The Words of the Eu Family

Renewing Our Life

Gil Ja Sa Eu
June 1, 2001
Washington, D.C. Family Church
Notes (unofficial and incomplete) by Edwin Pierson

Father at 8 years old could both see and hear the spirit world clearly. He gave advice for matchings starting then, but was at first not taken seriously. He could see that the best matches were with enemies --then always the children/descendants would be greater.

Some questions were asked by those attending.

How do we retain or regain spiritual power as we age?

We need to recall how we first encountered True Parents. Why are we chosen among so many people in this world to meet the Lord of the Second Advent first? Have we thought about this?

DP is a powerful and logical truth. It uniquely articulates and reveals the sorrowful path of Jesus. Whether we stay or not is based primarily on the merit of our ancestors. Those who stay have the good ancestors help or support. The 36 couples are not really different from others. There are some really good ancestors behind them. "Good" means they have the qualities of filial piety, loyalty, and fidelity. Spiritual attack comes to us all from evil, low spirit ancestors. When we joined, Father said he could see a number on our foreheads. This number is the years of ancestral merit we are given. When the number disappears, your real spiritual life and responsibility begins.

At Eh Wha University, hundreds of students heard the DP and were moved by it. But in the end only 14 stood firm and were kicked out. Professor Yang(?) witnessed to Maria Pak, a very powerful woman. She was intrigued by the idea of a man who was "physical Jesus" and was revealing secrets of the Bible. She was brought to the house where Father was teaching at that time, but it was jam-packed; not even any elbow room. Father was poorly dressed and everyone was sweaty and somewhat dirty in her eyes. Finally, she could take it no longer, cried out in frustration, got up and left. Afterwards, Father was told who she was and he was upset with Prof. Yang. "To meet such a person, I need to dress up and meet them in a nice place such as a hotel", he told her. Reflecting later, he noted, "Compared with Jesus' manger and the stable where he was born, it was not so bad." Maria Pak became one of our worst persecutors in Korea.

Judgement comes to us when others, especially relatives join. The lower, evil ancestors become scared that their sins will be revealed so they seek to pull them (and you) away. Their fear and guilt comes down to them (and you) bringing powerless, sad, guilty, and fearful emotions. (She shared an example of an early member.) We are the battleground. "Cain" has built up prestige, money, power --external foundation. Now is the time they will join us. How? "Abel" figures have not been united enough in heart, spirit, and soul with True Parents, yet.

What is the difference between True Father and us? Blood lineage. God suffered and worked (was present) through his lineage for a long time. Korean history is a history of 5000 years of suffering. Never any peaceful time; always victimized by bigger nations. Even in Korea, there are many clans, tribes. Why was the Moon clan chosen? There is a character trait that goes very far back -- lending money to the poor; even when it was not, could not be returned. Very compassionate heart. People who take advantage of others are terrible sinners. The Moon family was often "taken advantage" of but never complained. The merit carried to the descendants. Father's father was such a gentle, compassionate man. His mother would often scold him for his foolishness; she was more practical. Father inherited both his father's simple goodness and his mother's practical, even mathematical nature.

The 36 couples did not believe, unite deeply enough. Father said we should all go to hell. Instead however, he gave us this chance to go out to the whole world as IW's and testify and work harder again. Father's life has been one of being attacked, running and escaping. Five thousand KGB agents were sent to the US at the height of the Cold War. Many were studying, watching Father. They discovered he is a man who gives and gives even though he is deceived. They concluded he is a fool. Why? Are the fools the one who stayed? Often very smart people came and quickly calculated that the DP, father, and the UC did not make sense. Merit of ancestors, intuition, heart, "good nature", are traits in common with those who have stayed and persevered. We gain more power by testifying and witnessing.

Personal anecdote: During the Yankee Stadium campaign in NY, I remember passing out flyers for the event somewhere near the GW Bridge. A man approached me, real dark, cynical look about him. He looked at the flyer and said rather dramatically: "Rev. Moon is a fool". That was all he said, but I recall reflexively responding to the chill of his foreboding skepticism with: "Thank you so much. God Bless You!" or something like that. Funny how some things are actually hard to forget. Maybe, he was one of those infamous KGB agents.

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