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Tour Details And Donation Request

Randy Francis
August 28, 2006

Dear brothers and sisters,

I don't really like making these kinds of requests by email. It is only because of the accelerated time table that makes it necessary.

We are heading full steam into this 3rd World Tour for Peace which the True Family is undertaking. They will be conducting 12 speeches a day over the course of 40 days finishing on or before the 14th of October. They start with 12 cities in Korea, then 12 in Japan. On September 2nd True Family will arrive in the US and hold our portion on September 3rd in 12 cities.

In order to make this event possible we need your ownership through personally bringing your guests. There is no time to do a full scale mailing. Please call and email your contacts today. The time will be 4pm to 6pm to allow those church contacts to make it after they have had lunch. We will know the venue by noon Tuesday. I'll email the letter of invitation in the afternoon.

Brothers and Sisters, we do need your financial offerings to make this a successful program. We will do our best to keep the cost down. We would like to ask each family to please help with a $300 donation for this tour. Please give more if you can or divide it into portions as needed. Our immediate need is $20,000 for the venue and production. Our hope is to keep the budget under $30,000. Thank you to all that have already sent in some offerings for this purpose.

You can make checks out to: HSA-UWC (put "Sept 3rd Tour" in memo line) Mail them to 1610 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009.

This obviously is a serious endeavor that is being undertaken. I believe it is unprecedented and shows the depth and scope of concern True Parents have for substantially bringing the end of war and the establishment of a peaceful ideal world.

Let us bring another Washington Victory!
Sincere Thanks,
Randy Francis

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