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Creating a Member-Centered Manifesto: Shall We Live By Commands Or By Love?

Dave Fleming

Greetings, on Aug. 27,1998

The following document compliments the book review we sent you in July, 1998.

Creating, (and enforcing, with our tithes and/or support), ONE "Member-Centered Manifesto" is tantamount to saving the Unification Movement, worldwide, (and substantially shortening God's Providence of Restoration). Without this concrete step, all of our criticism, (a la T. Folzenloader), or reactionism, (a la J. Kenny-Canthe), are just candles in the wind.

The writing is on the wall, "leaders". What, in the reality of Hell, are you going to do?

This document will not go away. It is the answer to our prayers.

Love To All,

Please POST, COPY, and DISSEMINATE this list.

Creating a Member-Centered Manifesto: Shall We Live By Commands Or By Love?

Today I am declaring a new beginning: the leader-centered movement is over, and the member-centered movement is going to begin . . . but once we enter Canaan we donít live by commands but by love. This is that time . . . [See the book, Home Church, pp.43-44, Oct. 28, 1981]

The full delineation of the clear differences between the leader-centered and member-centered mind-sets, is the first step toward formulating and actualizing the member-centered movement. It is not just a lot of members fulfilling their individual responsibilities, as has been claimed. To be a movement, member-centered direction and deeds must come through the leadership. Otherwise, there are no leaders, just leader-centered, out-moded disobedience. Of course, if necessary, we can "do it" without leaders, but without a movement, we are almost guaranteed to fail in gaining our 84.

There is nothing inherently "evil" about the leader-centered mind-set. From 1954 to 1981, True Father directed that we "just obey" our central figures, out of necessity. (Just in the seventies, his life was threatened by at least three death-squads sent by North Korea to kill him.) The "evil" comes from continuing the old militaristic mind-set, when True Father has directed us to the member-centered standard of True Love. Leader-centered direction has, since 1981, fought and interfered with True Fatherís direction.

We must form an internal organization, (strictly volunteer), modeled after the Salvation Army and the Peace Corps, and advanced to the Divine-spirit level. This would serve as the only channel for the useful application of the leader-centered mind-set.

The member-centered movement True Father proclaimed in 1981 is based on love, rather than commands. Admittedly, it is not easy to delineate this difference, but it must be done, if we are to claim we are attending the True Parents. Just being seen with Them does not mean we are close to Them spiritually.

The following list is a rudimentary beginning to creating a "Member-Centered Manifesto". In this list,

No equals Leader-centered mind-set, and Yes equals Member-centered mind-set.

(1) No -- Assume the position of Able, rather than earning it.

Yes -- Take a position of humbleness, earning and negotiating whatever commitments are made by you and by others.

(2) No -- Make a good public showing, no matter what our internal failures might be.

Yes -- Never put up a "false front". Always concentrate on true and complete integrity, rather than on "looking good".

(3) No -- First you must show me a good result. Only then will I listen to you.

Yes -- Always encourage and answer your mail. Always remain humble and open to others, (out of desperation for your mission).

(4) No -- Keep absolute control of the financial "purse strings". Discourage any individual initiative, unless all money goes to or through you.

Yes -- Find ways to form channels, (such as signed contracts), to promote empowerment of the individual. Promote ways to reward and/or encourage individual initiative, rather than assuming everyone should "just follow".

(5) No -- Some deception is OK, if it is for Godís will.

Yes -- Honesty above all. If someone feels we have knowingly deceived them in any way, they will rightfully never trust us again.

(6) No -- Always assume our position deserves respect, and others should follow us, if they believe in God and Divine Principle.

Yes -- Never believe our position automatically deserves respect. Be willing to ask others to follow us, negotiating mutual commitments, as True Father has.

(7) No -- Arbitrarily deny ID cards, so that a member cannot hear True Father speak. This deceptive abuse of authority serves to prove how powerful you are, intimidating all members.

Yes -- The only honest reason to deny any member an ID card is a proven security risk. Different types of ID cards, denoting different individual circumstances, would be issued.

(8) No -- Assume you have the right to demand money, (or tithes), from members.

Yes -- Without True Fatherís clear, CURRENT, public request to members, no older members have the right to demand "tithes". Only a non-mandatory request may be made, explaining exactly how the donation is to be spent. Otherwise, tithes should support your Home Church or Tribal Messiahship work.

(9) No -- Never apologize. Never even respond to criticism. Apologizing is inappropriate for someone appointed to authority to do Godís will.

Yes -- Always be willing to apologize, as a way of growing, and to give and gain commitments. True Father shows us, (through His prayers), that He was always ready to apologize and change Himself.

(10) No -- Stay mobile. You will never have to face your mistakes if you never settle in one place.

Yes -- The time of settlement began after 1978, (see the book, "Home Church", p.465, Sept. 23, 1978). Without the "mobile mind-set", (thinking I will move in the future), I am forced to face and deal with my personal faults, failures, or mistakes, or face the consequences.

(11) No -- Never take public responsibility for your actions. Claim this is done because you are "humble". You are "just following orders". Both a lack of real commitment and an irresponsible attitude are encouraged by this attitude.

Yes -- Always sign any document, letter, policy, rule, etc., you produce or are part of. Let it be known that you answer all your mail. Publish and post a "Statement of Membersí Rights". Publish and post a detailed statement of how you intend to spend money, and how you actually spent it. (Legally speaking, the only reason Jim Baker was caught and imprisoned, was that he stated exactly how the donations were supposed to be spent.)

(12) No -- Always keep secret, any mailing lists or other means of communicating with members individually. "Divide and conquer", keeps "leaders" "powerful".

Yes -- Encourage networking by members. Using just one PO Box address, all the individuals in many families would be "reachable", with no security risk. This can also be done with e-mail, on the internet, with the help of those who have computers.

(13) No -- Give direction in a military fashion.

Yes -- Create direction that empowers the individual doing Home Church work.

(14) No -- True Father fought for actual physical survival. Until 1977, Divine Principle could have been totally erased from the Earth.

Yes -- Since the end of True Fatherís mission in 1977, (see the book, "Home Church", p.30, Feb. 23, 1977), we have the luxury of knowing Divine Principle can never be erased. However, since we know that all delay will cause more suffering, the judgment we face involves how much we care about delay. The more we care, the more we will press for and enforce a member-centered standard, and the less we will support those with a leader-centered mind-set.

This list prepared by Dave Fleming, PO Box 200, Bronx, NY 10463

To improve and disseminate this list, constructive comments, criticism, and support, are welcome.

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