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Cheon Il Guk Membership Cards

Ken Doo
November 4, 2002

I pray for all the hard working leaders doing their utmost for the accomplishment of God's providence.

True Parents officially named Gods nation as the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity (Cheon Il Guk, for short) during his commemorative speech at the 42nd celebration of True Childrens Day held at Sutaek-ri on November 15, 2001. They directed us to mobilize members for Cheon Il Guk, to educate them and to issue them membership cards in order to realize the Cheon Il Guk ideal and bring about world peace, the universal hope of humankind.

I would therefore like to inform you of some details about joining in the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity and the issuing of membership cards. We sincerely urge you to keep this matter in mind and to educate all blessed families to participate actively in the newly developed providence, to the best of your abilities.

1. Application for Membership

1) Membership Qualifications: Family members of blessed families, and others who agree to practice the principles of the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity (open to those who are not members of the Unification movement) at age eighteen and above.

2) Required Documents: Membership application form (see attachment # 1) for the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity; two photos (for the application form and membership card)

3) Membership Fee: Each nation may decide to receive a membership fee only when expenses are incurred in issuing the membership cards.

2. The Issuing of Membership Cards

1) Each nations headquarters should gather applications from each church or local headquarters, examine them thoroughly, and issue the cards for those who fulfill the required conditions.

2) In the case of a lost membership card, the headquarters should issue a replacement.

3. Types of Membership Card

The membership cards are divided into three kinds, according to each persons workshop attendance.

1) Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity Study Level Card: issued to those who have completed three or seven day Principle workshops.

2) Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity Training Level Card: issued to those who have completed twenty-one day (or longer) Principle workshops.

3) Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity Advanced Training Level Card: issued to those who have completed forty-day (or longer) Principle workshops. (Includes those who have completed the forty-day Cheong Pyeong workshop or Jardim Ideal Family Workshop)

When someone graduates from one level to the next, and therefore needs a new card reflecting that new level, the new card should have the same member number.

4. To Whom Membership Cards Will Be Issued by Each Nation

1) Nations should issue membership cards to members native to that country. Those who are doing public missions overseas, for example, should apply to their native country for their membership cards.

2) In case of international blessed couples, if they live in one of the spouses native countries, the couples can both be issued membership cards from that nation.

3) National messiahs and missionaries must be issued membership cards from their native countries.

5. The Membership Card

1) True Parents Words: The membership cards are actual identification documents to show your registration in the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity, and should be considered as registration cards for Gods kingdom.

2) Card Size: The size of commonly used credit/debit cards (8.4cm x 5.3cm). Slight variations are permissible depending on each nations situation.

3) True Parents Photo: Please use the one that True Parents selected, which appears on the sample card (attachment # 2). We will make it available to be downloaded in the near future.

4) Card Quality: One of the following kinds should be used, according to each nations situation:

(1) Base cards made of plastic are preferable (the material commonly used for bank cards.) (2) You may use thick, plastic-coated (laminated) paper. (3) You may use thick paper.

5) Card Background Color: The background color should be yellow-gold.

6) Member number:

a) The first digit is the number code of your continent, the second two digits are the number code of your nation. Example: Europe is 2, Great Britain is 10. A British member will therefore have 210 as the first three digits of his/her member number. (Please see attachment # 3 for detailed information on codes.) Please note that the numbers for the parent nations and providential son and daughter nations are allotted numbers independent of this system. These nations do not have to have continental and national codes as mentioned above:

Father nation - Korea: 001
Mother nation - Japan: 002
Elder son nation - U.S.A.: 003
Daughter nations - Canada: 004
The Philippines: 005
Taiwan: 006

b) After the first three digits of the continental and national codes, the regional code within your nation should follow (no dash in between). Example: 01, 02, 03 . etc.

Regional codes in your nation should be decided according to state/province divisions that can be determined by the FFWPU national leadership. Two numbers should be used for the regional codes; however, each nation can decide on the number of regions.

In the case that a nation is small and does not need regional codes, you may decide not to use them.

c) After the continental, national and regional codes, a dash () should be inserted, followed by the gender code and personal code together. For men, the gender code is the number 1 and for women, the number 2. Following this pattern, and when necessary, the odd numbers 3, 5, 7, 9 for men and the even numbers 2, 4, 6, 8 for women may be used for the gender code. Example: The member number of a Thai man whose personal code is 120 would be as follows: 10704-1000120

1 (continental code) 07 (national code) 04 (regional code) 1 (gender code) 000120 (personal code)

The regional number 04 was randomly chosen as an example.

The number of digits available for the personal code should be decided on consideration of the population of your country.

7) ID Number: A separate ID number appears lower down on the membership card. This should be an ID number that members actually hold, and which can be used for all the members of that country. Examples are national insurance number, social security number or citizens registration number. Those nations with no such universal identifying number should use the numbers from their date of birth, in the order of year, month and day: Example: 19630430 for someone whose date of birth is April 30, 1963.

8) Bar codes: If a country wishes to include a bar code on their cards, they may do so. It should be positioned on the back side of the card, at the bottom right.

6. Records

Church leaders should record each applicants personal history as below:

(1) Whether or not he/she has received the Registration Blessing, has completed the Jardim Ideal Family Education, and has offered the Total Living Offering.

(2)Positions held in the church

7. Content of the Membership Card (See attachment # 2)

For those countries using French, Spanish or Portuguese, the World Mission Office is organizing a standardized translation into those languages, which we will communicate with you soon.

Countries that may wish to use Russian as the language on their card should contact the NorthEast Continent headquarters to receive the official translation.

Please find three attachments, and announce to your family members on Sunday. If you have any question about this information, please feel free to contact your regional director.

* Right click and choose "save target as..."

when you collect all family members information, please mail to DC HQ at Ms. Marina.

Attention to Ms. Marina
3224 16th St. NW
Washington DC 20010
Tel: 202-319-3200

Thank you!
Rev. Ken Doo

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