The Words of the Durst Family

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Is our Master planning to come to the United States? (Yeon Soo Im [Oni Durst] - August 9, 1970)

Education for the New World (Moses Durst - May 10, 1976 pdf)

Giving Maturity to Our Zeal (Mose Durst - December 1980)

Father, Dr. Mose Durst Receive International Awards (December 19, 1980)

Project Volunteer: Public Service with Commitment of Heart - Pamphlet - What is Project Volunteer, Neighborhood Volunteers and Distribution Networks (Mose Durst - Circa 1980 pdf)

World Alliance For Civil Rights (Mose Durst - November 1981)

ICUS: Proposal For A Supreme Council Of Heads Of State And Government (Mose Durst - November 12, 1981)

Resolution Passed by Participants and Observers of the Tenth ICUS (Mose Durst - November 13, 1981)

Members recruited for Washington Times (Mose Durst - February 1982)

Religious Inquisition Halted (Mose Durst - May 29, 1982)

Father's trial -- Challenges American justice (Mose Durst, Joy Pople, Bruce Brown, Hideo Oyamada, Hal and Lynda Mckenzie - June 1982)

The Family Under Assault and the Unification Solution (Mose Durst - June 1982)

Home Church Presidential Prayer Breakfast (Margie Petrikat - September 1982)

The Home Church Convention (Mose Durst - October 1982)

Key Points In The Appeal Of Father's Tax Case (Mose Durst - December 1982)

1983 Unification Church of America Directory (Mose Durst - June 26, 1983)

Next Steps on Father's Appeal (Mose Durst - October 1983)

Father's Response to the Supreme Court's Decision (Mose Durst - May 14, 1984)

Against Harassment of Churches (Mose Durst - June 1984)

Children's Day 1984 (Mose Durst - October 24, 1984)

Let Us Follow Father (Mose Durst - January 1, 1986)

On Holiness (Mose Durst - July 26, 1987)

We Are the Church (Mose Durst - August 7, 1988)

Unification Church Response to Frontline Production of The Resurrection of Reverend Moon (Mose Durst - January 1992)

Sustaining A Virtuous Society (Mose Durst - May 19, 1999)

Sustaining a Virtuous Society (Mose Durst - May 19, 2001) [slightly different version]

Failure To Instill Character Leads To Failure For All (Dr. Mose Durst - April 2005)

Reaching Out Across America - Interview with Dr. Mose Durst about the Unification News (Kristina Morrison Seher - November 2010)

To Honor Mrs. Onni Durst on her special trip to Southern California (Rick Joswick - March 25, 2014 pdf)

Commentary: True Teaching Cultivates the Whole Child (Mose Durst - September 22, 2016 pdf)

Send a message to Onni Durst for her 85th Birthday Celebration on December 16 (Noah Ross - November 29, 2017 pdf)

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