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More Info On Summer College Age Workshops

Joshua Cotter
May 5, 2005

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Dear Family Federation Leaders,

The National Student Leadership Summit which was held at UTS from January 2-6, 2005 gathered more than 40 college-age Second Generation students and youth leaders to focus on their relationship with God, True Parents and True Family, and to develop leaders on campus and in the community of Blessed Children.

The next step in this important educational effort is an expanded Summer College-Age Leadership Training Workshop, which will take place from May 30 Ė June 30 at the University of Bridgeport and at 43rd Street in New York. The workshop theme is "Claiming Ownership over Godís Vision." This 30-day action-oriented program will include:

Divine Principle lecture training and application,
Witnessing and Campus Program development training,
Internal guidance to develop a basic life of faith
Mentoring and raising younger Blessed Children

The focus of this leadership training workshop will be raising students who will be able to develop campus witnessing and enhance their local youth ministry. We expect that this will be beneficial to every region whose student leaders participate. The program will conclude in June in order to allow student leaders to take part in their local and regional workshops and be a benefit to younger Blessed Children.

Because of the nature of this program, we would like to ask only active college age students to attend. Please inform all qualified second generation college students in your region of this important opportunity. We encourage each region to send representative students, and consider raising scholarships for registration or transportation.

For further information and to register for the program, please contact: Rev. Joshua Cotter, W-CARP USA HQ (212) 382-2402; or Rev. Phillip Schanker, FFWPU VP of Education at

Sincerely, Rev. Joshua Cotter,

Rev. Phillip Schanker,
FFWPU VP of Education

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