The Words of the Colvin Family

The True Love Race - Holy Union

Alex Colvin

My wife, Linda and I attended a beautiful wedding on Saturday. It took us a while to find the church. I knew that the bride had been extremely active in her church, but the ceremony wasn't held there. As we drove to the wedding, I told Linda that I bet there would be a thousand people there. Both the husband and the wife have been very active in a lot of community programs.

After a bit of wandering, we located the church and were ushered to the section for friends of the bride. I was a bit surprised and puzzled. I had expected a throng. Actually, the gathering was relatively small. The service, nevertheless, was quite beautiful. The bridesmaids and best men entered to musical accompaniment. A bridal carpet was laid out. The bride looked beautiful as she proceeded down the aisle. After a reading from the Bible, a young man with a resounding baritone voice sang a musical blessing. The pastor officiated in a solemn yet joyful manner and then he too sang a song of blessing for the couple. Vows and rings were exchanged, and the groom kissed the bride.

Afterwards we went downstairs for a reception. As we ate, several guests offered congratulatory remarks. Then, the bride and groom offered their response.

As the couple spoke, I felt God's heart go out to them. All the pieces of the puzzle that had been in my mind fell into place. The bride and groom were committed to two different faiths. The bride is a dedicated Christian. The groom is Muslim. Both of them agree that the foundation of their faith is a personal relationship with a loving God. Having met through their community work, they fell in love. Sincerely seeking God's guidance they came to feel that it was His intention that they consecrate their love by becoming man and wife. When they made their announcement, it was met by trmendous opposition. Friends, family, and co-workers turned against them.

"God is not a bigot," the husband proclaimed, "and in spite of opposition he has brought us together and made this wedding possible."

My heart was deeply moved. The bride had requested that I offer a song for the celebration. I prefaced my remarks by praising them as champions and pioneers helping to break down the barriers of religious prejudice.

I told them, "God does not look in your mind to see what you believe; He looks into your heart to see whether or not you are willing to receive His love."

The True Love Race

God created the first human ancestors. He blessed them to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion over the earth. This means that they were to grow to spiritual maturity in union with God, join in matrimony, bear children and raise those children in the love of God. God made them the masters of the creation. Had they fulfilled God's blessings, they would have been the true parents of mankind; mankind would have followed the tradition of true love, and there would have been only one race -- the true love race.

However, God gave them one commandment, " Do not eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil." God did not want Adam and Eve to consummate their love in sexual union until they had perfected their relationship with Him and grown to maturity. Adam and Eve were tempted by the Archangel Lucifer to violate that commandment. Through their adultery and fornication, they corrupted their hearts and tainted their blood lineage. Instead of a true love race living in a culture of love, man descended into a world of godlessness, selfishness, and corruption.

Because of this fall of man, religion became necessary. God has been reaching out to his lost children seeking to rebuild the foundation of faith which was lost by our ancestors. God wanted to send a sinless man who could restore the original sinless blood lineage. God is everywhere, seeking to inspire all people. Israel was his central nation preparing a lineage for the messiah to be born. However, when the messiah came he did not come only for the Jews. The people of Israel did not understand this. They failed to recognize the messiah, Jesus, when he came. Jesus came to take a bride, to establish the tradition of true love and to give mankind rebirth through a new sinless blood lineage. Because of the faithlessness of the people at that time he was unable to do so. Therefore Jesus promised that there would be a second coming. The resurrected Jesus started Christianity to prepare the world for the second coming of the messiah.

Just as God did not send Jesus to save only the Jews; so also, God is not seeking today to save only Christians. The messiah comes to restore the original ideal of true love. The messiah comes to give rebirth to all people -- Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Confucianists, Buddhists, whatever. Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius, and others all have played an important role in God's providence.

People of all faiths await the same judgement day. The messiah comes to cleanse the blood lineage. He will do this by blessing the marriages of couples that are committed to the principles of true love. When the messiah comes he takes a bride and establishes the model of the true parents. The messiah and his bride come as the perfected Adam and Eve. Once the position of true parents is established, the messiah can bless the marriages of others forgiving their original sin and giving them rebirth into the true love race.

This is the purpose of the Family Federation for World Peace. The members of the Family Federation are committed to the ideal of eternal fidelity to their spouse in a God-centered marriage. They are committed to raising their children to preserve their sexual purity until marriage, and they are committed to working together with other families to create strong healthy communities and a peaceful world.

This is the purpose of the international marriage blessing by Rev. Moon and his wife. Through these ceremonies, God is giving his unconditional blessing for eternal marriage. So far, over 5 million couples worldwide have registered for the True Family Celebration to be held this November.

Racial and religious bigotry are a headache for God

Racial and religious bigotry are a major headache for God. It is of no consequence to God what skin color people have. As our ancestors spread over the face of the earth, various peoples developed different genetic characteristics. Each different racial group has its plusses and minuses. Just like individuals, each race has had it's times of accomplishments and it's eras of shame. All of the races are impure. All are descended from the sinful blood lineage of Adam. God longs for one race, the true love race. To be born into the true love race, one's original sin must be cleansed through the blessing of God.

God wants to build One World Under God. The barriers which divide us must be broken down. Religions show us God through a glass darkly. God wants us all to be pure unblemished mirrors in which we can see the divine nature reflected clearly. To cleanse the mirror, we must be restored to the original standard of true love.

The Last Judgement

Our first ancestors fell because they did not keep God's commandment to remain sexually pure until marriage.

God is reintroducing the commandment. Couples who pledge that they will ground their marriage in the love of God, that they will be eternally faithful to each other, that they will raise their children to be faithful and chaste can pass from death to life. Their original sin can be forgiven and they and their descendants can enter the Kingdom of God as members of the true love race.

This is the judgement. Those who commit themselves to keeping the commandment of God can receive His Blessing. Those who reject the commandment to be sexually pure cannot enter the world of true love until they repent.

The Victorious Couple Receives the Blessing of God

As the wedding celebration wound down, after toasts and songs and wedding cake, we read the pledges of the true family to the newly married couple. Enthusiastically, they responded "Yes!" to each of the pledges of faith, fidelity, and responsible parenthood. The couple shared a cup of holy wine, were sprinkled with holy water, and prayed together with us in gratitude as an eternal couple in the family of God.

Linda and I were reminded of the marriage at Cana, when Jesus saved the best wine for the last. Countenances shining with joyful gratitude, the couple received their certificate as a True Family.

This couple had undergone tremendous persecution. They had emerged victorious and received the holy blessing of God upon their marriage. All were smiles as they drove off to begin their life as a blessed couple.

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