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Please Send Any Testimonies Of Your Experience During The Workshop

Randall and Kumiko Francis
February 18, 2007

Dear Family,

It is with great gratitude that I write to you all on the occasion of fulfilling the workshop for the New Beginnings for Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families. Thank you for all your sincere dedication during the preparation for the special workshop and the actual event itself. Dr. Yang and Rev. Lee expressed great excitement at the attitudes of the participants here. Mrs. Richardson said Dae Mo Nim through Hoon Mo Nim was also very pleased.

Please send any testimonies of your experience during the workshop or of those you may have heard to me. Dr. Yang will share them with True Parents at their birthday celebration.

We were asked to advise all members who could not attend the workshop, or those that did not have the time to finish the conditions, to please fulfill the individual conditions of doing a 1-day fast, and offering the $120 grace donation. Then please be awaiting the official memo from FFWPU International President, Rev Kwak on guidelines about if and when the next opportunity will come to receive the Holy Wine.

Again, I wish to thank all of those that helped make this glorious event as smooth as possible. I know that nearly everyone helped encourage others to attend, some even paying extra to help whole families. A big THANK YOU!

The flow of participants was so smooth to see so early in the morning. It was thanks to our ushering volunteers.

Of course the Japanese community, headed by the Aoyama's and Pierson's and others, supplied our libation and sustenance (good coffee and rice balls). Our Pastor Team brought lots of enthusiasm. Hiromi Stephens brought order to the flower presenters and attendants. I know I surprised Pastor Angelika Selle with a last minute appeal to help out on stage when we found out Rev. Jenkins was still ailing. I need all the singing help I can get. Susan and the Choir along with Generations did a great job closing us out in style.

I called upon many of you to help and I am sorry if I may have forgotten to mention you by name but I am grateful for all you do. I am also sorry if I had to run by you as we were preparing things (so many details) Please feel free to write me a note and I will answer soon or catch me when I return from Korea in March.

God Bless you in this new era of Joy!

With our love,

Randall & Kumiko Francis

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