The Words of the Cotter Family

The Conclusion Of The 21 Week Condition And Going Forward

Joshua Cotter
January 6, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of Rev. In Jin Moon, I want to thank for your faithful participation in the 21 week condition of unity with our national pastor. In Jin Nim's sermons, her heart for True Parents and for raising up our families and the way that she is doing the worship service here in New York are having a profound impact on our church communities nationwide (and worldwide). During this period she was also able to take Lovin' Life Ministry LIVE in Las Vegas for the West Coast communities and LIVE in Chicago, where we actually broadcast the service to the nation.

In Jin Nim wants to build on this momentum; not to go back to where we were, but to go forward and do even greater things! We're building a foundation that will result in the revival of our families across America and the growth of our church through new members. This is a process that we are all involved in and committed to and in 2010 we will see substantial development in these areas.

The final week of this period will be Sunday, January 24th. I have spoken with In Jin Nim about how she wants to go forward at the conclusion of this 21 week period. Essentially her goal is to be able to do a live broadcast of her sermon and the Lovin' Life Ministry service each Sunday to the entire nation. Recently we have been able to include communities such as Washington, D. C., Bridgeport, CT and Columbus, Ohio in the live broadcast; and we are ready technologically to add more locations. As Bishop Kim and I traveled around the nation toward the end of last year, I asked in each location whether our families would like to have In Jin Nim's sermon live every Sunday. The response was always an overwhelming "Yes!"

Having said this, In Jin Nim is not yet confident that we will be able to go live to the entire nation beginning in February (this is a technological issue). My sense is that we will make the live broadcast available in as many locations as possible for the next 21 week period (In Jin Nim is thinking in terms of consecutive 21 week periods) and those locations where it is not possible will continue receiving and watching her DVD's. We have now completed 40 weeks of Lovin' Life Ministry services and it keeps getting better! So all of those services will be available.

I have received helpful feedback from some of you in regard to the 21 week condition and how it has affected your church community. Please continue to provide that feedback, and especially, send reflections and testimonies from your congregation. I want to be able to offer this to In Jin Nim as she makes the final decision going forward in the next 21 weeks.

In Jin Nim is thinking in terms of a long-term vision of transforming our American church so that we may offer this nation to God and True Parents over the next 3 years. It doesn't happen in 21 weeks! We can think of accomplishing this first 21 weeks as a formation stage in this process. So as an important part of her team, I am asking you to please be prayerful, faithful and supportive of In Jin Nim's vision, as she is completely united with True Parents.

Happy True God's Day! Working together as a team, we will bring incredible victory and see substantial growth in 2010.

God bless you.


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