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True Parents' Birthday Celebrations and 12,000 Peace Message Events

Randy Francis
February 28, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Hello from the Fatherland!

The Birthday celebrations for True Parents were glorious. Father and Mother really look wonderful. They were teaching, smiling, laughing, kissing and dancing as I have never seen before.

The Cheon Il Guk World Leaders Assembly was very powerful. Each continental region gave a summary of activities in 2006 and an outline of plans for 2007. The underlying theme was Good Communication and Alignment. Heavenly Father and the spiritual world are truly moving hearts of the prepared people in each nation toward deeper understanding of their roles in bringing world peace through True Parents vision. The True Children are also each stepping into greater responsibility in their areas of work.

You can see reports and photos at:

At the conclusion of the CIG assembly the 12-USA District Directors were asked to stay and conduct birthday celebrations and speech events in cities throughout Korea. I am now in Inchon, a city of 4 million people. I have found out it's a lot more than the airport.

These events are part of the Sixth World Tour of 12,000 events in 40 nations. Our district is responsible to hold 1,200 events by April 8th. Each family can contribute over the next 40 days by holding 4-5 events or 1 a week. These can be both an informal style within offices, living/dining rooms, or over coffee at Panera Bread. There is also a need for more formal gatherings, as in a bible studies or other forums. We will need to hold 3 larger events, one in each state by April 8th, as well. We can use events that have been done in the past month also. Please report any meetings that you think may qualify.

The main point is to share True Parents vision for world peace thru happy individuals and families. The content should include sharing and discussing peace message #10. We will have an abridged version ready soon. This can be done with old or new friends, family and contacts. One good formula is to ask your clergy or AFP contacts to invite their friends and associates for this type of introductory gathering.

Rev. Goto has begun holding these meetings by setting up a zone system for NOVA family church. They have coordinators and teams that support each other. Please speak with your pastors about setting this type of plan up. It can help with many areas.

Gail Paine our district UPF Secretary General will be coordinating these plans along with our district office staff. You can reply to this email with any ideas or questions.

God Bless you as we move toward the realization of Cheon Il Guk.

One Family Under God, A-Ju!

RJ Francis

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