The Words of Reverends Fleming

An Explanation

Dave Fleming
September 07, 1998 3:59 AM

(from Dave Fleming---Recently, I communicated the following statement to John Kenny in July, concerning his rather lengthy letter to me, about the book review I have been sending to you, twice in July, and once in August, each time in a different program, so that everyone could read it.)

"When you state that True Father can handle everything, (FOR you), you miss an important point, John. TPs need you to take action in this matter. Do you think that TF wants me to stop my work with this book review? If you can prove that to me, I'll stop. What if the opposite is true? Where does that put you?"

After I sent my book review out, on August 28, 1998, John Kenny did the following: (First, John Kenny sent me this message)


(At this point, John Kenny indiscriminately spammed hundreds of people with the following message, and a large, mutilated part, (34 KB !), of my document, which is most precious to God’s heart, devoted to permanently preventing the exploitation and/or abuse of novice students of DP, by people like John Kenny. I apologize for him. His action is reprehensible in my opinion, and I am sure that God will, sooner or later, teach him the error of his way.)

(J. Kenny's spammed message)

"And now, to tell everyone else: STOP SENDING THIS RIDICULOUS FILE. No matter how many times you send it, I WON'T READ IT, GET MY DRIFT? Am I unclear, here? Your email is UNWANTED, PERIOD." John Kenny

(from Dave Fleming)

The motivation for "spamming" is most important. To try to let you know my heart, and the heart with which I have created and am promoting this book review, I am sending you parts of two personal letters, which I recently sent to persons asking me for copies of my book review, or other information. I pray that this blesses your heart.

Most Sincerely, ITN, David


Thank you for your interest. I will assume that you are a member of the Unification Church, and have studied Divine Principle, (DP). If you are not, I should tell you, that through this modern-day revelation, members believe that Rev. Moon, Sun-Myung has fulfilled the Second Coming of Christ in our lifetime.

I guess the crux of what I am saying, is that it is impossible for Rev. Moon, (True Father), (TF), to completely control the actions of those who "follow" him. This has led to situations over the years, whereby wrongful behavior by these "followers" has caused problems for TF, and for God. The book review that God has helped me create in the last 7 years, clearly exposes and points at some of this wrong-doing, and gives the ONLY solution to most of these problems, which is to insist on the creation and enforcement of a "Member-Centered Manifesto", to protect novice students of DP from any possible exploitation and/or abuse, and to prevent other wrongful behavior, by these older "followers".

It advocates withholding all "tithes" or support, from those "leaders" who refuse to change to a member-centered style of leadership, which TF ordered to be done since 17 years ago, in 1981. Those tithes and support would instead go to the valid work of our Home Church and Tribal Messiahship, until leader-centered direction is replaced by member-centered direction.

By offering this "carrot" of tithes to leaders, change would be enforced, and unity, among Unificationists, could return, giving tremendous help to our individual efforts. Those who have withdrawn would be able to tithe to the "Headquarters Church" again, (which is a great blessing to be able to do). Until this major change is made, however, (instituting an iron-clad "Member-Centered Manifesto"), NO ONE should tithe to the "Headquarters Church", thereby enforcing this change. Those who continue to tithe and support the "Headquarters Church" even though the "leaders", (actually appointees), continue to disobey TF's PRIME DIRECTION, (since 1981, quote # 95), to change to a member-centered way, are actually encouraging satanic forces within our Unification Movement. The change to member-centered direction would also "save" these "appointee leaders", who seem to be ignorant of the fact, that their refusal to change to this PRIME DIRECTION has caused them to lose God's blessing in major ways, for them, their families, and the Unification Movement.

God bless you for your interest, In Their Name, David


Many Christians do not know what the Bible says is necessary to become a Christian.

1) Profess Jesus with your mouth..."Jesus is my Lord." or "I want to obey Jesus."

2) To believe IN YOUR HEART in the resurrection, where "in your heart" means that this is not a reversible faith, (hence, one cannot be "Saved" twice). And now, the tough part. The Bible states that, "Faith is by grace, that no man should boast." (of his faith). In other words, since you cannot believe in the resurrection of Jesus, (and all the implications, such as the fact that you will live after you die, that sin is punished, even if punishment waits until after we die, etc. etc., etc.), just by WANTING to believe, many Christians, if not even most, are not Christians at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, blissfully, they don’t know the word well enough to know they are not Christian……………..

Of course, this entire situation is extrapolated to include our faith in the True Parents, (TP)……… Although this may seem dismal, it really isn’t. The first positive reality is to reach the realization that the existence of 300 Megaton bombs, (about 3,000 of them at last count, among the over 50,000 nuclear weapons publicly known to exist), population explosion "bomb", and other realities, mean that there really is no, (repeat, NO), hope for mankind to escape wholesale horror. ( One 300 Megaton bomb exploded 100 miles in the air half way between New York and Chicago, would destroy both cities.) This realization leads one to hope for SOME answer. Then, when we find the TPs and study the obvious, logical accuracy of DP, we can reasonably WANT this to be the ANSWER. But if we are humble enough, we say to God, "Yes, I know that DP is accurate, but since I can be deceived, I cannot be totally sure. Therefore, I can just walk away, and live my life for myself, until the bombs fall."

God then has to admit that it is true that anyone can be deceived. And this is the highest faith, the greatest sign of saintdom, that I choose to sacrifice my life to God’s work, not self righteously, but just on the CHANCE that this work will facilitate the return of the Garden of Eden. When God actually rejected the truth of DP, at first, TF had to enter this realm, where He could not even expect God to agree with Him. In one sense, He is still in that realm. As far as I know, He still, after all His debilitating work, and all His successes, prays in absolute humility, and attributes all His success to God.

And now to your statements. Loving does not require or imply a lack of priorities. DP can get those priorities straight. My book review, I can assure you, is far more important, historically speaking, than any "argument". It will be valuable to you for at least as long as you are on this Earth. Please study it carefully. It is liberating, in the extreme. It is honest, in the extreme. It exposes the "whole truth", in the extreme. It is short enough, and appropriate to give to any non-member, to honestly tell them what you want from them, and to expose the secrets of how you fail…….Most people tend to admire that honesty, concerning our failures to fully embody what we believe MIGHT, (???????ABSOLUTELY WILL???????), save this world…. Please let me know what you think of it.

A Christian is pledged to OBEY Jesus. But it is so easy to ignore a dead man. The one and only "condition" which God seems to need for restoration is that we are pledged to OBEY TF. That certainly is scary, but it has seemed to me that TF almost always directs us in a way that gives us some possible "out".

In any case, the one direction that will not change, is to work to teach DP in a 360 area. Everything else we do, is justifiable only if we have some hope that what we do will have some positive effect on that 360 work. That is a fact. TF makes it clear that there are consequences to our children, dependent on our doing this work.

I went to Chung Pyung, based only on my willingness to OBEY TF. I therefore did not expect it to be "good", or "bad", and was therefore less disappointed than some, who don’t really understand the importance of the "condition" of OBEDIENCE involved when TF asks us to do something. Incidentally, I am really "struggling" about when I will go again. It seems difficult to receive really accurate information on what TF ACTUALLY asks us to do. This is not an accident. Satanic forces know very well that this one condition of OBEDIENCE to TF, (whatever He asks), is more important than any other "love" we express. And, regrettably, He will not live on this Earth forever.

And so I say to you, "You are talking wisely, my friend. Keep watch of (having) too little knowledge!"…God bless,

itn, David

PS---I've included a story that has been very precious to me, over the years. I have never written it down before, and you are only the second person to receive it. I've told it to less than 5 people, over the years....

Loving Story

When I was less than 3 months a member of the Unification Church, around September of 1974, we went to Barrytown, (now UTS), to see TF speak, (for my first time). On a break to write a "reflection", I saw everyone start running, to see TF leaving, as it turned out. Being 30, and having experienced very serious problems since returning from Vietnam a few years before, (due, I’m told, to "survivor’s guilt", similar to what Pvt. Ryan experiences in the current movie, "Saving Pvt. Ryan"), I suddenly got it in my head that I might "touch" TF, as the women in the Bible secretly touched the hem of Jesus’ robe and was healed.

A few seconds of running later, I found perfect conditions. TF was on the grass examining a statue, all alone. (I later learned He had directed that it be painted silver.) The crowd was grouped around the waiting limousine, 10 or 20 meters away. I stopped, panting, and just looked at TF, for some unknown reason unable to simply walk up and touch Him. After 5 or 10 seconds, He turned and strode into the crowd, to get in the car. I shook my head like someone coming out of a trance. "I had lost my opportunity!", I thought. The crowd was perhaps 20 people deep. I went to the front of the car, and discovered that no one was touching the car. I used this 8 inches or so, to shimmy down the right side of the car. I stuck my right hand in the open window, but again, some mysterious force field kept me from touching Him. Perhaps I just could not just poke Him like some sacred cow or something. Whatever was happening with me, spirit world must have been going wild, because each of my fingers were sort of vibrating independently, although I did not feel nervous. I was in a sort of "time warp", unable to go forward or back, and not really knowing what I wanted or what I was doing. Later, my mother said, "You were asking for a blessing." If that was so, it certainly didn’t occur to me at the time.

After at most, one to three seconds of my hand "vibrating", a foot from TF’s face, He swung His right hand very forcefully, touching the back of my hand with the back of His fist. To anyone watching, it would seem like He was saying, "GET your hand OUT of here!" Actually, He touched me with the gentleness you might expect in touching the face of a newborn infant. When He touched me, two things happened immediately. I thought of the many people behind me, whose view of TF I was blocking, and I began to quickly shimmy back toward the front of the car. When I was 5 or 10 feet away, He said something, but I regret to say, I didn’t understand. I thought the last of those few words was "eternity", but I really don’t know. My mind was in an uproar, and I continued very fast, going around the crowd, and literally "collapsing" on the grass, perhaps 10 meters away. I was quietly sobbing uncontrollably.

At that very instant, Perry Cordill, who had commanded the seventy-member mobile team which had found me perhaps two months before, in Little Rock, Arkansas, walked by. He asked me, "How are you, David?" Without a second’s pause, still sobbing, my face broke out in a huge smile, and I said, "I feel really great." He smiled knowingly, and kept walking by. To this day, I don’t really know WHAT was going on. I did, however, learn a valuable lesson that day. It seemed to me that TF was in a "prison" of His own free will. Those who had worked so hard for so many years, would be offended if He arbitrarily "accepted" just anyone. In one instant, TF had found a way to both satisfy them, and also give me exactly what I was asking for. (Although even I didn’t know WHAT I was asking for!) Also, if He had lovingly grabbed my hand or otherwise arbitrarily "loved" me, I most likely would have had to pay some very painful extra indemnity.

In this same vein, perhaps four years of very hard church work later, Bruce Williams, a very good "brother" I knew, related a "secret" story to me about Bo Hi Pak. Bruce was taking care of our church in Washington, DC, when Bo Hi Pak arrived outside with an elderly Korean gentleman, who may or may not have been a member. It was snowing heavily, and Bruce was secretly watching from a window when the guest slipped and fell down, getting out of the car. Bo Hi Pak looked all around, to see if anyone was watching. Then he suddenly slipped and fell down in the snow. There they were, laughing about how slippery it was, and helping each other get up. That night, as an experienced man 34 years old, I cried myself to sleep, thinking about that story. It is one thing for one’s fallen nature to resist doing the right thing. It is quite another to realize that that kind of loving action is completely ALIEN to your mind, and would never even OCCUR to you….

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