The Words of the Cotter Family

Update on the New Yorker Hotel

Joshua Cotter
September 16, 2009

To: District Directors, State Leaders and all Blessed Central Families
From: Rev. Joshua Cotter
Re: Update on the New Yorker Hotel
Date: September 16, 2009

District Directors; please send to all blessed families and church members.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I’d like to share with you some very exciting news from New York! Under the leadership and vision of Rev. In Jin Moon, our national President and CEO of HSA, the New Yorker Hotel is undergoing a significant transformation and turnaround. The New Yorker Hotel was put under new management as of July 1, 2009 with the promotion of Sylvia Lima to General Manager of the Hotel. Sylvia has spent a total of 14 years working for the Hotel, most recently as Chief Financial Officer.

The difficult economic environment over the past twelve months had exposed more fundamental problems of management and control at the Hotel. It also made a large amount of financial support by HSA necessary in order to keep the Hotel running. HSA is working closely with Sylvia and her team at the Hotel to implement a wide ranging restructuring of the entire company.

Following a thorough review of each department a net payroll reduction of $1.7m per year was achieved in July. Nowhere has this been more effective than in the sales department, and as a result daily occupancy rates are significantly up and daily revenues have increased by 30% to 40% per day. This has helped cash flow to the extent where additional funding by HSA will not be necessary. In fact, we are now seeing a turnaround taking place, where the hotel will be able to provide ongoing support to HSA.

Through the close cooperation of Rev. In Jin Moon and Sylvia Lima, the work atmosphere among the staff at the New Yorker has improved greatly. People are inspired to work as a team! Productivity and morale is up in every department in the company. People are already working on new marketing ideas for the hotel, including new ideas for guest services and amenities to add further value for customers when they experience the Hotel. A significant renovation of the property over two years was recently completed which must result in improved sales and profitability going forward.

Sylvia has the talent and experience for the job and is a valuable member of our community. She is also the first woman to take the position of General Manager of the hotel. As we wish Sylvia and her team well (as they take on their new roles) we acknowledge the contribution that our membership has made to the Hotel over the years. As part of the restructuring and with the support of HSA, the Hotel is in the process of hiring four competent young men and women (2nd Generation), where previously none had been working there. We want to invite everyone in our community, and especially our Second Generation, to continue to remain connected to the Hotel and to express any interest you have in working in some capacity for the Hotel.

Again, congratulations to Rev. In Jin Moon and to Sylvia and her team!



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