The Words of the Cox Family

143rd Chung Pyung 40-day Workshop: Spiritual Discipline

Amaris Carmen Cox
June 8, 2010

Generally speaking, this workshop has enabled me to re-establish my spiritual discipline and diligence. The rigorous schedule can be physically demanding but the environment is so spiritually healthy, that I feel as if I've been washed 100 times over.

With the powerful combination of Chanyang, hiking to the Tree of Blessing, and praying and meditating in Jeongshim Won, I've been able to reconnect with Heavenly Father and open my heart.

Six months ago, I had virtually no life of faith, and a deep seated resentment from something that happened to me in 2008. All I wanted was to let the pain go and move forward, and know God again. During the Purification Azalea Festival we (the International team) were called to Dae Mo Nim's Prayer Room. I was very surprised and felt so lucky to go. Lecturer from the International Office guided us in and as we began to pray fervently, I was able to express my honest feelings to God -- as I racked with sobs, I felt something within release. This specific source of resentment was suddenly decreased, and I left the prayer room soaked in tears, I was finally able to let go and begin real healing.

This 40-day workshop has been full of so many gifts and special surprises-Dae Mo Nim's Prayer Room, pizza and chicken, dance contests at the youth center, a trip to Pine Ridge Resort. I don't know how to be grateful enough.

In receiving all this love, the deeper part of my experience in Chung Pyung and the most valuable thing I will bring home is an illuminated understanding of who True Parents are. During one Chanyang in my fourth or fifth week, I had a distinct thought process about True Father's course and his heart for first generation and humankind as a whole. A very clear image came to my mind: I could see him at the front of a crowd in a dim and noisy place with his arms spread wide, blocking the people.

"Please don't hurt them; I won't let you hurt them! These are my children! Don't hurt my children, take me instead!"

He was yelling to the evil which faced the crowd. Using his body as a shield, he was desperately defending all people, with first generation making up the first line of people behind him. Tears streamed down my face as I sang and clapped, trying to comprehend the gravity of Father's situation, and imagining the kind of love it takes to stand in front of all that is evil, while loving everyone and fighting for everyone as your genuine child.

As I am only beginning to realize the enormity of all True Parents have done, I am intensely grateful for the perspective that Chung Pyung has given me, and so happy to be able to take these visions and experiences and this sense of relief and reassurance back home.

Thank you so much.

Amaris Carmen Cox, 2nd Gen, Los Angeles Church, USA 

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