The Words of the Cotter Family

Dr. Chang Shik Yang's Appointment

Joshua Cotter
January 25, 2001

To: District Directors, State Leaders, Blessed Central Families, all Members
From: Reverend Joshua Cotter
Re: Dr. Chang Shik Yang's Appointment
Date: January 25, 2001 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

May the love of God and our True Parents be with you and your family.

This is to announce that True Parents have appointed Dr. Chang Shik Yang as the Continental Director of North America and have appointed Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim (our former Continental Director) as a special Itinerant Worker for America, to educate our American members with Father's 7 Textbooks.

The Ceremony of Appreciation for Archbishop Kim and Inauguration of Dr. Yang as Continental Director will take place Monday, January 25th from 11:00 AM at the Headquarters Building 43rd Street chapel. All are invited to to attend.

We are deeply grateful to Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim for his great service to God, True Parents, True Children and all blessed families as our Continental Director and we congratulate Dr. Chang Shik Yang on his new appointment.

Please see the official memo below from Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International regarding this important announcement.

Thank you and God bless you.

Rev. Joshua Cotter
Executive Vice-President

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