The Words of the Francis Family

12,000 Peace Messages - Highlights Document

Randy Francis
March 6, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are moving ahead with many exciting small events and sharing the message of peace from True Parents. As of today we have fulfilled a total of 65 events out of our goal of 1,300 (increased) by April 15th 2007. From March 7 to April 15th is 40 days. We need to hold an average of 31 events each day to fulfill this goal. Please be creative on this. If you want suggestions of warm contacts to share this with contact your local outreach team members working with ACLC or AFP.

Events can be conducted with neighbors, co-workers, people you meet in the store or at the coffee shop, or within a pastor's home or office etc.

Attached is a 2 page document of Thematic highlights of Peace Message 10 (pdf). Please use this for promoting the Peace Message and for communicating its essential content. You can do this in as short as a 15-30 min meeting with your friends and contacts.

The document includes a fill-in box on page two for local contact information. It is designed for our families to put whatever contact information they like, i.e. as they share this with neighbors and friends.

Please report any events that you have held in the past few weeks. Please Include:

Who read:
How many participated:
1-2 photos if you have them

Thank you for your sincerity,

R. Francis

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