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Heads-up: Major event with True Parents in NY on November 22 (and later in Las Vegas)

Joshua Cotter
November 12, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have just heard confirmation from Father that he wants to hold a speech event in New York at the Hammerstein Ballroom (Manhattan Center) on Monday, November 22 in the evening. Father's speech will be entitled (tentative) "The Realm of God's Liberation". The content will draw from Father's July 8th speech and the event will be very much like the July 24th event held in New York.

Father expects 3-4,000 to attend, so we will have the main event in the Hammerstein and overflow in the Grand. We will need to start inviting our families and our guests, AFP's, clergy, etc. to attend this event.

Districts in New York, New Jersey, Boston, D.C., Atlanta, Ohio and Chicago should plan to support this event.

Father has also said that he wants to hold the same event in Las Vegas, so this may take place right after Thanksgiving! So Districts in L.A., SF, Seattle, Texas, Minnesota should be on special alert for this. The final event will be held in Korea after Las Vegas.

Please pray and let's go to work on this and attend our True Parents this final time in America for 2010.

This is just a heads up from me. An official memo will come shortly.

Thank you.

Rev. Cotter 

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