Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Dae Mo Nim's Speech At The 312th 3-Day Workshop And Liberation Of Seven Generations Of Ancestors

Dae Mo Nim
February 12 - 14, 1999
Translation by Soon-Ja Richardson;
Unofficial notes by Mark Bramwell

This is the 312th workshop, February 13th. I believe it is a wonderful day. Are you happy to save your ancestors? However, it is difficult for me. I try to find the ones causing troubles. I cannot just give up on a generation -- I have to find all seven generations. I feel under great pressure to find them. You may think they will come easily when called, but there are many evil spirits challenging the good ones. There are so many levels in the spirit world.

All spirits are on the earth and many in our body. Our ancestors could be in other people's body or in nature. This time, when looking for the ancestors, I experienced it as going into deep mud. True Father explained that the 1st to 4th generations represent the period up to Jesus' time. Up to the 7th generation opens up the way for achievement. I need to find the ancestors who caused spirits to come into your bodies. All the ancestors' sins have to be indemnified by their descendants. Once the sins are eliminated, we will be able to benefit through our ancestors. We should make an indemnity condition for our ancestors' sins, but we do not know what the sins are. For example, I asked you to prepare a certain condition by making a donation. Heung-Jin Nim told me how much that amount should be, but it was not a small amount. I said: "If I would tell this to the members they would complain, and this will prevent the ancestors from coming down". Therefore, we concluded that each has to pray in order to determine the right amount.

Ancestors' liberation can only be done here at Chung-Pyung. After liberating up to the 7th generation, as tribal messiah we can then fulfil our responsibility. Ancestors are not just good spirits (which refers to relatively good spirits), but are clearing up their sin and are becoming absolute good spirits. When they have completed their 100 and 40-day workshops, they receive the holy wine and holy water ceremonies.

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The liberation of seven generations enables us to live with God. Until the end of this year we must bring back all those who left the church, from the 36 Couples down to the 360,000 Couples. We must work hard this year, so that True Parents can rest from next year. Collective sins are being committed by members due to their fallen nature. Even though we have received the Blessing we have made so many mistakes. True Parents want to forgive us, but we must make conditions. True Father took us out of the evil realm and into the realm of goodness -- this is the Blessing. We are completely covered by evil spirits. But True Parents themselves have made the conditions for us. Therefore, we must get rid of our evil mind. The door is open to build the ideal family, but have you gone in? Those who cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven have to come down to earth in order to resurrect. If we live a life of goodness every day, we will become a good spirit.

Typically, on entering the spirit world, a spirit wanders around for 40 days because it is not satisfied with its appointed place. Then it realizes it has to stay in that appointed place and begins to ask what it can do to improve itself. When it does not know where to go, it comes into your body or that of your children. You do not see or feel the evil resentful spirits in you. If you do see and you do not make proper conditions, you will go to hell and your children will pay indemnity.

2nd generation Children

I have brought here this morning the 2nd Generation children of those parents who are here. Some of them are grown, some are still little babies. Those born alive are the ones who exist in the spirit world. True Father said that it would have been better if all the children could have come here. Hae Jin Nim (the 2nd daughter of True Parents, who passed into the spirit world as a baby) has three prospective spouses. I was talking with the children in the prayer room for about two hours, and they were telling me that their mamma and papa are here, that they have seen them. Some of them were together with Heung Jin Nim in the spirit world and others in very difficult places. I suggested to them to stay in the prayer room while I come here, but they pleaded with me to see their mamma, so I brought them here. Angels are holding the smaller ones. It was so wonderful for me to find the children. When children pass into the spirit world, they get buried in their parents' bosom.

In order for True Parents to prepare the foundation for the liberation of the 2nd generation children in the spirit world, they had to make so many conditions. I also. True Parents are really showing true love to us in this way. As I was meeting with these little children, I told them will raise them up quickly to be blessed. Parents have to make conditions every day in order that their children in the spirit world can be raised up and blessed. Their Blessing will be called: "2nd and 3rd Generation Spirit Blessing".

Evil spirits are so strong that it is very difficult to fight hem. But when I see they come back as good spirits, I feel so good. You will be so happy when you see previously evil spirits doing good. This is a very happy day.

I am very happy to see you, especially Japanese members. Liberating the ancestors of Japanese is a very difficult task. Japanese ancestors have prolonged God's providence. God wanted to give the Blessing nation by nation. Satan wants to ruin and destroy those who want to be blessed. He used Japanese ancestors to destroy the Korean race. The comfort women were taken on average by 50-60 men per day. Many of these women have come out of you already. They waddle because the lower parts of their bodies have been distorted. They were so full of revenge, swearing to ruin the children of the men. On the other hand, the forced laborers were also cursing the children of their oppressors. When comfort women ran away, they were caught and their organ and breasts were cut in front of other comfort women. They were tied to a truck and dragged along the ground. Therefore, True Father gave such hard conditions to the Japanese -- there was no choice. But True Father is in great pain because of the suffering of the Japanese members. The Blessing should have taken place in Japan on February 7th. This could have resolved Heavenly Father's resentment.

You have to cultivate the environment in Japan to be able to receive the True Parents. We must break the mind of Satan, working day and night, or else sin will be passed to descendants. The Chung-Pyung providence has been prolonged for one more year, otherwise so many members would go insane, get cancer or give birth to deformed children. Resentful spirits make us die earlier, then at death they grab onto the spirit, accusing it. Collective and ancestral sins are hardened in your body. You have to clap and slap to loosen them up. Even in the breaks, do not waste your time, but work on yourself. Continuously make conditions so that I can liberate ancestry.

In order to go the kingdom of Heaven:

1. Build a true family. It is difficult to unite husband and wife. The husband must give absolute love. The wife must return beauty, obedience and patience. When husbands and wives yell at each, the wife must be patient.
2. No fallen nature, such as jealousy, dishonesty, greed. We have lost the understanding of what goodness is.
3. No smoking and drinking. God is waiting to come into us, to come into our family. He is longing to come into His temple. The absolute good spirits are so bright and beautiful.
4. You cannot fall. Do not look at the fruit, do not touch the fruit, do not eat the fruit. Some people say they have received the revelation to do this. But it is impossible that God would give such a revelation. All of us have the potential to fall. You just need the appropriate environment. God and Satan are always with you. When you sin, God feels so miserable, weeping and weeping, but Satan is jumping up and down with joy.
5. Never, never misuse public money or be greedy.
6. You must not hurt other people's feelings. Especially those who talk a lot have many spirits hanging around their mouths like balloons. Do not say things you do not know clearly about. Do not say things that cannot be digested by others. We are all children of True Parents. When brothers and sisters commit mistakes, it is a collective sin, thus affecting us all.
7. Attend Pledge services and give tithing. We need central figures as a mediator. Elder families must love younger families and younger families serve elder families.

Never live carelessly. Take God and True Parents with you. Report to them before leaving home and when arriving back.

This is a wonderful time, when everything can be ours. Some are predicting the end of the world from June. I do believe it will be the end of the evil world.

We need the water of God to clean up the dirt in our bodies. In 1999 work hard to rid yourself of your fallen nature. Then we can all live in the original world as ideal couples in the position to receive True Parents' love.

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