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"A Night of Refuge" Invitation Letter

Joshua Cotter
March 9, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On Friday March 25th, Lovin' Life Ministries is sponsoring "A Night of Refuge" in collaboration with Global Entertainment Rhythms to provide an evening of fun and world class entertainment for abused children from the New York area. These children are often lost in the system, unrecognized, and in some cases unwanted, due to the emotional and mental damage caused by their own family members, in many cases their own parents. "A Night of Refuge" is sponsored by such notable organizations as the New York Giants, Red Bull and Target, to name but a few.

Our Senior Pastor, Rev In Jin Moon, is proud to co-sponsor "A Night of Refuge" as it speaks to the heart of what Lovin' Life is all about. We are family and every child has a right to a safe, loving and supportive home. Please join us in touching the hearts of hundreds of children on March 25th by helping us promote the event, volunteering as an usher or in some other capacity, or by donating. However you choose to contribute will put a smile on a child's face. It starts with a night to remember and continues on throughout the year as we build a ministry that shows we care. To volunteer please contact: Tami Gavin.

Through this event we will provide a night where these children are loved and cherished, a night where they are treated like Princes and Princesses. To find out more about "A Night of Refuge" or donate online you can visit


Rev Cotter and the Lovin' Life Ministry Support Team 

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