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CONNECT VEGAS Staff Leadership Orientation

Steve Cox
June 1, 2010

Connect Vegas is proud to announce it is now accepting applications for summer staff positions. Do you feel called upon by God to take on the challenge of pioneering a new providence? Do you feel inspired to work in a city where Father spends much of his time? Then you may consider this opportunity as a summer activity.

The CVP (Connect Vegas Project) is looking for BC's (or young first gen) who are over the age of 19 preferably with some basic training in their life of faith or just have a strong desire to inspire others and live to support our True Parents.

As we have mentioned in our website, the connect Vegas project is in the formation stage of operation. We are moving forward with faith and a clear vision of where we want to go. Several BCs have shared there hearts and inspirations with CVP and this input has helped to evolve the project.

Sometimes we as individuals do not necessarily feel qualified to fulfill a leadership responsibility. But in reality, even the best leaders many times do not feel qualified to be in such a position. We at Connect Vegas will do our best to find an appropriate position for all applicants based on their level of ability.

Please view us at:

How to Apply: Simply contact CVP to get an application.

Feel free to contact us any time:

Steve Cox
Connect Vegas Project Coordinator
1740 Leonard ln.
Las Vegas, NV 89108

Program Details

Economic base:

Create and economic base to support the witnessing activities. This will be done mostly through businesses similar to the ones used to build the original Oakland church. There will also be some additional business created, including an engineering-based business in manufacturing and marketing advanced audio equipment.

Witnessing activities:

Witnessing activities will include but are not limited to street witnessing, home church, volunteering at nonprofit organizations, church visitations, natural witnessing, service projects, etc.

One of the areas of witnessing that is typically lacking in our movement is in the area of follow-up. We need a very systematic methodology of tracking people who we meet and talk to. We must have a clear schedule of when to periodically re-contact these people.

Property expansion and renovation:

The Church Center, (large house) is in desperate need of renovation. This house will be repaired and renovated as needed and additional property will be purchased as needed, including a workshop site, where there will be ongoing divine principle workshops. Two day and seven day etc.


The main purpose of fundraising is to give the participants the opportunity to challenge their limitations and awaken their inner potential. The majority of the results from the fundraising team will be offered to the national office of HSA in New York. The motivation of this is so that the participants will be making an internal condition on the national level and also it is a condition to connect the Las Vegas providence vertically to the national providence by offering up our blood sweat and tears.


A big aspect of our witnessing activities involves outreach in the local communities. Through volunteer work. We integrate into the neighborhoods as people and families, thereby practicing the style of witnessing own as "natural witnessing".

Opportunities and training:

There will be opportunities and potential hands-on training for BCs in many areas including Business Development, Marketing, engineering, construction, Witnessing, Fundraising, Bookkeeping and strategic Operations and logistics.

Our goal is to use a proven model that will be a starting point and from that point we will expand and adapt to accommodate new ideas. We will be experimenting with many of the ideas that came out of the witnessing summits. We are excited to give brothers and sisters the freedom to experiment with almost any creative idea that they are inspired about.

There will be a strong emphasis on living together as one family supporting each other where BC's can challenge their limitations through frontline training and awaken their inner potential. BC's (and new first generation members) will be given internal guidance, centered on father's words and divine principle to understand their identity within the blood lineage of True Parents.

The Connect Vegas project will not be working as an independent standalone tactical unit, but will be integrated with other organizations within the HSA community throughout the West Coast as practical. Our basic motivation in this sense is to bring victory through unity. 

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