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What Is The Full Truth About Hoon Dok Hae?

Dave Fleming
December 9, 2005

Dear Reader,
Here is the most revealing full truth I have been able to put together concerning Hoon Dok Hae, that is meant to benefit everyone, and promote God's Will in our time. Although this document contains some criticism, it is meant to be constructive, in the extreme. I pray that you have time to read this material, because I believe it will serve you well. If you save it, it will most likely be useful for at least 400 years.
God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
Dave Fleming

What Is The Full Truth About Hoon Dok Hae?
(How You Can Attract God's Highest Blessings Into Your Life)

Translated to English, "Hoon Dok Hae", [hoon-dohk-hay], means, "Gathering, (i.e. coming together), For Reading And Learning".

On Sept. 1, 1997, The Most Rev. Sun Myung Moon, (i.e. True Father, TF), defined Hoon Dok Hae, (HDH).

He asked that everyone, worldwide, who is willing to follow His advice, should gather together as individuals, family, or larger groups each day in the morning, and study together for one hour each day, (preferably with one person at a time reading aloud), from specific HDH content which He chose from His past speeches.

Nine years later, in 2006, no specific website even exists, to clarify and explain this request by TF to ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. Furthermore, so-called "leaders" within the Unification Movement, (UM), appear to be intentionally "muddying the water", by claiming that Hoon Dok Hae content consists of anything and everything related to True Father.


If Rev. Moon had wanted the HDH content to be extended/expanded in this unlimited fashion, there is no doubt that He would have never specified so carefully, in 1997, the exact content of HDH. So why is this elaborate LIE being told, to expand the content of HDH material so far beyond the limits set by Rev. Moon? Obviously, there is a lot of important material that should be studied in the other 23 hours we have every day, such as the Divine Principle itself, as at:, or such as my "Book Review" of the 1983 book, "Home Church", as at:

But these were NOT specified by Rev. Moon as HDH content.

Is there any obvious reason, why this LIE is being told, to expand the content of HDH so as to make it virtually impossible to understand what Rev. Moon intends to emphasize and accomplish, with the HDH content He has CLEARLY DEFINED?

The effect of this LIE, is that it might take a lifetime to read all of the wrong material, but it takes only 270 days, (i.e. 270 hours, reading aloud at a normal reading speed), to complete the Hoon Dok Hae content specified by Rev. Moon. And my opinion is that Rev. Moon has chosen HDH content that will continue to be inspirational, pertinent, and appropriate, even if it is re-read for one hour a day for a lifetime, in cycles of about 270 days.

If this LIE about HDH content were not being told, then we all could have read the HDH content over twelve times by 2006, and God's Will might be much stronger, clearer, and more effectively encompassed in our lives. But it appears that the liars do not want that full truth to find them wanting, so this LIE continues, about the content of HDH. It appears that elitism is prospering, among the self-proclaimed "Central", Blessed Families.

So, the liars can try to hide their true motivations, by claiming that they are just "confused", or "incorrect". But there is a much more likely reason for this LIE. As long as the full truth is suppressed and/or diluted, the "old UM members" can maintain their elitist "Mutual Admiration Society", and prevent anyone from:

(1) More quickly knowing and understanding the failures of the "old UM members", and
(2) More quickly finding out the full truth about God's Will, and accomplishing what the "old UM members" have been refusing and/or failing to accomplish,


So, there are hundreds of millions of couples who do not yet understand Divine Principle, who have agreed with the importance of four conditions, as they were asked to confirm by True Father:

(1) No Divorce,
(2) No Adultery,
(3) Teach their children to abstain from sexual relations before marriage, and
(4) Work for world peace, and the unification of Mankind.

And then they rededicated their marriages by participating in the most sacred Blessing/Marriage ceremony, officiated by The Most Rev. Moon. But even if they do try to follow Rev. Moon's advice now, and read HDH daily, the LIES that are being told about the content of Hoon Dok Hae will hopelessly dilute their efforts and DEFEAT TRUE FATHER'S INTENT. Furthermore, there are six billion people on Earth who might also decide to try reading HDH, (and thereby attract tremendously positive spiritual forces and blessings from God into their lives, as Rev. Moon has predicted for those who read HDH daily), but they will also be led astray by the LIES being told about the content of HDH.

I am defining the present HDH content here, as my research has revealed it. I hope it serves you well. And I am hereby exhorting the "leaders" in the UM, to place this HDH content on one clearly explained website, which makes HDH available to all, "without charge", as True Father has directed since 1997. Furthermore, at least a "Beginner's Digest" of HDH material should be published, and supplied free to everyone possible, in the same glorious spirit that has led the Gideons International to supply free Bibles worldwide, since 1899.

My bet, is that UM "leaders" won't create even this simple HDH website any time soon, because there are tremendously powerful "power-monger Judas forces" within the UM, who do not intend to obey God's Will in this matter any time soon. And it appears that there are very few faithful UM members indeed, who have the "backbone" to stand up to the deception being promoted by these powerful "Judas forces".

Even within the UM, "All it takes for evil to triumph over good, is that good men do nothing".

There is presently a very revealing "unofficial explanation" of HDH by Professor Taek-Young Oh, at:

Hoon Dok Hae Contents:

The Family Pledge is recited, as at:


The first 15-book "creation" of Hoon Dok Hae is quotes that Rev. Moon selected from His extensive numbers of speeches, and is to a great degree appropriate mostly for Unification Church "members". That means that about half of these 15 books cover more internal matters, that require prior knowledge of the "Divine Principle" to be fully appreciated. These 15 books are named the "Gathering for Reading and Learning Series".

It can be found, with all links through the URL:

Soon after, more "universally friendly" Hoon Dok Hae material was chosen and published, in which about half of the material from the "original" HDH 15-book set was repeated, with more material being added. This later HDH content is more easily acceptable and useful to all those hundreds of millions of couples worldwide, who have participated and have been "Re-married", (i.e. Blessed), by The Most Rev. Moon, in mass marriage ceremonies, even though they are not members of the Unification Church, and they have not yet studied its formal teaching, the Divine Principle.

This four-book HDH set was given out free in great numbers, at the 80th birthday celebration of The Most Reverend Sun Myung Moon, in 2000.

This second published HDH four-books is therefore considered to be the current "official" Hoon Dok Hae material, even though it is NOT named "Hoon Dok Hae", or "Gathering For Reading and Learning".

The four-book set is:

[First book, blue cover, ISBN 0-910621-89-6]: {Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom, Volume 1} = [A] + [B] + [C] + [D] + [2] + [1]

[Second book, blue cover, ISBN 0-910621-88-8]: {Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom, Volume 2} = [3]

[Third book, brown cover, ISBN 1-910621-97-7]: {The Completed Testament Age and the Ideal Kingdom}, at:

[Fourth book, green cover, ISBN 10892163-06-3]: {The Way of Unification in God's Providence}: (THIS IS THE ONLY HDH CONTENT THAT HAS NOT BEEN PLACED ON THE INTERNET IN ANY FORM, AS OF OCTOBER 2004. Its subtitle is "The Theoretical Foundation for the Unification of East and West and of North and South".)

On the Internet, there are three books, [1], [2], and [3]: This [1] book is the same content as Volume 1, Parts 1 and 2, of the original 15-book set, found at URL:

These 15 books are sold only as a set, named the "Gathering For Reading And Learning Series".

For the sake of total clarity, I am listing all the ISBN numbers here:

Volume 1, Part 1 --- Blessing And Ideal Family --- ISBN 1-892163-00-4
Volume 1, Part 2 --- Blessing And Ideal Family --- ISBN 1-892163-01-2
Volume 2, Part 1 --- Way of Unification --- ISBN 1-892163-02-0
Volume 2, Part 2 --- Way of Unification --- ISBN 1-892163-03-9
Volume 3, Part 1 --- The Way of the Spiritual Leader --- ISBN 1-892163-04-7
Volume 3, Part 2 --- The Way of the Spiritual Leader --- ISBN 1-892163-04-7
Volume 4 --- Unification Family Life --- ISBN 10892163-06-3
Volume 5 --- Raising Children In God's Will --- ISBN 1-892163-07-1
Volume 6 --- The Way For Students --- ISBN 1-892163-08-X
Volume 7 --- The Way For Young People --- ISBN 1-892163-09-8
Volume 8 --- The Way For A True Child --- ISBN 10892163-10-1
Volume 9 --- The Tribal Messiah --- ISBN 1-892163-11-X
Volume 10 --- True Parents --- ISBN 1-892163-12-8
Volume 11 --- Earthly Life And Spirit World I --- ISBN 1-892163-12-8
Volume 12 --- Earthly Life And Spirit World II --- ISBN 1-892163-14-4

The later version of [1] appears to be a more "polished" English translation than that in the 15-book HDH set now found on the Internet, as at:

The later version of [1] is not yet on the Internet, but is found as part of the published "Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom, Volume 1", as listed above as "first book, blue cover, ISBN 0-910621-89-6"]

[1] {Blessing and Ideal Family}, by Moon, Sun Myung: "A collection of Rev. Moon's speeches on the blessing and the ideal family", HSA Publication, New York, 2nd edition 1997, 632 pages, soft cover as at:

[2] The Way of God's Will:

or at:

and the providentially important speeches chosen by TF as HDH, [A], [B], [C], and [D]:

[A] "View of the Principle of the Providential History of Salvation"

or at:

[B] "In Search of the Origin of the Universe"

or at:

[C] "True Family and True Universe Centering on True Love"

or at:

Rev. Moon 43 days later added the following speech and book to HDH content:

[D] "True Family and I"

and at:

[3] God's Will and the World

or at:

or at:

Much of the above listed HDH content was put together and published in 1997, as:

{Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom, Volume 1, ISBN 0-910621-89-6} = [A] + [B] + [C] + [D] + [1] + [2]

{Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom, Volume 2, ISBN 0-910621-88-8} = [3]

As we read/study the above material for one hour a day, we are asked to guide our lives based on these specific HDH Words. TO MY KNOWLEDGE, NO OTHER HDH CONTENT HAS BEEN PUBLICLY APPROVED BY THE MOST REVEREND SUN MYUNG MOON, AS OF OCTOBER 2004.

To obtain all HDH in published form, phone (212) 997-0050
Or email: or

I hope this helps. :-)
God Bless, ITN & IDFN,
Dave Fleming,

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