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Pure Love and Absolute Sex

Pure Love '97
Alex Colvin

My daughter Hana Lyn just turned fourteen. She just graduated from middle school and in the fall will enter Glen Burnie High School. A few weeks before school ended, I came home to an excited young lady waving a leaflet for a national bus tour -- Pure Love '97.

"Can I go? Can I go?" she pleaded. The leaflet explained that there would be a national bus tour going to 23 cities promoting the following ideals:

A strong family is the center of an enduring and prosperous community and nation,
The bond of love and trust between husband and wife is the basis for a strong family
Chastity before marriage is the best foundation for marital love and trust.

In response to her urgent pleas I replied, "First, we'll have to contact them and see if you can go. The tour is for high school and college kids and your just entering high school. Second, you'll have to raise the money yourself."

Well, the folks from the Pure Love Alliance were happy to have her, and Hana Lyn bustled around for the next few weeks to raise the money for the trip. The last Friday of June, we put her on an airplane with about 30 other young adults bound for LA and the beginning of the tour.

Since then, we've gotten excited calls from LA, San Francisco, Sacramento, Missoula, Montana, Salt Lake City, and Boulder, Colorado. She's been gone about three weeks and the tour has four weeks left to go.

We've also heard reports from other sources. The Pure Love '97 "Absolute Sex National Tour" has been creating a stir on the national news and the late night talk shows.

A friend of mine told me that he had seen on "Politically Incorrect" a segment in which the host commented on the Pure Love Alliance. He thought that it was a terrible thing that young people were out demonstrating against sex. From my friends report, the panelists unanimously united against the host in saying that it was an admirable thing that there were young people out there who wanted to stay pure until marriage.

Next, I received an e-mail that Jay Leno had included material on the Pure love Alliance in his monologue on the Tonight Show. He represented the tour as supporting virginity. His punch line was questioning whether or not they would find any virgins in Los Angeles.

Then, last night I got faxes of articles on the Pure Love Tour that had appeared in USA Today and other papers. Of particular interest to me was the front page story in the Deseret News from Salt Lake:

"For thirty years, free sex has run amok. It's this runaway train of immorality," said Hana Lyn Colvin, 14, of Glen Burnie, Md. "We're bringing people hope and the idea of world peace through ideal families."

Wow! There's my little girl speaking out for what she believes on the front page of the newspaper!

Needless to say, I'm proud and grateful that she can play a part campaigning for righteousness, serving as an example for other young people. The cause that these young people are championing strikes to the root of America's problems. In fact, it strikes to the root of mankind's problems.

As usual, the comedians, and the pundits haven't quite got the message that this group is trying to convey. They're not campaigning against sex. What they are proclaiming is the ideal of Absolute Sex.

What is Absolute Sex?

Absolute Sex is a term that was coined by Rev. Moon. In this concept, the sexual union between a man and a woman is a sacred gift from God. In God-centered marriage, there is total sexual freedom and man and woman can enjoy the full ecstasy of joyfully sharing their love through their physical relationship. In a God-centered marriage, a man's sexual organs belong to his wife, and a woman's sexual organs belong to her husband. It is through this joyful relationship that conjugal love can bear fruit in the creation of new life in the image of the parents. Children born through the union of the absolute love of God, husband and wife are a joy to God, a joy to man, a joy to woman, and a precious gift to the world. This gift of love and joy is meant to be shared in marriage. That is the proper God-given purpose of the sexual organs.

Before marriage, young men and woman should remain pure. Once married they should be eternally faithful to their spouses. Men and women are responsible for how they use their sexual organs.

In fact, the proper use of the sexual organs is the key to either heaven or hell. If people are chaste until marriage; if they enter into marriage with the love and blessing of God; if they are faithful and loving to their spouse; then, they can experience the love of God through their union with their spouse. If they fail in developing self-control; if they let their sexual desire lead them into premature relationships of selfish love prior to marriage; if they engage in acts of infidelity after they are married; they will find their lack of chastity to be their Achilles heel. Just as the legendary age of Camelot was destroyed by the adulterous relationship of Lancelot and Guenevere, people who do not control their sexual organs shall see their castles crumble and their lives shaking on seas of shifting sand. Absolute God-centered marriage is the foundation for God's love and a stable society.

This is the message of absolute sex. In layman's terms it is the virtue of chastity - purity before marriage, and fidelity in marriage. This is the cause for which my daughter, Hana Lyn, and her friends are touring the country.

Isn't it a great message? I think that this should be the core of any sex education that we teach in the schools. The biggest responsibility and the greatest challenge that any person faces in their life is to control their sexual organs. If they develop self-control in their teen-age years and develop a good character, they will have the foundation for a stable marriage and an invincible family life. They will have the kind of self-control and stability that will lead to success in other areas of their life. If they violate the ideal of chastity and absolute sex, they will find that it reaps painful rewards.

The free sex movement of the '60s taught just the opposite. Many young people felt that they should experience multiple sexual partners. It was popular for young people to live together without the commitment of marriage. Casual sex came into vogue. In the '70's we even saw for a period of time a fad of wife-swapping.

A generation later we see the miserable harvest of these misguided ideas. America is plagued with AIDS, teen-pregnancy, pornography, and family breakdown. The decline of the family is seen to be a root cause for an increasing cycle of poverty, crime, and abuse in our society. Moreover, just as in the book of Genesis, a generation after Adam and Eve broke their bond of love with God, the sin of muddier entered the world with the murder of Abel; so also, a generation after the sexual revolution we are witnessing the generation of murder on the streets of our towns and cities across America.

It is time to heal our land. The healing must come through the love of God. Strong God-centered families are the prisms through which God's love can flow into our communities. The message of Absolute Sex is the medicine for the soul of America. The work of the Pure Love Alliance and Pure love '97 strikes to the root of our national ills.

God Bless these young people. Let us help them to proclaim their ideal, to restore our land, and to help our nation and the world enter a new millenium of peace, love, and unity.

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