The Words of the Cotter Family

An Afternoon of Activity

Shimmy Cotter
October 19, 2005

On Sunday October 16, 2005 Rogerís team organized an afternoon of activities for the second generation of the Denver Family Church. The purpose of the afternoon was to bond with the middle school and high school Blessed Children of their church.

Our STF team has been attending the church services of the Denver community every Sunday as well as participating in the Sunday school classes. Besides this and an SFP project of painting a mural at an elementary school we hadnít had much time to interact with the second generation. We were very excited to have this chance to share more time with them and wanted to prepare a day full of enjoyment.

We began after lunch with a game of Capture the Flag. There were four different teams consisting of middle school, high school and college students and our STF members. Even though it was such a wide age range, they worked together really well and they played with extremely high spirit and much excitement. We played four intense games and it really showed how physical activities could really bring about team unity. After the games of Capture the Flag had finished, we gathered together to sing a song. In order to keep the spirit of teamwork we made it into a competition of which team could sing the loudest and although at times it was painful to the ears, everyone really enjoyed it.

We then moved on to the less physically demanding game of "Esthers" which is a form of "Pictionary" where the teams race to finish the list of words first. Not only did this require much teamwork through communication and working as fast as possible, but it was also fun to see the creativity of each person and what they would draw to depict each word. We played four rounds each with a different category. The competition was extreme, with people practically throwing themselves on the ground in order to get their drawings started.

The next game was an exciting game called "Knife and Fork". This game required a lot of concentration, cooperation and communication. The competition was intense but it was definitely extremely fun!

All too soon the time came for everyone to leave. We announced the places of each team and because of all of their teamwork and hard effort, prizes were given to everyone. We gave a few minutes for reflection and then said our goodbyes. We wished we could spend more time with them but we knew it wouldnít be the last time we saw them. Through watching the teamwork within the teams and reading the reflections that were written, we could see that everyone really enjoyed the time that they could spend together with their fellow 2nd generation brothers and sisters. The Denver community BCs expressed their appreciation for our STF team, saying how much fun they had and wished we could stay longer. They also wrote about how they had to use teamwork in all the activities encouraging each other and rooting each other on, and even though there was a lot of competition everyone kept a positive attitude and had a great experience. Our STFers really enjoyed the time we could spend with our younger brothers and sisters and felt that even though it was only a few hours, we were able to create closer bonds with everyone.

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