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Attached Find The First Sets Of Flyers And Letters For Inviting Your Contacts

Randy Francis
August 29, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Attached you will find the first sets of flyers and letters for inviting your contacts.

The best way to use these is to personally invite your guests, Clergy, AFP and neighbors. Please print them out. You can cut the hand bill size to attach it together with the invitation letter. The Word docs you can personalize so they are from you.

Try to bring or meet you guests early. You can plan to have lunch together before the event or dinner afterwards. Make it an end of summer family celebration in Chinatown.

We would like you to encourage people to bring 3 generations of their families for this event. I have heard that True Fathers has the determination to continue to circle the globe "proclaiming the ideals of peace until the guns of war are silenced". This is a very clear way of seeing and showing how True Parents and True Family are putting their faith into action. I am sure this tour is harder on them then on most of us.

The details of our event are: Sunday, September 3rd Doors open at 3:30pm program starts at 4:00pm Location: Renaissance Washington, DC Hotel 999 Ninth St. NW Washington, DC. 20001

The Renaissance Hotel is located near the Gallery Place /Chinatown Metro. There is also plenty of parking garages nearby.

NOVA Church has an outreach BBQ in the morning and they will bring those guests to the event as well. NHFC, WFC, Mont Co. will not meet for morning service all families are encouraged to visit your contacts and bring them. Norfolk, Richmond and Baltimore will also focus on the event as their SS.

Let's bring the Victory for Heaven.
God Bless you and your families!
R Francis


UPF Flyer (pdf)

UPF Postcards (pdf)

UPF Invitation Letter (pdf)

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