The Words of David S. C. Kim

HK House Archive and Study Center

David SC Kim and Young Oon Kim
October 12, 2012

HK House Archive and Study Center
12 South Randolph Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601


The most complete collection of Unification Movement history in North America.

Mission Statement

The HK House Archive and Study Center exists to preserve the ongoing study of the teachings of the True Parents of Humankind, Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon, through David SC Kim's and Young Oon Kim's pioneering life and interpretation of living for the sake of others and creating ideal families to be in the 21st Century and beyond.


HK House, President David SC Kim's residence from 1989 through his ascension on November 8, 2011 was named by President Kim for Heung Jin-nim and Kook Jin-nim. The house is owned by Unification Theological Seminary/ Barrytown College. It is not now and will not be for sale. However there are costs involved.

The HK House Archive and Study Center will foster two foundations; the Young Oon Kim Foundation and the David SC Kim Foundation. With the HK House Archive and Study Center serving as the parent, the research and study center and the two foundations will be managed by the Hoon Dok Hae Club, founded by President David SC Kim on May 1, 2010.

The Hoon Dok Hae Club will establish the HK House Archive and Study Center as a Non-profit 501 (3c) corporation and rent HK House from UTS/Barrytown College through support and donations from The Doctor's Circle and UTS Alumni Association.

Young Oon Kim and David SC Kim were among the first to bring True Parents teachings and message of God's Providence to North America. Through their lives they taught us how to live for the sake of others and build ideal families to be. The eternal message can be shared through the internet here in the information age.

UTS Alumni and anyone can help preserve the legacy Young Oon Kim and David SC Kim began. A donation will make it possible for the Hoon Dok Hae Club to maintain HK House and relieve the financial burden UTS/Barrytown College faces maintaining the house's taxes and utility bills.

In response to donations made to establish HK House Archive and Study Center and to help pay the rent, select gifts will be given to donors structured to the level of donation.

In consideration for a $50 donation you will receive as a gift, a full size original Yankee Stadium poster. For your $100 donation, you will receive the 1977 official portrait of True Father. Make a $500 donation and we will send you a full size original New Future of Christianity poster.

For a $75 donation you can choose to receive a gift of one of the books written by David SC Kim such as Preparation for His Coming Kingdom, Victory over Communism or other books written by President Kim dating back to his earliest work.

All donations can be submitted electronically. All donations include postage, shipping and handling of gifts made in consideration for donations to the HK House Archive and Study Center. Donations can be mailed directly to the above address.


The Hoon Dok Hae Club's responsibilities are to preserve and publish online the collected works and memorabilia of President Kim and Miss Young Oon Kim. Online internet access and the use of online journals and discussion will be opened for worldwide participation for a monthly fee. Membership internet access to the HK House Archive and Study Center will be through annual dues of $40.00. Online journals and discussion will be password protected. The archive will be available online before Foundation Day, February 22, 2013.

The HK House Archive and Study Center will also serve as a place where visitors can gather, study and share in the historical memory of Young Oon Kim, David SC Kim and the people who through their lives gave substantial and influential witness to the True Parents of Humankind.

The HK House Archive and Study Center will exist as a haven for all who want to study and share the experience of the Unification Movement's growth in North America.

President Kim was one of the greatest collectors of Unification Artifacts. He collected everything beginning with the earliest days in 1954 as a charter member of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity to his 95th Birthday.

This collection of more than 50 years of photographs, audio and video taped material, books and publications is housed in HK House and can be shared with the entire world. Contained in the collection are the keys to living for the sake of others as well as creating ideal families to be in the 21st Century.

It is believed Young Oon Kim burned much of her papers at the end of her time on Earth. Some of her letters were recently discovered in HK House, not much to build an archive. It is hoped those whom she touched during her life will share their memories and material to build her own archive.

UTS/BC will allow complete and unfettered access to Hoon Dok Hae Club as the HK House tenant. In return Hoon Dok Hae Club will facilitate the digital archiving of the material and uploading the archived material so that it is available through the worldwide web.

The other second floor rooms will serve as offices for a yet to be formed think tank which will serve to further the purpose driven lives lived for the sake of others and building ideal families to be. The first floor will serve as the main meeting and gathering area for guests and scholars.

In addition, as tenants, the club will keep up the external appearance of around the outside of the house. Currently one brother, who teaches English in nearby Highland, NY and at Columbia University in New York, is using the guest bedroom. In exchange for his tenancy he has been living there for the past year and is keeping the lawn mowed and the garden weeded. He will stay on at HK House if the Hoon Dok Hae Club manages to keep control of the house by paying BC/UTS rent. 

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