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Summer of Service is Full

Joshua Cotter
July 12, 2002

Dear Family:

The Summer of Service is a wonderful opportunity for our Second Generation to grow. They are working hard and are learning to overcome new and challenging situations. This is true for the CARP and Service for Peace leadership as well.

After Dr. Yang asked for the Second Generation high school workshops to be cancelled and invited those in 9th grade and up to come to our nation's capital, nearly 180 have responded. Many more are on hold and hoping to come. Currently there is a wait list of more than thirty.

Unfortunately, after careful review of our situation, it is clear we cannot take any more participants. This, of course, is regrettable especially for those who may have changed their summer schedules in order to come at a later date (as per earlier communication). But our policy is that we simple cannot take any more participants, even if accompanied by adults. We made this decision based on our leadership capacity and what is best-and safest-for the participants already here.

However, we do want to provide the opportunity for each and every Second Generation to come to Washington DC and be part of Hyun Jin Nim's world tour event on Friday, July 26th as well as his address to our family the following day, Saturday, July 27th. It is still not finalized, but there may be a two- or three-day Service for Peace program organized that will also include an educational and sight- seeing component. If this program materializes we will inform you via this same electronic channel with details posted on our website ( In any event, please plan to bring your whole family on the 26th and 27th. Even better, bring your friends too.

Thank you for your understanding, support, and prayers.

Rev. Joshua Cotter
US CARP President

Robert Kittel
Secretary General, SFP

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