The Words of the Francis Family

Reflection On A Local AFP Event

Randy Francis
December 7, 2006

Testimony and reflection on a local AFP Event Thursday, December, 7 2006.

As the 5th World Tour Washington, DC Co-coordinator Minister Chisoni Ngoma along with Tomiyo Pierson setup an appointment ceremony and speech event at the prestigious home of Mrs Pascual Smith located near Catholic University in Washington DC. The purpose was to Offer the speech, bless her family and neighbors, and appoint her as an Ambassador for Peace.

After greetings she served lunch to us all. Then as we were having lunch she told us that December 7, was the day her husband had died and that the visitation of the UPF staff was a blessing to her, especially because she was to be acknowledged and appointed Ambassador for peace. She said her husband had died on December 7, 2005 exactly one year ago.

After lunch, Mrs. Tomiyo Pierson explained that Minister Ngoma was commissioned by the UPF to officiate and bless the family and to present the keynote address of the co- founders of the Universal Peace Federation, the Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. After wonderful introductory remarks from Tomiyo, Minister Ngoma explained about the mission and the core principles of the UPF. The participants present were very inspired about the universality of those core principles. Upon the understanding of the importance of building up a God centered family which serves as the moral fiber of a strong society, nation and world, the holy juice was offered to all those present. After the blessing and partaking of the holy juice, Tomiyo Pierson distributed the speeches to the members. Then Minister Ngoma initiated the reading of the speech. Due to the number of people presents and also to let everyone participate, the speech was read in the Hoon Dok Hae style. Each of those present read at least a part of the 47th true Children's Day celebration address presented by True Parents.

Mrs. Pascual Smith was so inspired. Especially when she read the part of the speech which explained about spirit world. She then paused and explained that her husband was also there as a part of this meeting in spirit form. She kept looking at a book on the coffee table. After the speech concluded a Blessing ceremony was held and the AFP appointment made.

Then slowly Mrs. Smith picked up the book which was on the table. She said this book explained about how good Angels guide, and receive people when they die. The text book was by Billy Graham, the great American Evangelist. It had nice pictures of angels showing how they receive and guide people when they die. She said, "Tomiyo, see the angels how they guide people. Angels are there to also protect people". She said, "Even here in this room good spirits are here. As I read the part of the speech which explained about spirit world I could feel that my husband is with us here but we can not see him because is a spirit form." Then she turned to Min. Ngoma and said "when you have a baby you will see that sometimes the baby is smiling and looking toward invisible things, beings, these are the angels. Truly Angels and spirit world truly exist."

Mrs. Smith proclaimed strongly after her AFP appointment that she would do the best she can, to do what is right for humankind. She determined to help bring more like minded people together for peace.

As a very good friend of Tomiyo's, Mrs. Smith already had gathered 40 of her family and friends for another blessing event last spring. Some of those had come late and missed the holy wine. We made plans to have another reading event around the new year. Mrs. Smith promised to read the speech continuously and that she will nominate her sister as ambassador for peace as she is an active member who is doing constructive work in the Roman Catholic Church.

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