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Vegas for Christmas!

Joshua Cotter
December 14, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

True Parents have returned to Las Vegas and have invited In Jin Nim to spend Christmas there with them. Of course, In Jin Nim wants to share the blessing of True Parents with our families in America and so she is planning a Black Tie Christmas Gala in Las Vegas on Christmas Night (Saturday, Dec. 25th) in Las Vegas. The next day, you guessed it, we will have Lovin' Life Live in Vegas once more to conclude a victorious 2010! Following Lovin' Life In Jin Nim wants to have a Yute Game and Ballroom dance class.

This is In Jin Nim's incredible heart for our families and especially for the 2nd Generation. What a great way to spend Christmas, together with True Parents and In Jin Nim!

It's challenging, but it will be so exciting, even better than Thanksgiving!

Please begin to let all of our families across America know now that they can plan to come to Vegas for Christmas. How inspiring it will be for True Parents to see the incredible love and support our American families have for them and for In Jin Nim.

We are making a goal of 800 for the Gala Saturday night and for LLM Sunday Service the next day. I know we can do it. Please start to think about goals now. Trust God and just let people know about this good news. I plan to bring my whole family to Vegas for Christmas!

I encourage even the districts that are furthest away to give everyone the opportunity to come. Our families are amazing and this attendance to True Parents will make them forget about the difficult situations that exist.

We will not celebrate God's day on January 1, so this is an amazing chance to celebrate with True Parents at the end of the year.

Let's discuss on the conference call tonight. Thank you for your support of Kook Jin Nim's tour.

God bless you.

Rev. and Mrs. Joshua Cotter 

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