The Words of the Farrakhan Family

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Friendship in Korea - Min. Farrakhan forges path for better Black-Korean relations (Askia Muhammad - March 10, 1998)

Special Address to National Organizing Committee Million Family March (Louis Farrakhan - September 21, 2000)

Farrakhan Tells Spiritual Leaders Their Light Should Dispel Society's Darkness (Ashahed M. Muhammad - April 27, 2010)

Farrakhan delivers a warning and offers a healing for spiritual leaders and humanity (Ashahed M. Muhammad - May 31, 2011 pdf)

Farrakhan: A divine alert, call to action in Harlem (Ashahed M. Muhammad - June 1, 2011 pdf)

Louis Farrakhan (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - March 23, 2019 pdf)

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