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Support For A Peace Loving Global Citizen

Joshua Cotter
September 24, 2009

Please send to all BCF and UC Members and Friends

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The "Celebration Banquet Honoring the Publication of the Autobiography of Rev. Sun Myung Moon" will be held in Washington, D. C. on Thursday, October 1st, during the 3rd Original Divine Principle Workshop, which is also taking place in Washington, D.C. from September 29 - October 3. True Parents are personally inviting leaders from across America (as well as our members) to attend the ODP workshop and hear for themselves the content of Father's teaching. At the same time, we want to invite the highest level of leadership from all fields to attend the banquet and honor our Father's lifelong achievements, which are expressed in a deeply inspiring way in the English version of his autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen. The first edition of the English version will be unveiled at the banquet.

Both of these events are very important to True Parents as they represent their incredible work and foundation in America that has been established over the last 34 + years. Father said that this is the first and last time that he will personally invite leaders from America for such a workshop. And we want to make a beautiful offering to True Parents through the celebration banquet, expressing the love and gratitude of all Americans for their untiring and continuing investment in this nation and in all of us.

For this reason, our national president and senior pastor, Rev. In Jin Moon, would like to offer all of our blessed families and individual members across America the opportunity to contribute to the Celebration Banquet. We suggest that each family prayerfully consider making a donation of $200, $300 or $500 to help make the banquet a complete success. This offering should come from your heart out of your own desire to support our True Parents and the American providence. Your giving will make a difference and will be greatly appreciated and your family will be blessed for doing so.

Checks for all donations should be made payable to HSA-UWC and sent to the Finance Office, 4 W. 43rd St., New York, NY 10036, indicating on the check that it is for the “Autobiography Celebration Banquet”.

Once again, thank you for all of your prayers and support for our True Parents. Let us come together in unity to ensure the success of these historic events.

May God bless your family



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