The Words of the Cotter Family

Testimony of Reverend Joshua Cotter - from Chung Pyung

Joshua Cotter
January 27, 2004

Dear Family,

The leadership of CARP and FFWPU are setting the internal conditions for the great victories that are to come in this year. We are sincerely grateful for this historic sacrifice. On January 31st a new 40 day will begin for Blessed Wives. We strongly encourage all wives to attend with their blessing group according to Father's request. True Parents are giving us the blessing and grace of heaven so that we can fulfill our responsibility to build True Families and usher in the Kingdom of God. Here is a beautiful testimony of Rev. Joshua Cotter - President of World CARP.

Thanks. MWJ

Dear Families,

We are now entering the second half of the Chung Pyung 40-Day Special Workshop for International Leaders. In the Western workshop, there are 60 leaders representing the U.S. and the continents of Europe, Northeast (Russia, China), Africa, South America and Oceania.

From the beginning, the words of Dae Mo Nim have guided us to have the goal to "recreate myself" through total investment and sincerity of heart. My goal is to become a true filial son, true husband, true father, true brother, true leader and true Abel.

We were given a booklet published by the Chung Pyung workshop entitles, "In Search of My True Self", which contains guidance from Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. Truly, it is only by the grace of God and True Parents and the incredible sacrifice and heart of HJN, DMN and Hoon Mo Nim, that we can be in this precious place, where we can cleanse ourselves from evil spirits and uncover our true selves.

Before I left for Chung Pyung, my wife was reminiscing about what I was like when I returned from my first 40-day Chung Pyung workshop in the winter of 1997. She said, "Your spirit was like silk! I wish you could be like that all the time!" I could hear in her heart that she longed for me to be the person of true love that she had a glimpse of at that time. This really struck me and motivates me every day here.

Why is it that it is so hard to maintain the inspiration and the change that takes place in me after I return from Chung Pyung? When I'm here my eyes are opened again to how eternally valuable it is to be able to cleanse myself and liberate and bless my ancestors. It is impossible to do this anywhere else!

We began our HDH sessions by re-reading all of the history of the Chung Pyung providence and the deep guidance from Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. I felt that I was hearing it all for the first time. Through the power of these words, I was able to deeply connect to God's heart and shed many tears of repentance during the Holy Song sessions.

DMN said that because of the great victory of our True Parents, the spiritual world is able to work more and more strongly to help us rid ourselves of evil spirits. If we just have a heart of sincerity and repent saying, "I'm sorry Heavenly Father! Please forgive me for my sins and separate these evil spirits from my body," then invest 100% in every moment here, so the angels and good spirits can quickly work to restore us.

Why did True Parents call me here again? Wasn't I just here a year ago? It is because of True Parents' incredible love and grace for me. True Parents are True Parents; I am their son. I only have to follow with absolute faith, love and obedience. As we read Heung Jin Nim's beautiful message to True Parents on God's Day 2001, I was struck by his heart of filial piety and humility toward True Parents. He said in the spirit world, everyone can see clearly who True Parents are and believe in them because they are sitting next to the throne of God. Unfortunately, the blessed central families on earth take True Parents for granted. HJN said, "On earth, members trapped by their busy daily schedules may sometimes forget about True Parents. Here in spirit world. No matter what, they cannot forget the eternal value of True Parents."

Mrs. Eu shared with us that Father said, "I'm the same as you except for 2 points: I know how to mobilize the spirit world and I know the time of the providence." So Father can prepare the future world. By now, we should know this! She said, "Just trust True Parents' direction. This 40-day workshop, we are here to prepare for the future when millions will come to hear DP and to know True Parents." She shared many precious things from her own experience with True Father and her husband, President Eu. Her husband is strongly pushing her from spirit world to fulfill the mission Father gave him of teaching members to teach DP, so that we can teach the world.

On January 19th, we celebrated the 9th anniversary of the Chung Pyung providence with HJN, DMN and Hoon Mo Nim. One of the elder Chung Pyung staff members, who has bee here since the beginning of this providence, shared deeply with tears about Dae Mo Nim and Hoon Mo Nim and the conditions they have made (and continue to make) so that the blessed central families can fulfill True Parents' hopes for their lives, and stop living lives full of sin and fallen nature.

Even now, Hoon Mo Nim is up all night making so many conditions for the leaders here to help our churches and missions. She's so much more serious than we are because she sees clearly who True Parents are and she can see where each of us is at spiritually; so she is desperate, even unto her life, to comfort God and True Parents and help us to save ourselves. Hoon Mo Nim is my elder sister! She's just one year older than me. What could each of us do if we were willing to die for God's will? I shed many tears again thinking how much God must love this daughter who has taken on this incredible burden and mission. Father said, "When you are willing to go the way of death, you will receive the highest love of God."

On this 9th anniversary, so much has been accomplished, but there are still so many spirits in our bodies, so the work must continue. When Hoon Mo Nim spoke to us, she said, "If I could just have one hour of rest without worrying!" I thought how much I want to cease being of source of worrying to God and instead be the kind of son that can take on His burden and bring Him joy, the way that Hoon Mo Nim has.

The brother who was sharing about Hoon Mo Nim's life said that when she accepted her mission, God had to be sure that He could trust her. She had to make the condition to go for 40 days without food or sleep. Only with Dae Mo Nim's help could she have survived this. Then, upon completing that condition, Satan demanded the chance to test her. A large tub was filled with ice in the winter and left outside until the ice on top was thick. A hole was cut in the top and Hoon Mo Nim had to enter into the tub and remain until the ice was melted by her body heat. Even Olympic athletes in training can only endure 20-30 seconds of this. Hoon Mo Nim endured, saying that it was as if razor blades were cutting her entire body. After surviving this life and death ordeal, her skin would never be the same again. I stood at the Tree of Blessing on the coldest day of this workshop. The icy wind was cutting through my face. So many tears came as I tried to imagine what Hoon Mo Nim had gone through for Heavenly Father, True Parents and our blessed central families.

At the beginning of Chung Pyung providence in January 1995, some of Hoon Mo Nim's relatives opposed her mission and fought with bloodshed those family members who supported her. She hid, fearing for her life, until they all fell asleep. Then she escaped to Chung Pyung, going without her shoes. Satan then attacked through Hoon Mo Nim's husband. This was the most difficult time, when she had to be separated from her husband for 5 years. He had to accept her mission. It was so difficult for him to be without her. He became like a crazy person, threatening her and threatening to leave her. The angels protected her life.

Hoon Mo Nim knew that if she reacted strongly, he might be lost. She knew that she had to be a wife and do the work of Chung Pyung. To show her love for him, she would call his beeper every day and sing a love song to him. The song said, "We don't know what love is; without you, no happiness would exist; I give my life to love you forever; please let's not separate; please be beside me; I have no joy without you." Every day she would sing this to him with tears until his heart melted. He realized that she was so sincere; he could not fall. Satan focused all his power on her husband. He still feels so bad about this time. Still their life is so difficult, but she never gave up on her husband. What an incredible example for all of us as blessed central families! No matter what our mission is, there is no excuse for not loving our spouse and family; without them, there is no Kingdom of Heaven. Amen!

We just celebrated the Lunar New Year with Heung Jin Nim, True Children (in spirit world), Dae Mo Nim, Choong Mo Nim, Hoon Mo Nim and all the ancestors who are now absolute spirits. For 5,000 years, Korea has had the tradition of honoring the ancestors on this day. Now, because of the grace of True Parents and the Chung Pyung providence, these ancestors who have become absolutely good spirits can be eternally with True Parents.

God and True Parents have so much hope for 2004. Together as their children, united blessed central families, we will march to victory and fulfill the final phases of the providence with True Parents and True Family. There is nothing holding me back but myself (my false self). I am praying for God to let me see myself spiritually, and where I am at (the way that HJN does in his workshop) so that I can really be shocked and work harder to change. But I realize I should just have faith and work harder to purify myself. I thank God and True Parents for this precious time in Chung Pyung.

All of us are praying for the great victory of the February 4th event in Washington. . Please feel our urgent prayers of support. We are one. Let us go forward to victory. Amen.

Joshua Cotter
President, World CARP USA

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