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A Model For RTF Training In America

Robin Cox
August 12, 2003

Regional Task Force (RTF)
Western Block Headquarters, Los Angeles
950 Holly Vista Drive
Pasadena, California 91105

August 12, 2003

Dear Parents of High School Graduates,

In an effort to create a model for RTF training in America (Regional Task Force), members of the Western Block announce the inauguration of a localized 2nd Generation Training Program at the Western Block Headquarters in Pasadena, California.

Regional Task Force (RTF) is a training program for Blessed Children (BCís) and Jacobís Children (JCís). Patterned after the historic "actionizer education program," the training will include Divine Principle study, internal guidance, witnessing, fundraising, Service for Peace and church outreach activities within the context of the existing church community. With the support of our Continental Director Dr. Yang, this yearís program is being administrated by Rev. Baek Joong Ku, Western Block Leader, in coordination with National CARP/STF leadership. The program is directed by Mr. Michael Lograsso, with support staff from our local IOWC. Parent advisors include David and Sheri Rueter and Casey and Robin Cox. The current program is designed to fulfill one year out of the seven year course prescribed by Hyun Jin Nim.

RTF participants will live at the West Block and Regional Headquarters in Pasadena, California. Brothers and Sisters live in separate dormitories, with the team leader on site. Our team leaders are established IOWC members with at least 10 years of fundraising, witnessing and leadership experience.

It is the goal of this RTF program to guide participants toward cultivating a deep, lifelong relationship with God and True Parents. Set in the age of Chun Il Guk, it seeks to instill a broad providential/historical context for their faith, and to implant an evangelical spirit that will serve as an ongoing, ever present part of their daily life as they transition to activities in CARP and as blessed members of the larger church community.

As each participant is guided to appreciate the "family of faith" that they have grown up in, they will be challenged to make faith in God and True Parents "their own" throughout this experience. It is our hope that setting this program firmly in the context of an existing church community will strongly encourage them to connect to and serve their own church communities when they return home after graduation.

Sample activities include:

RTF members conduct and participate in witnessing activities, evening programs/witnessing events, and workshops along with the members of the local IOWC team. They will participate in a variety of evangelical activities including "church outreach" and will be given the opportunity to provide spiritual education for new and potential members as lecturers, group leaders, etc.

The current program calls for RTF members to experience one day fundraising, two days of witnessing and one day of Service for Peace activity per week. They will also be encouraged to work with first generation members in promoting IIFWPU, ACLC, WFWP etc and in any campaigns of providential significance. Additional training will be provided in a broad range of general affairs related activities.

At all FFWPU events/programs, RTF will become the event staff and assist with tasks such as hosting, registration, setting up AV, filming the event, stage managing, ushering, general affairs and tear down.

RTF will serve as staff for all local 2nd Generation events, workshops, outings, prayer meetings and summer camps. Participants will be encouraged to develop a parental heart towards younger brothers and sisters.

The RTF program includes ongoing internal guidance presentations by church elders regarding setting individual spiritual conditions, studying and teaching Divine Principle, developing a pioneering spirit and making team conditions to create unity leading to personal success, team success and the success of the program as a whole.

The current program has been designed to accommodate @ 20-25 participants. Currently we have 11 participants, and are accepting applications from interested parties. Please request an application packet at If you have any questions, please email us. If you would like to speak to someone directly regarding this program please call Robin Cox or Sheri Rueter. God Bless you and your family.

Western Block RTF Staff

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