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As of Sept. 27, 1998, (slightly revised, October 18, 1998), the following document has one very important edit, and other minor ones. The footnote on quote #49 has been updated, to reflect the current status of the world-wide Blessings.

Please consider replacing your old copy of this book review, with this updated one.

Following the book review, is the "starter list", for the Member-Centered Manifesto, which is the only hope of the HSA-UWC, to once again have the unity and internal trust needed, to recreate the strength we have had in the past, as a world-wide movement.

Sincerely, ITPN, Dave Fleming

Greetings, from September 27, 1998, (slightly revised on October 18, 1998)

We believe the following documents, a book review of the 1984 book, "Home Church", and the "starter list" for the Member-Centered Manifesto, can make the difference between lifelong success or failure for you and your family. If you study and promote these documents, you will have a part in alleviating unnecessary suffering by over 5 billion people, (those who have no understanding of the Second Advent or Divine Principle, yet). You will also make it possible for God to bless you and your family more than in any other way. An opportunity such as this, (of almost boundlessly lesser indemnity), comes only once in a lifetime, and then, only if we are fortunate.

You are fortunate.

In Korea, there is a very old saying, that, "The goddess who grants good fortune does not have long hair." The meaning, of course, is that those who do not welcome her, she passes by, and they cannot grab her hair to bring her back. Please do not wait too long. We believe this book review will serve mankind well for your entire lifetime on this Earth, and beyond.

Those who have ears, listen to the Spirit. Those who love the whole truth, rejoice.

Love To All, In Their Name, Dave Fleming

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This is probably the most important document you have ever received. For various reasons, you may not recognize this fact at first. We can guarantee that you will never regret knowing the facts in this document. It attempts to inform you of a rising tide of change in today’s world, and also show you how to avoid some pitfalls which are possible. We strongly recommend that you continuously seek to understand the driving force behind the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, (the HSA-UWC, and its central teaching, the Divine Principle).

Join the FFWPU, and you will add to a world-wide healing force which is sorely needed. You will also grow closer to a guiding light which is promising a glorious future to all mankind.


As part of a book review of the book, "Home Church", the quotes contained herein are arranged according to date, from past, (Sept. 20, 1976), forward, (to July 11, 1982).

As you read and re-read this book review, my unreserved claim to you, dear reader, is that the quotes and statements in this book review apply to you, are meant for you, (quote #35), and the perfect foundation for these quotes, Divine Principle and later teachings of the Most Rev. Sun Myung Moon, provide the historically final-stage truths to allow your complete liberation, (from all four types of sin---Original, Inherited, Collective, and Personal), along with all mankind.


p.### T = approximate TOP 1/3 of page

p.### M = approximate MIDDLE 1/3 of page

p.### B = approximate BOTTOM 1/3 of page

p.### + = BOTTOM of one page, and TOP of the next page


(1st)---- the date the speech was spoken, and

[2nd]--- the volume number and publishing date of the original speech in Korean,

from a total of over 169 volumes

>From 1989 to 1991, approximately 170 volumes were officially published, of the speeches of the Most Rev. Sun Myung Moon, in the original Korean language. However, secret, (i.e. unmarked), deletions occurred, in these Korean volumes. Some most crucial, profoundly ultimate statements are missing, from the original Korean. This was discovered by comparing dated quotes from the book "Home Church", published in 1984, in English, to the same dated speeches in the original Korean language. Also, many of the speeches were simply omitted, ("held back", as it were), from the published volumes of original Korean, with not even an attempt to explain why.

Whether these deletions and omissions were intentional, is difficult to prove. You be the judge. Do the deleted statements, overall, paint a picture of power mongers trying to maintain their own prestige and position? If so, constant vigilance is the best weapon we have against the misrepresentation and/or misapplication of the Divine Principle and more recent teachings of the Most Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Since there is more useful information contained in the book entitled, "Home Church", the quotes included in this book review list cannot cover every subject. However, these quotes of the Most Reverend Sun Myung Moon were chosen as essence, (i.e. the crux of Unificationism), by a 15 year member of the Unification Church, after reading this book in 1989, and being shocked that so much of this crucial material was not, (and still isn’t, in 1998), being taught.

Parentheses are used to mark all additions to these quotes, which have been inserted by this same member.


[ A ] The term "Speech Missing" is used, if that date speech is missing completely, from the original Korean language volumes of speeches.

[ B ] The term "Quote Missing" is used, if that quote is missing completely, even though that date speech is present in the original Korean language volumes of speeches.

[ C ] The term "PARTIALLY MISSING" is used, if only part of the quote is missing from the original Korean language volumes of speeches. THE MISSING PART IS SHOWN IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

[ D ] The term "Quote Intact" is used, if that quote is present in the original Korean language volumes of speeches.

How and why were these "original" speeches corrupted, in the officially published volumes? One thing is certain. Anyone studying the "original" speeches, could very well be alienated, by the "lack of substance" created by these deletions. This could have gone on for decades, or even hundreds of years, if the book review you are now reading, did not exist. This alienation, (which is on the world-wide level), could destroy and/or hamper the mission of any of us who try to teach Divine Principle as God’s saving grace to mankind. Only the timely promotion of this book review, can prevent this.

There are only four possible circumstances which may have led to the present situation, with the original Korean language speech volumes missing quotes which are so crucial to an honest, complete statement of Divine Principle and more recent teachings of the Most Rev. Sun Myung Moon. They are:

(1) The Most Rev. Sun Myung Moon directed that they be temporarily withheld, for complicated reasons, and/or

(2) Appointees, (called "leaders"), of the Unification Church strongly requested that these statements be deleted, and, for complicated reasons, the Most Rev. Sun Myung Moon allowed this, and/or

(3) Persons given trust by the Most Rev. Sun Myung Moon, intentionally took it on themselves to secretly delete these statements, for reasons only they would know, and/or

(4) Inefficiency or mistakes caused these statements to be deleted.


quote #1, PARTIALLY MISSING, p.41+ ...Thus far we have fought together in a collective battle, but from now on each individual will fight his own battle to show how worthy he is, so an even greater battle is ahead for each of you…. …UNLESS EACH OF YOU IS INDIVIDUALLY VICTORIOUS, YOUR FOUNDATION OF OUR PUBLIC VICTORY IS GOING TO BE IN VAIN.... (9-20-76), [vol. 88, p.225, published July 11, 1989]

quote #2, PARTIALLY MISSING, p.30M My mission is consummated, the divine purpose of God has been fulfilled. With this victory, I declared October 4, (1976), as the Day of Victory of Heaven.... ...I am declaring to you that as of today, all the dispensational history of restoration has ended, has been completed; all the conditions of indemnity for history have been met and paid in full. FROM THIS MOMENT ON, THE MORE OPPOSITION WE FACE, THE MORE VICTORIES WE WILL WIN… THIS IS…YEAR ONE OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD. (2-23-77), [vol. 91, p.263, pub. Aug. 12, 1989]

quote #3, Quote Intact,p.406T...If you can explain how good (IL HWA) ginseng tea is for good health, they will want to buy some... ..the time will come when you can just call people on the phone instead of running around door to door. ...We will be in a position to really lift up the life of the city and open the door to a much better future. (10-23-77) [vol. 95, pp. 76-77, published Oct. 26, 1989]

quote #4, Speech Missing, p 327B...because I have already given you a Cain area you should get to the point where you are independent....(12-30-77), [speech missing from vol. 96-97, published Nov. 11, 1989]

quote #5, Quote Missing, p.406M ...You have heard about indemnity but so far I have paid all the indemnity on your behalf…. …Or now that I have paid so much, will you pay enough to lift mine away? …Am I going to buy you the equipment for your home church or will you buy it yourselves? Then it will become your property and you can start your own church. (3-19-78), [vol. 97, pub. Nov. 11, 1989]

quote #6, PARTIALLY MISSING, p.411M ...If you visit there (your 360-home HC area) for one hundred days then one hundred days of effort remains there. It does not disappear, like the people you meet street witnessing.... ...Other people may not come to the Church right away, but they will observe your work 365 days a year... ...Then they will be convinced that you are here to stay and that what you do is absolutely right. None of your effort will be wasted. YOU ARE GUARANTEED THAT EVERYTHING YOU INVEST WILL BEAR FRUIT IN YOUR AREA. EVEN IF IT IS DIFFICULT AT FIRST, PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND LATER. IN THE MEANTIME GOD WILL RESIDE IN EACH HOME WHEN YOU VISIT.…(3-19-78), [vol.97, pp.267-268, pub. Nov. 11, 1989]

quote #7, Speech Missing, p.31M...When you appeal sincerely to the people but they do not listen, it is not you who will be hurt but they who must pay indemnity.... (5-14-78), [speech missing from vol. 98, published Dec. 16, 1989]

quote #8, Speech Missing, p.170B ...By having the same mission you can call Jesus your brother, but if you don’t heed that mission then it can be taken away. If one group of people doesn’t realize its mission then the mission will be taken by a group that does....(5-14-78), [see #7]

quote #9, Speech Missing, p.23M ...I actually blame the leaders because they were responsible for explaining this to you.... ...When I made plans for home churches I made sure with heaven first that it was the right plan. I got assurance, not just once but many times, and God said to go ahead with it.... ...There is no excuse or compromise in restoration.... …The path of indemnity is utterly serious…. …I have explained everything to you in detail, so now if you still don’t follow it is no longer my responsibility. What can I do if you refuse to listen? It is only after you do your 5% *** that you can be connected with me. If I had not done my 5% *** I would not have any connection with God. (7-4-78), [speech missing from vol. 98, published Dec. 16, 1989] ***(God does 95% for us. To do our 5%, we must give our 100% effort.)

quote #10, Speech Missing, p.216+ ...You know now why you are going to witness to so many people; it is not to make the Unification Church prosperous but for your own individual merit. It is absolutely necessary to understand this.... ...However humble Unification Church members may be, if they understand all this then God will really treasure them, regardless of how feeble they are.... (refer to quote #44) (7-4-78), [See #9]

quote #11, Speech Missing, p.304M ...Do you realize that each person must win at least 84 spiritual children...? It is the fault of the leaders if you did not know this. How can they call themselves leaders if they do not make sure the members are informed? (7-4-78), [see #9]

quote #12, Speech Missing, p.377B ...As soon as the Unification Church members awaken to their responsibility and lay the needed foundation, God will have no more use for Christianity and it and communism will fade away because the foundation of substance will have been laid…

(7-4-78), [see #9]

quote #13, Speech Missing, p.377+ …After gathering the 84 each person must survive the world’s persecution…. …These 84 people should not be just anyone but people who are strong enough to defend you.... ...Our position is like that of a grandfather; when he is threatened his sons and grandsons will make sure he is not killed. Eighty-four couples are necessary to protect the central core…. (7-4-78), [see #9]

quote #14, Speech Missing, p.394M …Actually, if you don’t finish in seven years it will take three times as long, or 21 years. After that you will have no more chances. (7-4-78), [see #9]

quote #15, Speech Missing, p.415M …If you witness to people in their own homes then you can know who they are but on the street you can never tell. If people walk up and say. "I am interested in the Unification Church", they could actually be dangerous…. (7-4-78), [see #9]

quote #16, PARTIALLY MISSING, p.346B ...when you go from house to house it is not just for witnessing but more importantly, for repentance. It is better to painfully visit door to door and repent and then later help the people to repent. Just making them understand the truth actually has little meaning. …THAT IS ACTUALLY THE WAY FOR YOU TO WIN SPIRITUAL CHILDREN, NOT JUST WITNESSING TO PEOPLE AND BRINGING THEM RIGHT INTO THE CHURCH. It is closer to the Divine Principle for them to oppose you, then repent and follow. (9-1-78), [vol. 99, p.99, pub. Dec. 16, 1989]

quote #17, Speech Missing, p.335T …Father does not like to see anyone, leaders especially, thinking that he is Able and trying to command other members. Father will never allow that. The typical Abel is Jesus, who lived to serve Cain.... (9-5-78), [Speech missing from vol. 99, published Dec. 16, 1989]


[Speech Missing from vol. 99, published Dec. 16, 1989]

quote #18, Speech Missing, p.444T …Up until now, however, in considering if the leaders and the members are truly united in one heart centering upon this direction, I have to conclude that, in fact, they are not. Therefore, no matter how desperately the spirit world wants to help you, they cannot relate with you. Your relationship with the spirit world is cut off…. …If only the Unification Church can hold home church as its fundamental ideology, educate the members fully to have the conviction to live by it and thereby realize the solution of all matters of eternity through payment of indemnity... (9-23-78), [Speech Missing from vol. 99, published Dec. 16, 1989]

quote #19, Speech Missing, p.445T can hold birthday parties or wedding celebrations; you can organize picnics... ...and then connect the people with each other and create a heartistic circle in the society.... a public bank account to create scholarships. You can do anything!

You don’t need to witness directly; you can advance your foundation step by step, centered on such social activities. People will begin to wonder why you are doing such things, and by what power or inspiration you do them…. (9-23-78), [See #18]

quote #20, Speech Missing, p.448T ...After someone completes forty-day training you can say, "You don’t need to come to the Church center. Instead, please start home church centering around your own home. Please work as my representative in your town. You are destined to go this course just like me. I have laid the foundation on the formation stage for you to work among these 360 homes." Then you can move to a neighboring area and expand your territory.

(9-23-78), [See #18]

quote #21, Speech Missing, p.449+ ...So, it would have been inconvenient, actually, if the Unification Church had grown very much. The members had to pay sacrificial indemnity. It caused potentially less damage to have an excellent minority do this.... ...But from now, the number of members will increase, for sure. The strategy to increase the membership is to establish home church.... (9-23-78), [See #18]

quote #22, Speech Missing, p.451+ ...What is home church? It is your homeland. Do you understand? Home church is the base of your homeland.... ...It would not even take God one day to take back by force what fell into the hands of Satan; however, to do that would be against the original nature of God’s ideal for the heavenly kingdom…. …The more people persecute a true religion, the more it will grow.... (9-23-78), [See #18]

quote #23, Speech Missing, p.457+ ...The substantial reality which can integrate all of these is a living altar, which in itself is a microcosm of the world. Therefore the peoples of 12 nations must live in the 360-home area. So you cannot do this in Japan or Korea. Only America and Great Britain (usually) fulfill these conditions.... (Refer to #42 and #68) (9-23-78), [See #18]

quote #24, Speech Missing, p.458B ...You must absolutely go through this course. All those who go through the course of restoration must do home church at the price of life. Those who do not do home church have no value, even if they are well educated.... (9-23-78), [See #18]

quote #25, Speech Missing, p.461T ...If you make determination and work hard, you have already won the victory spiritually. Since you have achieved the victory spiritually, all of the spirit world will come and support you. All you have to do is substantiate the victory.... (9-23-78), [See #18]

quote #26, Speech Missing, p.462T ...If you have children, it is very difficult to visit even 120 homes, isn’t it? It is indeed a burden. Still, you have to do it. There is no exception. The young as well as the old must go this Principle course…. (9-23-78), [See #18]

quote #27, Speech Missing, p464M …When we understand this, we have no time to rest. As for me, I have no time even to face my opponents and fight them. There is no time; I am too busy. You should also establish such a tradition…. (9-23-78), [See #18]

quote #28, Speech Missing, p. 464B ...In the future everything will be organized based on home church. We won’t need center directors. Everyone, including the national leaders and center directors, will have home churches… (9-23-78), [See #18]

quote #29, Speech Missing, p.465T ...Everyone should make a movement for settlement; this is our future. The age of migration will be over.... (9-23-78), [See #18]

quote #30, Speech Missing, p.467T ...There are no words to express adequately how wonderful this philosophy is.... ...The time is coming when the liberation of all mankind, (from all four types of sin), will be the absolute reality…. …Anybody can do home church. You should love your own children only after reestablishing your original position through home church…. (9-23-78), [See #18]

quote #31, Speech Missing, p.467B ...And you should play the role of archangel and protect the members. Just as an archangel should have helped with the perfection of Adam, you Unification Church members who joined earlier should take the position of archangel to younger members and help to recreate them as true Adam and Eve.... ...Your position as a true subject according to the heavenly standard and hierarchy of heart will be decided by the number of such messiahs you have helped.... (9-23-78), [See #18]

quote #32, Speech Missing, p.469B …Everything belongs to God, not to any person himself. Unless you offer your money to God, (in your heart), and receive it back from God to use it, you cannot have any heartistic relationship with restoration…. (9-23-78), [See #18]

quote #33, Quote Intact, p 279M …Now it’s up to you. You are going to be the one who mobilizes spirit world. You can now command the spirit world to come down here and help the earthly dispensation. (11-l9-78), [vol. 102, p.31, pub. Feb. 10, 1990]

quote #34, PARTIALLY MISSING, p.428T ...There are three levels of ownership in the world. One is public ownership, second is private ownership; and third is heavenly ownership. We should put all we have, both private and public things, under heavenly ownership. A FALSE SENSE OF POSSESSION IS THE WORST ENEMY OF MAN…. …YOU CAN GIVE THE MONEY FOR WHATEVER MATERIAL IS NEEDED FROM THE HEAVENLY TREASURE; SO THE PERSON WHO RECEIVES IT IS BENEFITED NOT BY ME, BUT BY GOD. THE SPIRITUAL WORLD WILL OPERATE THROUGH THAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP. AND GOD WILL REIMBURSE YOU TEN TIMES OVER. In conclusion, we must put everything under heavenly ownership, (in our hearts). Wipe away all past concepts. We have to live according to such a new concept. (11-26-78), [vol. 102, p ?, pub. 2-10-90]


[Quotes Missing are #35 through #39, from vol. 102, pub. Feb. 10, 1990]

quote #35, Quote Missing, p.435M ...Jesus left only the spiritual victory, and he did not fulfill the physical victory. Then who must actually accomplish that physical victory? Now the task goes to every individual. Every single living individual must come into the realm of true eldest grandson, (or granddaughter), where he is entitled to win back his own blessing and birthright.... (11-27-78), [quote missing from vol. 102, published Feb. 10, 1990]

quote #36, Quote Missing, p.437B ...As long as the children just follow the pattern, the Parents will regard that as a condition, and God will accept it. It is easier for you, since the Messiah has already paved the way. We only need to follow Father’s way in that small area of 360 homes.... (11-27-78), [See #35]

quote #37, Quote Missing,p.440+ ...You should start out as a servant of servants. You can elevate yourselves to the position of servant when there is someone else to take your place. You can be elevated to the position of adopted son when somebody is willing to take your servant’s role, and so forth....

Jesus was such an obvious example. He washed his disciples’ feet, and told everyone following him that they should do the same. Regard yourself as a trashcan, centering on love. Make yourself available as a trashcan so that everybody can dump their garbage into you.... ...wash and change the diaper yourself... ...clean it, just as if it were your own home.... ...Eventually, there is bound to be someone who will insist on doing all these things for you. Then you will be elevated one more step.... (11-27-78), [See #35]

quote #38, Quote Missing,p.442M ...The size of the home (in the HC area), or foundation, you make here on earth will determine the extent of your freedom in the spirit world. (after death) ...In home church your investment will remain, whereas elsewhere, it will all flow away. …Home church is more precious than your own wife, than your own daughter, than anything. It is most precious. Your wife and your daughter are precious only after home church, in that order. This is the (Divine) Principle. ...How fantastic this is! It is a combination of so many religious ideals. If we fail to do home church, then we will really become miserable people. We will be destined then to have to move from one place to another, going through unnecessary persecution, and we will have to start all over again at another time. So we really must do home church. (11-27-78), [See #35]

quote #39, Quote Missing,p.443M …If you can’t do it within 3 ½ years’ time, then other people who really want to do home church will just come into your area and start witnessing. You will be deprived of your area and have to go some place else. There is really no way to get around home church.... ...Just imagine! Is this really true? Will we realize heaven on earth, or not?... ...If there are two million people, and each person has 360 homes, then that covers the last man on earth. It only takes two million people.... (11-27-78), [See #35]

quote #40, Quote Missing, p.236B ...but if you come to me saying, "Please have mercy on me. I can’t come to your realm because I didn’t do the home church mission," I will reply, "I don’t know you. Depart from me."... (1-1-79), [vol. 102, published Feb. 10, 1990]

quote #41, Quote Missing, p.280+ ...You can declare to the spirit world, "Because our True Parents set the condition there is no longer any barrier between their tribe and our tribe. There is no longer any barrier between the Unification Church and the religions of the world. All good men of conscience in the entire spirit world and here on earth must come forward to participate in the kingdom building. I am here to enlist your support." You can pray that way.

You can also petition God, "You are my Father and I’m your child. I am going out to do home church as a tribal messiah and as your representative. Please send down one regiment of angels to come with me." God will listen to that prayer.... ...Now by doing home church you can become the true children of God and before all of heaven and earth you can request the help of legions of angels. In home church we set the condition to liberate the world, the condition that we truly loved mankind. By that condition God will forgive the entire world.... (1-1-79), [see #40]

quote #42, Quote Missing, p.293M ...Even if you live in Korea and then come to America you will still have to make a home church. No matter where you may go on earth, you must do the home church mission.... (1-1-79), [See #40]

quote #43, Speech Missing, p.297T ...The person who can say, "I have disciplined myself, Father. I can control hunger and sleep and sexual desire", is ready to march to home church…. ..It’s almost as difficult as dying. Therefore, unless you really make up your mind to die for victory, you will not win.... ...With all your heart and soul and mind love your home church.... (l-7-79), [speech missing from vol. 102, pub. Feb. 2, 1990]

quote #44, Quote Intact, p.238T ...Even though people oppose you, knock on their doors and make your appeal once for the formation stage, twice for growth and a third time for perfection. If they still reject you after three times, you have fulfilled your responsibility and they can’t accuse you.... ...They will grieve, "Even though the humble Moonies came to my door, I didn’t know they were the greatest of all saints. I had the chance to associate with them but I was not humble enough". (1-14-79), [vol.102, pp.258-259, pub. Feb. 10, 1990]

quote #45, Quote Intact, p.322M ...But one cripple remained until the last, determined to die for the sake of home church. God will build His eternal home church upon that faith, just as Jesus built his church on Peter, the rock. The men and women who remain shall be the rock of home church. That’s the way the true man and woman are revealed. (1-14-79), [vol. 102, pp.252-253, pub. Feb. 10, 1990]

quote #46, PARTIALLY MISSING, p.8M …Even though you may falter, you can regain strength because your Father and Mother have done it---they are strong and have met God’s standard and you are their children, (in your heart). YOU CAN THINK THAT EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE YOUR WEAKNESSES, YOU WILL PICK YOURSELF UP AND GO ON ULTIMATELY TO BE LIKE THE TRUE PARENTS…. (1-21-79) [vol.102, P. ?, pub. Feb. 10, 1990]

quote #47, Quote Missing, p.351B…No matter how gigantic they are, our opponents will crumble eventually, so just go forward fearlessly. (1-21-79), [vol. 102, pub. Feb. 10, 1990]

quote #48, Quote Missing, p.396B …In three generations of twenty years each the work will be finished, with my generation, your generation, and finally your children’s generation.

The greatest virtue my own children can demonstrate is loyalty, absolute love and obedience. In that case, they will go freely with me. But if they don’t demonstrate obedience, they will have to go through 21 years themselves, as well as their children.... (2-2-79), [vol. 103, pub. Feb. 10, 1990]

quote #49, Speech Missing, p.205+ …There should actually be no (marriage) Blessing before home church is completed. (in 1945, those who were most qualified, did not come) From this time on, no one is automatically eligible for (the marriage) Blessing simply because they have been members for a certain number of years, (which was the past standard). Only those persons who succeed in home church and restore spiritual children are qualified for the (marriage) Blessing.... ...Jesus would have had the holy wedding after he had 84 people completely united with him. That is the same path I walked.... ...Where are you actually going to find your mate, your ideal object? In home church. You will be blessed with the person you find. That is the ideal situation.... ...In the days to come there will be no such thing as Blessing without having the home church program completed. *** This is not my statement, but a statement of the (Divine) Principle. (2-10-79) quote #49 [speech missing from vol. 103, pub. [Feb. 10, 1990]

*** (except by the True Parents’ special direction. World-wide marriages, with satellite hook-up, are being held regularly. Wherever you are, you can participate. Those eligible for the next special Blessing, in February, 1999, are married or engaged couples who agree to follow four rules: (1) No divorce, (2) No adultery, (3) Teach their children to abstain from sexual relations before marriage, and (4) Work for world peace and the unification of mankind. A Blessing is planned for every three years, or sooner, if enough people volunteer to rededicate their marriage in this way.)

quote #50, Quote Missing, p.240M ...Once you leave the foundation of that love behind you, even though you have gone to spirit world you can come back and start working again in the spiritual way.... (2-25-79), [vol. 103, pub. Feb. 10, 1990]

quote #51, Quote Missing, p.253M …By doing home church the right way, we will make up for all the failures of the Unification Church. (2-25-79), [see #50]

quote #52, Quote Missing, p.338M …God first teaches people and shows them an example, then passes judgment. He always wants to teach still more, but He can’t wait eternally if they won’t listen…. (2-25-79), [see #50]

quote #53, PARTIALLY MISSING, p.61M Please understand you must pass through the rigid judgment of word in reality and personality. Once these two steps are passed then the third, the judgment of heart, will be passed automatically. WHY DO WE HAVE TO WITNESS AND FUNDRAISE UNDER PERSECUTION? BY GOING THROUGH THAT TROUBLED SITUATION WE LEARN TO LOVE OTHERS AND OUR HEARTS WILL BE FORMED…. (3-1-79), (vol. 103, pp.226-227, pub. Feb. 10, 1990]


quote #55, PARTIALLY MISSING, p.l85+...Unless you fulfill home church, (raise up 84 or more spiritual children who are willing to risk death to protect you---Refer to quote #13), yourself, however, your mission will be handed down to your children with even greater suffering. THEN THERE WILL BE TWO SEPARATE WORLDS, THE WORLD OF THOSE CHILDREN WHO MUST DO HOME CHURCH IN PLACE OF THEIR PARENTS, AND THE WORLD WHERE PEOPLE ARE REJOICING OVER THE TRUE FAMILY AND TRUE IDEAL HOME. GOD DOES NOT WANT TO SEE THAT DIVISION HAPPEN. (3-28-79), [vol. 104, p.67, pub. Mar. 17, 1990]

quote #56, Quote Missing, p.21M …You have learned the secret weapon for penetrating that barrier. I came to this world to teach this to whomever is willing to learn…. …I laid the highway. Your hill, even though it is of the same kind, is much smaller…. …The way to cross over that (your) hill is home church…. (4-1-79), [see #55]

quote #57, Quote Missing, p.224M …you must give your heart and soul… …Even though you have only 360 homes, God will treat your efforts there as though you had given them for the entire universe... (4-15-79), [see #55]

quote #58, Quote Intact, p.183T . . . Let this be the start of your future for the next 25 years. Think of nothing but home church and then you will accomplish God’s dispensation…. (5-1-79), [vol. 104, pp.l84-185, pub. Mar. 17, 1990]

quote #59, Quote Intact, p.208T ...Unless you stand victorious in home church, however, you will leave that duty and responsibility to your children, who will then have to go through that tribulation themselves. Only upon the victorious foundation of home church can you as men and women bear sinless children… (5-27-79), [vol. 104, p.267, pub. March 17, 1990]

quote #60, Speech Missing, p.120M …If you try to bypass home church you cannot be a world citizen of the Kingdom of God…. …Even if it takes seven years, you must determine to fulfill the home church providence. If you cannot, it will be extended (to) 21 years. In my case, because of opposition from Korean Christians my seven-year course was extended to 21 years….

(9-18-79), [speech missing from vol. 105, pub. March 17, 1990]

quote #61, Speech Missing, p.156M …Those who cannot do home church well cannot become national or world leaders because you will always be faced with Satan’s accusation that you are unqualified. No matter how much education you have, until you fulfill this one condition you cannot be accepted anywhere else…. (9-18-79), [see #60]

quote #62, Speech Missing, p.205M …The actual order of things is that first you do home church and then receive the (marriage) Blessing. (in 1945, those who were most qualified, did not come) The only reason you can have a blessed family before then is because True Parents and God regard you as a branch of True Parents… …The significance of the fruit you bear is up to you, however. This is where your test is. (9-18-79), [see #60]

quote #63, Quote Missing, p.416M …There are unlimited things to do; it is only because you lack desire and will that you have been unsuccessful. There is no one right way, no requirement for preaching like a minister with a Bible in your hand…. (12-30-79), [vol. 106, published April 14, 1990]

quote #64, Quote Missing, p.417B ….There is no limitation on how you can reach the people to save them, so why not use every way to do so?… (12-30-79), [see #63]

quote #65, Quote Missing, p.248B …If Christians are willing to realize that their doctrines are incomplete and will simply open their minds to new knowledge then it may only take seven days or even seven hours for them to change…. (12-30-79), [see #63]

quote #66, Quote Missing, p.37T …My very special, secret weapon that Satan couldn’t find was home church. I prepared it like a secret bomb and now it is complete. The time has come to ignite it…. That is why this year’s motto is: Home Church is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven…. (1-1-80), [two speeches in vol. 106, published April 14, 1990]

quote #67, Quote Missing, p.134B …In the future being deprived of the right to do home church would be the worst sentence to pass on anyone, worse than prison or electrocution… (1-1-80), [see #66]

quote #68, Quote Missing, p.228M …Whoever consummates the home church dispensation shall truly be recognized as the tribal messiah… …I am…anxious to see whether it will come in Japan, Korea, or America. (12 nationalities are needed---Refer to quotes #23 and #42) (1-1-80), [see #66}

quote #69, Quote Missing, p.421M …You say, "All you have to do is try me out free for one week"…. …This is a very effective way to make a sale in America: offer someone a free trial, and if they don’t like what you offer they can return it. (1-1-80), [see #66]

quote #70, Speech Missing, p.404+ …Home church alone could not fulfill all of God’s dispensation; it must be united with all the other components to make up the heavenly victory.... ...Ultimately speaking, your commitment, persistence and determination that what you do is vital for the ultimate victory of God is the key point. Each activity is crucial in the direction of God’s dispensation, so what is important is how well the different components come together to fulfill one central goal.... ...Here you are reshaping yourself to resemble me, and when your home church opportunity comes later, you will knock it over in no time. (To the MFT, [Mobile Fundraising Teams], USA), (1-2-80), [speech missing from vol. 106, published Apr. 14, 1990]

quote #71, PARTIALLY MISSING, p.362T …YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO LEAVE YOUR HARD WORK IN HOME CHURCH TO YOUR OWN SONS AND DAUGHTERS. If you don’t have that, what are you going to show them?... ...Without doing that there will be no happiness for you. (4 6-80), [vol. 107, p.99, pub. Apr. 14, 1990]

quote #72, Quote Intact, p.245M ...Today we declare the beginning of the second 21-year course, in which we shall become superior in every way over the evil ideology of communism... (4-15-80), [vol. 107, p.l29, pub. Apr. 14, 1990]

quote #73, Speech Missing, p.l31M ...Father has walked the entire home church providence and fulfilled and accomplished it…. …Now he is allowing you to inherit the same experiences.... (4-16-80), [speech missing from vol. 107, pub. Apr. 14, 1990]

quote #74, Speech Missing, p.210T ...Father has told you very precisely time and again why you need to work within a 360 home area. If you still don’t understand, then forget it. There is no other way for you. Somebody else should just take away your 360 homes. (4-16-80), [see #73]

quote #75, Speech Missing, p.307M ...Yet if you know you are going the right path, even when temptation comes, if you don’t change your love or your focus and just hang on to it until the end, then you will surely win. You will see. Perseverance is the quality we need.... (4-16-80), [see #73]

quote #76, Quote Missing, p.369B …Now I have declared the beginning of the second three seven-year courses, in which the reorganization of mankind will take place in our lifetime.

(4-20-80), [vol. 107, pub. Apr. 14, 1990]

quote #77, Speech Missing, p.233B …Even the 36 couples have to have the home church key to enter heaven…. (9-14-80), [speech missing from vol. 108, pub. May 12, 1990]

quote #78, Speech Missing, p.382B ...You have to fulfill your 84 within home church; without that you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven…. (9-14-80), [see #77]

quote #79, Quote Intact, p.202B ...No matter how old you are, there is one thing more important than (the marriage) Blessing: home church…. (9-28-80), [vol. 108, p.175, pub. May 12, 1990]

quote #80, Quote Missing, p.l66M ...Without doing home church no one can go to heaven.... ...That is also why the Bible does not specify how a person can get to heaven.... ...Don’t pay so much attention to what your leaders do or don’t do to you, but give all your energy to home church. (10-5-80), [vol. 108, published May 12, 1990]

quote #81, Quote Missing, p 235B ...Make sure that they won’t complain that you are leaving them before you finished home church and prepared them to do home church also....

(10-5-80), [see #80]

quote #82, Quote Missing, p.236T ...If you try very hard then when you die you can carry on in spirit world. But if you don’t try hard here then it will be difficult to continue in spirit world.... (10-5-80), [see #80]

quote #83, Quote Intact, p.371T ...What is the final stage of restoration? Not the coming of the Messiah, but home church…. ...even HSA (-UWC), will no longer be necessary. (10-5-80), [vol. 108, p.207, pub. May 12, 1990]

quote #84, PARTIALLY MISSING, p.396T ...TO WITNESS TO EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN WOULD TAKE 8,000 YEARS AT THE RATE OF 100 PER DAY. …NEW YORK HAS 2,620,000 HOMES, AND IF EACH HOME HAS FIVE PEOPLE, THAT TOTALS 13 MILLION. That means in order to witness to everyone in New York 7,000 Unification Church members would be needed with each one having 360 homes.... (10-5-80), [vol. 108, p.211, pub. May 12, 1990]

quote #85, Speech Missing, p. l 7B ...You want to live with me in spirit world but you can only qualify through home church. To accomplish home church is to complete all indemnity….

(12-14-80), [speech missing from vol. 110, pub. June 10, 1990]

quote #86, Speech Missing, p.130B ...Do you need home church or not? Can you go to heaven any other way? Also it will represent your graduation from Unification Church; you won’t need Unification Church any more. You should feel that you don’t need to have someone looking after you. If you know what you should be doing, why do you need someone giving you direction?... (12-14-80), [see #85]

quote #87, Speech Missing, p.260M …Since the victory in 1976, I have talked about home church and why you must do it. When you clearly understand this you won’t need an Abel figure but can do it on your own. Otherwise, you need someone to help discipline your life....

(12-14-80), [see #85]

quote #88, Quote Missing, p.l63B …Now you know the valuable thing…. …This is what I was up to, and this is what Jesus was up to. Now you know home church was the destination….

(1-1-81), [two speeches in vol. 110, pub. June 10, 1990]

quote #89, Quote Intact, p.329B ...Unless you do it now, other people will come and take over your home church. The president and government officials will want to do home church, and they will kick you out of your area. (2-10-81), [vol. 111, p.l59, pub. June 10, 1990]

quote #90, Quote Missing, p.370B ...Once the home church system is completely established, we really don’t need any formal organization. The Divine Principle will be taught in the school system. We won’t need Church leaders any more. This is not bad news at all. We have a most glorious life, and with this goal we shall march forward until the last day of final victory. (2-10-81), [vol. 111, pub. June 10, 1990]

quote #91, Quote Missing, p.402B ...If you don’t go to home church, it means you have not established yourself as a subject of love. Then how can you love your spouse or children? If you reverse the correct sequence, it will never work. (3-29-81), [vol. 112, pub. July 14, 1990]

quote #92, PARTIALLY MISSING, p.117+ ...God does not follow the person who expects recognition, but He follows the person who does more than his share and still continues to give.... ...THIS TRADITION IS THE BEST GIFT I COULD GIVE YOU. It is the result of my sweat, and through home church you can distribute this to the world…. (4-5-81), [vol. 112, pp.120-121, pub. July 14, 1990]

quote #93, Quote Missing, p.60T...I am elder brother to you, right? According to Unification Church tradition, then, when I assign someone to be a leader I am not giving him authority to command, but a commission to go down to the world to show an example of hard work... ...For the last 21 years I have done exactly what I am explaining to you today. (especially for His minimum 84 early members) ...I created a ladder through the eight stages (servant of servants, servant, adopted son, stepson, true son, restored Eve, restored Adam, God) to the direct dominion of God’s love…. …Now you know the tradition: restoration by indemnity for the sake of restoration of heart…. …A servant has a master, and I know you (should) expect the worst master. When you become an adopted son, your adopted parents will be the worst animals to you. Your step-parents will be the worst in the world. When you become a son, your loving parent will train you to be a great man of God by giving you harsh tasks…. …When you visit 360 homes, you will be kicked 360 times, but still you must go. You have to shed blood, but even if you die at home church you will still be better off. We can thank God by telling Him that by being a servant of servants we know His heart and the ordeal He has been through. No matter how difficult your life is, don’t ask God to comfort you. To be a son of filial piety means to comfort God when you are in the worst position. (10-22-81), [vol. 115, pub. Aug. 11, 1990]

quote #94, Quote Missing, p.l36T ...If each member has 360 homes, less than two million members could reach all mankind. Later on when people can’t find 360 homes nearby, there will be a great movement as they look for an area for themselves. It is such an incredible story that it is hard to believe… (10-22-81), [see #93]

quote #95, PARTIALLY MISSING, p.44T ...While we are marching toward Canaan, our supreme duty is to follow orders, BUT ONCE WE ENTER CANAAN WE DON’T LIVE BY COMMANDS BUT BY LOVE. This is that time…. …I am teaching you that you should love one another as much as you love God and True Parents.... (10-28-81), [vol. 115, pp.56-57,

pub. 8-11-90]

quote #96, Quote Intact, p.l2M …By working with one person in home church, you connect yourself to the entire cosmos; but when you go out into the streets, you are only connecting with one individual. It is a one-to-one relationship that does not go beyond that level…. (1-1-82), [three speeches in vol. 116, p. ?, pub. Sept. 8, 1990]

quote #97, Quote Intact, p.310M blessed families must move into your home church areas, including Rev. Kim, Mr. Pak (Rev. Won Pil Kim and Mr. Joong Hyun Pak), without exception, you must all go out to your home churches.... (1-1-82), [three speeches in vol. 116,

p. ?, pub. Sept. 8, 1990]

quote #98, Quote Missing, p.202M ...If you worked diligently doing home church all your life, but could never receive the (marriage) Blessing, you would have a wonderful life once you got to spirit world…. (2-28-82), [vol. 117, pub. Sept. 16, 1990]

quote # 99, PARTIALLY MISSING, p.283M …For the first time we are entering the era of settlement. Until now we have been moving around, but now both the physical and spirit worlds are settling down…. …WE HAVE GREAT HOPES FOR THE 34th THROUGH THE FORTIETH YEARS, EXPECTING THAT THINGS WILL BE SETTLED ONE BY ONE IN PROPER ORDER. The 1990s will be completely different from anything mankind has previously witnessed. At that time, opposing Unification Church will be simply ridiculous.

(3-28-82), [vol. 117, p.262, pub. Sept. 16, 1990]

quote #100, Speech Missing, p.301B …We all say we want to be righteous persons, but what is a righteous person? The righteous person is the one who will go against any difficulties, as long as the right path is clear…. (5-1-82),[speech missing from vol. 118, pub. Oct. 13, 1990]

quote #101, Speech Missing, p.369M …1981 is the final year of the third seven-year course, and from that year until 2000 the entire world will be organized into home church. (5-27-82), [See #100]

quote #102, Quote Missing, p.l87B …It has come to the culmination point of home church and I am passing on the inheritance of home church to you blessed couples… (Refer to quotes #8, #24, #30, #35, #39, #74, and #89) (7-11-82), [vol. 119, pub. Oct. 13, 1990]

End of Quotes

For whichever circumstances involved, the right course to take now, is to expose this situation in the fastest, most efficient means possible, and quickly add all deleted quotes to our teaching of Divine Principle. This is the only righteous course of action, since the True Parents have announced their Messiahship on the world level and there is a deadline announced in these quotes, (i.e. April 15, 2001, as a final date for presently, (before 1984), Blessed, [Married] members to gain their minimum 84 Tribal Messiahship followers) Many Blessed members know nothing about this deadline, or the consequences, (Refer to quotes #55 and #72)

As a Western poet, Tennyson, stated, "A lie which consists of half a truth, is ever the blackest of lies". Even the holy teaching of the Divine Principle book becomes "the blackest of lies" when these specific, irrefutable, crucial, key statements by the Most Rev. Sun Myung Moon are not taught with it.

Without exception, this and all other deleted material should be replaced, and published, without copyright restrictions, in the same spirit that the Bible has been supplied by the Guidion Association for so many years. Those responsible for withholding this material, which is denied to the world by these deletions and by copyright restrictions, will deserve to lose all honor in the future.

Judge for yourself what is questionable in the following scenario. In the Home Church book’s introduction, an appointee, (called "leader"), who shall remain unnamed here, states, "Father’s translators are excellent; however, their work is difficult. They must a very fast pace, with no forethought or prepared text." (No mention is ever made of the fact that published translations can be produced later, from audio recordings.)

This "leader", (appointee), goes on: "...translators...may miss a segment, misunderstand it, or mistranslate it.... Therefore I urge you not to judge or to react quickly to Father’s words....Word by word, you may not grasp the meaning. Instead, think broadly, receive Father’s words heartistically, and view them in terms of their context." (Is this condescending, mealy-mouthed deception ?) Finally, he goes on: "The best thing to do is to learn, or at least refer to, the original Korean." How interesting it is to discover all the crucial deletions from the officially published Korean text of these speeches, with which this same "leader" is so intimately acquainted!

This "leader" then points out that the Home Church book was not compiled by him, (and that is believable ! ), but by an American editor.

In plain English, is this "leader" screaming like a stuck pig, (i.e. like a pig being killed with a knife)? Do these protestations become as transparent as glass, once we determine how much has been deleted from the published Korean? Does it seem that this person is practicing simple "damage control" to maintain his own "position" and prestige, at the expense and prolonged suffering of the entire cosmos? Of course, he would not be alone in this crime. As the famous statement goes: All that is necessary for evil to triumph over good, is that good people do nothing.

The book review you are now reading is possible only as a minor exception to the copyright restrictions on these speeches, so only God can know what has been deleted over the decades. In 1998, we are 16 years past the time for "leaders" of the HSA-UWC or FFWPU, (Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, the Unification Church, or the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification), to face the irresponsible and even criminal boondoggle we are causing by withholding the full and complete truth from the world, and even from the members of the HSA-UWC ! (Refer to quote #95, from 1981) The Most Rev. Sun Myung Moon is not responsible for this matter, since His mission was fulfilled even in 1977, (Refer to quote #2). Members of the HSA-UWC and the FFWPU must do this in unity, or it will not be done, and very great suffering will be prolonged, worldwide.

STATEMENT OF INTENTION: ( A ) Since 1981, we have failed to obey the prime direction to stop following leader-centered direction. (See quotes #4, #5, #9, #11, #17, #20, #24, #28, #58, #61, #80, #87, #90, and #95). We must educate our members to this full truth, and create a "Member-Centered Manifesto". Tithes and support would then go either to Home Church/Tribal Messiahship work, or to leaders who give member-centered direction, based on the minimum standard of the Member-Centered Manifesto. "Leaders" who do not change from leader-centered direction must receive no support. If this were accomplished quickly, the HSA-UWC, (and hence, the FFWPU), would be a real and complete movement again, and we would all have a more realistic opportunity to form our 84 minimum Tribal Messiahship, before the April 15, 2001 deadline.

STATEMENT OF INTENTION: ( B ) We must educate non-members to this full truth. These quotes, in an appropriate book review, should be given as a powerful witnessing means, to create interest in the study of the Divine Principle book, (and more recent teachings), which are the foundation for the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.


1) In the past, the Most Rev. Sun Myung Moon has suggested a way to offer our life to God, called the Formula Course, (i.e. including 3½ years of fundraising as an offering). Centered on Home Church, we could agree to put 90% of the money raised into the bank. The individual would later use this money in Home Church/Tribal Messiahship work. Suggested tax-exempt purchases would be home/income real estate, video equipment, and/or literature.

2) Leader gives direction centered on solving the problems of the individual family in Home Church/Tribal Messiahship work.

ADVISORY DISCLAIMER 1: More than four bilingual persons, (i.e. persons who speak both Korean and English), have contributed to determining the absence of these quotes from the original Korean language volumes of speeches. They worked individually, and I cross-checked their work, in English, to make certain of its accuracy. If you can help find these quotes in the original Korean, in any form, (i.e. manuscript, audio cassette, video cassette, computer diskette, etc.), please contact Dave Fleming, through PO Box 200, Bronx, NY 10463, USA, or through PSC 3 Box 7684, APO AP 96266, (in Korea), or contact anyone else who will work to make this public knowledge, as it should have been since the member-centered movement was directed to begin by the Most Rev. Sun Myung Moon, on Oct. 28, 1981, (see quote #95, and see the speech named Historical Children’s Day, Oct. 28, 1981).

ADVISORY DISCLAIMER 2, (for those receiving the Korean plus English version): Normally, the very few quotes in Korean which are not missing, would be copied from the original published speeches in Korean. However, these quotes were translated from English to Korean without reference to the original published speeches in Korean. This prevents any possible copyright accusations. Also, at the bottom of most of these quotes, page numbers have been included with the volume number, to help you locate the original Korean if you wish to do so.


In 1990, when this book review was

first produced, the place to order the

Home Church book was the:

ACCORD company,


481 Eighth Ave.,

New York NY 10001

Phone: (212) 967-4371

The source or means of ordering the book,

"Home Church", may now be different.

In 1998, the mailing address of the only store in all of Korea where you can buy the Divine Principle book, is:

172-1, 1st-Ka,

Chungpa-Dong, Yongsan-Ku,

Seoul, Korea 140-131

Telephone:(02) 701-0110

FAX: (02) 702-5945

Full-length speeches, in 1995, could be ordered

by the DATE they were spoken, from:

HSA Publications

4 W. 43rd Street

New York, NY 10036

Phone: (212) 997-0050

Please POST, COPY, and DISSEMINATE the following "starter list" for the Member Centered Manifesto.

Creating a Member-Centered Manifesto: SHALL WE LIVE BY COMMANDS OR BY LOVE ?

"Today I am declaring a new beginning: the leader-centered movement is over, and the member-centered movement is going to begin…. …but once we enter Canaan we don’t live by commands but by love. This is that time…."

(See the book, "Home Church", pp.43-44, Oct. 28, 1981)

The full delineation of the clear differences between the leader-centered and member-centered mind-sets, is the first step toward formulating and actualizing the member-centered movement. It is not just a lot of members fulfilling their individual responsibilities, as has been claimed. To be a movement, member-centered direction and deeds must come through the leadership. Otherwise, there are no leaders, just leader-centered, out-moded disobedience. Of course, if necessary, we can "do it" without leaders, but without a movement, we are almost guaranteed to fail in gaining our 84.

There is nothing inherently "evil" about the leader-centered mind-set. >From 1954 to 1981, True Father directed that we "just obey" our central figures, out of necessity. (Just in the seventies, His life was threatened by at least three death-squads sent by North Korea to kill Him.) The "evil" comes from continuing the old militaristic mind-set, when True Father has directed us to the member-centered standard of True Love. Leader-centered direction has, since 1981, fought and interfered with True Father’s direction.

We must form an internal organization, (strictly volunteer), modeled after the Salvation Army and the Peace Corps, and advanced to the Divine-spirit level. This would serve as the only channel for the useful application of the leader-centered mind-set.

The member-centered movement True Father proclaimed in 1981 is based on love, rather than commands. Admittedly, it is not easy to delineate this difference, but it must be done, if we are to claim we are attending the True Parents. Just being seen with Them does not mean we are close to Them spiritually….

The following list is a rudimentary beginning to creating a "Member-Centered Manifesto". In this list,

NO equals Leader-centered mind-set, and

YES equals Member-centered mind-set.

(1) NO---Assume you are in the position of Able, rather than earning it.

YES---Take a position of humbleness, earning and negotiating whatever commitments are made by you and by others.

(2) NO---Make a good public showing, no matter what our internal failures might be.

YES---Never put up a "false front". Always concentrate on true and complete integrity, rather than on "looking good".

(3) NO---First you must show me a good result. Only then will I listen to you.

YES---Always encourage and answer your mail. Always remain humble and open to others, (out of desperation for your mission).

(4) NO---Keep absolute control of the financial "purse strings". Discourage any individual initiative, unless all money goes to or through you.

YES---Find ways to form channels, (such as signed contracts), to promote empowerment of the individual. Promote ways to reward and/or encourage individual initiative, rather than assuming everyone should "just follow".

(5) NO---Some deception is OK, if it is for God’s will.

YES---Honesty above all. If someone feels we have knowingly deceived them in any way, they will rightfully never trust us again.

(6) NO---Always assume our position deserves respect, and others should follow us, if they believe in God and Divine Principle.

YES---Never believe our position automatically deserves respect. Be willing to ask others to follow us, negotiating mutual commitments, as True Father has.

(7) NO---Arbitrarily deny ID cards, so that a member cannot hear True Father speak. This deceptive abuse of authority serves to prove how powerful you are, intimidating all members.

YES---The only honest reason to deny any member an ID card is a proven security risk. Different types of ID cards, denoting different individual circumstances, would be issued.

(8) NO---Assume you have the right to demand money, (or tithes), from members.

YES---Without True Father’s clear, CURRENT, public request to members, no older members have the right to demand "tithes". Only a non-mandatory request may be made, explaining exactly how the donation is to be spent. Otherwise, tithes should support your Home Church or Tribal Messiahship work.

(9) NO---Never apologize. Never even respond to criticism. Apologizing is inappropriate for someone appointed to authority to do God’s will.

YES---Always be willing to apologize, as a way of growing, and to give and gain commitments. True Father shows us, (through His prayers), that He was always ready to apologize and change Himself.

(10) NO---Stay mobile. You will never have to face your mistakes if you never settle in one place.

YES---The time of settlement began after 1978, (see the book, "Home Church", p.465, Sept. 23, 1978). Without the "mobile mind-set", (thinking I will move in the future), I am forced to face and deal with my personal faults, failures, or mistakes, or face the consequences.

(11) NO---Never take public responsibility for your actions. Claim this is done because you are "humble". You are "just following orders". Both a lack of real commitment and an irresponsible attitude are encouraged by this attitude.

YES---Always sign any document, letter, policy, rule, etc., you produce or are part of. Let it be known that you answer all your mail. Publish and post a "Statement of Members’ Rights". Publish and post a detailed statement of how you intend to spend money, and how you actually spent it. (Legally speaking, the only reason Jim Baker was caught and imprisoned, was that he stated exactly how the donations were supposed to be spent.)

(12) NO---Always keep secret, any mailing lists or other means of communicating with members individually. "Divide and conquer", keeps "leaders" "powerful".

YES---Encourage networking by members. Using just one PO Box address, all the individuals in many families would be "reachable", with no security risk. This can also be done with e-mail, on the internet, with the help of those who have computers.

(13) NO---Give direction in a military fashion.

YES---Create direction that empowers the individual doing Home Church work.

(14) NO---True Father fought for actual physical survival. Until 1977, Divine Principle could have been totally erased from the Earth. This necessitated an almost military-like structure, whereby True Father asked us to "just follow/obey" the appointed "leaders", who were often quite inadequate to the task.

YES---Since the end of True Father’s mission in 1977, (see the book, "Home Church", p.30, Feb. 23, 1977), we have the luxury of knowing Divine Principle can never be erased. However, since we know that all delay will cause more suffering, the judgment we face involves how much we care about delay. The more we care, the more we will press for and enforce a member-centered standard, and the less we will support those with a leader-centered mind-set.

This list prepared by Dave Fleming, PO Box 200, Bronx, NY 10463

To improve, expand, and disseminate this list, constructive comments, criticism, and support, are welcome.

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