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Upcoming ODP Workshop in Las Vegas

Joshua Cotter
May 3, 2011

Correction: The start date is Thursday, May 19. The following memo is now correct.

Dear District Pastors,

Please convey the following information as soon as possible to your satellite leaders and all members in your Districts.

An important Original Divine Principle Workshop directed by Our True Parents will be held on Thursday, May 19 through Tuesday, May 24 at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas (9777 S. Las Vegas Blvd.). The presentations will be given by Rev. Jeung Og Yu. The registration fee for all participants is $600 and a special donation of $700 is due from those who are participating in the workshop for the first time.

The workshop program will open with a buffet dinner and 7:00 PM session on Thursday, May 19 and end after lunch on Tuesday, May 24. All participants will attend True Father's event on Saturday afternoon and a black-tie gala on Saturday evening (both at the Aria Hotel). They may also participate in the Charity Slot Tournament at the Aria Hotel on Saturday morning if they register. All will attend the Lovin' Life worship service at the Aria Hotel on Sunday morning. The rest of the program will center on ODP presentations.

An optional Grand Canyon tour may be available after the close of the workshop on Tuesday with a return to Las Vegas on Wednesday afternoon in time for evening air travel. An additional tour fee will be applied.

Official Announcement about the Workshop Based on True Parents' Direction

"On April 18 (3.16 by the Heavenly Calendar in the Second Year of the Heavenly Foundation), the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, on the 52st celebration of their Holy Wedding, offered a Hoon Dok Hae devotion that lasted for over twelve hours, during which time True Parents did not even drink a sip of water, in order to re-proclaim the Age After the Coming of Heaven. This signifies the completion of restoration through indemnity during the Age Before the Coming of Heaven and the Age of Returning to God. Father explained that it is the age in which the positions of Adam and Eve that God hoped for before the Fall have been sought and established.

Moreover, with the 51st anniversary of True Parents' Holy Wedding and their re-declaration of the Age After the Coming of Heaven as a turning point, the National Messiahs and Boonbongwangs no longer have the right of command that they had in the Age Before the Coming of Heaven. Father said that, according to principle, leaders from the Age Before the Coming of Heaven cannot appear in the Age After the Coming of Heaven. However, he cannot abandon them since they have worked hard. Thus, they are to complete the Original Divine Principle education in the Age After the Coming of Heaven so that Father can appoint them as Original Divine Principle educators.

Thus, we request that all the National Messiahs and the Cain-type and Abel-type Boonbongwangs of the world attend this special workshop enthusiastically.

The fifty states of America are in a position of representing fifty nations. Thus, at least three people from each state should be chosen from among National Messiahs, Cain-type and Abel-type Boonbongwangs, Ambassadors for Peace, ACLC clergy and others to receive the special education in Las Vegas. These people should then strengthen the Ambassador for Peace foundation in each of the fifty states.

Invitations to this workshop are going out in True Parents' name. True Parents will directly oversee this upcoming workshop. This is True Parents' direction. It is our wish that you will inherit heavenly fortune through attending this precious special workshop. Thus, we make the following announcement."

Immediate Action Plan

Based on the announcement above, at least three representatives from each state should attend the workshop. Please begin now to mobilize these representatives for a total of 150 attendees from America (with an additional 200 international attendees). An official memo to all members with a registration form will be sent from Headquarters early next week.

Please try to secure participation during this coming week and watch for ongoing updates.

Thank you for your leadership in ensuring a victorious result for this historic workshop.

Rev. David Rendel for Rev. Joshua Cotter 

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