and praying you feel God's Blessings as we end this month of April!

Our ACLC Co-Chairman, Dr. Arnold Howard had a seizure today at our ACLC prayer breakfast. He was released from the emergency room by 4:30pm with no know effects. Keep him in prayer.

True Parents will be returning to America soon. It has not been announced as such but, I think they have begun the 7th World Peace Tour, started in Korea then to Japan and the USA. Please take time to study thoroughly our national headquarters memo concerning the current providence. This was sent earlier today. You can gain the heart of this time period. Also visit for special reports.

We are preparing to receive True Family here as part of the 50 state tour both on May 17th as part of the Times 25th Gala then most likely HDH on the 18th. Following these events True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim will be speaking on May 24th at the Marriott Crystal Gateway Hotel in Crystal City, VA. See the attached preliminary flyer for pastors and churches along with the invitation letter for AFP. Then on June 3rd Jun Sook Nim will be speaking in Baltimore.

This promises to be a beautiful heartfelt program striving to bring a peaceful spirit of unity and love for all God's children in the wake of much devastating news in the past few weeks. More materials to come as soon as we can get them ready.

Click here for the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) invitation letter (pdf).

Click here fore the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) invitation letter (pdf).

If you would like to volunteer to help in mobilization here, for our events, or in another state where we will be working to support the tour please let us know.

Let us bring victory for Heaven as we all pray for peace.

Randy and Kumiko Francis

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