The Words of the Colvin Family

ABC, Ellen and the Culture War

Alex Colvin
June, 1997
Washington, DC

Well, I recently sat through an hour and a half of heavy pro-homosexual propaganda on ABC-one hour of Ellen and the first section of Prime Time with Ellen and her family.

Why, I ask myself, when we realize that the breakdown of the family is the number one problem in America, is the major media in this country promoting an aberrant sexual life style? For weeks the newspapers have been touting the program, as though the appearance of a gay lead in a television series is equivalent to Jackie Robinson's debut in professional baseball.

The program itself is not funny. Ellen is made out to be a spineless neurotic. Oprah Winfrey is featured as a psychiatric guru joyfully proclaiming to Ellen on the basis of a one day infatuation with someone that she has just met that she is gay. Heterosexuals are portrayed as stereotypic nincompoops. Not one person is portrayed as a sensible person reflecting the majority common sense position of every major culture that homosexuality is wrong.

In Prime Time all of the myths of the radical homosexual activists are presented as accepted wisdom. Pro-family groups who think that homosexuality is morally wrong and detrimental to the society are characterized as "right-wing extremist groups" maliciously attacking a poor sensitive woman who has just found her true sexual identity.

I'm sorry. I don't buy it. Even if the producers of ABC tell me that Oprah Winfrey represents middle America and, if she says it's allright, then it's all right, I don't buy it.

Homosexuality is wrong!

It's common sense. God made man for woman and God made woman for man. God created the sexual organs so that a man and a woman could become one with each other in a joyful expression of their love. God valued the sexual union between husband and wife to the degree that he made it the means through which the chromosomes of a man and woman could unite to create a new life. That is the purpose of creation. It is natural law. And men and women throughout the world know innately that it is so.

It is not only homosexuality that is wrong. Any sex outside of marriage is wrong. Adultery is wrong. Premarital sex is wrong. The central virtue for a healthy society is chastity. Young people should remain virgins until they are married. Husbands and wives should be faithful to each other. Within marriage, a husband and wife are free to enjoy the God-given pleasure of sexual ecstasy. It is one of the great blessings of conjugal love.

It's really pretty simple. Every child naturally dreams of growing up to find his true love and live happily ever after. Yet our culture has strayed far from this simple truth. We have strayed to the point that the major media is aggressively promoting homosexuality as a healthy lifestyle.

Sexual morality is at the core of the cultural war. On the one hand, adherents of traditional religions proclaim that we are created in the image of God and that we are to perfect ourselves in love by living in accordance with moral principles. On the other hand, secularists proclaim that we are animals with natural urges that should not be repressed. The roots of the conflict go back to the Garden of Eden, when our first ancestors were tempted by Satan to defy the word of God.

Throughout this century, the popular culture has been bombarded with deviant wisdom: Sigmund Freud proclaiming that the primary principle of life is pleasure, that denying the libido is the root of mental illness; Havelock Ellis proclaiming the gospel of sexual freedom. Margaret Sanger crusading for birth control, abortion, sterilization, and the end of marriage. Their ideas bore fruit in the sexual revolution of the '60s. In the name of liberation, people have been encouraged to allow themselves to be enslaved by their sexual desires.

What are the fruit of the sexual revolution? An epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, a cancerous traffic in child pornography, a tidal wave of teen pregnancy, a holocaust of abortion, a skyrocketing divorce rate, and a plague of sexual abuse. The traditional two-parent family in America is coming apart at the seems.

America is at the mercy of a sex-drive gone mad. Freud was correct in that the libido is very powerful. He was wrong in advocating that it should be allowed unbridled freedom. Every individual experiences the power of the sex drive as it develops during puberty. It is important that during this time a person realize that their mind is more powerful than their sexual urges. Adolescence is the period to learn self-control. To master the sex drive, young people need to understand the ideal of true love-a mature loving man and woman united in an unbreakable bond of love. If they preserve their purity until marriage, they will find fulfillment in their relationship with their spouse and the sexual relationship will be a powerful force sealing the bond of love. Young people who misuse their sexuality damage their ability to form a total loving union with a spouse.

Chastity-sexual purity before marriage and sexual fidelity in marriage-is the healthy norm. Ultimately, this is the only solution to the problem of abortion, single parenthood, and sexual disease. Premarital sex, adultery, and homosexuality are all deviations from this norm. They are all destructive for the society and for the individuals who indulge in them.

We recognize the havoc that sexual irresponsibility is reeking in our society. We are aware of the tragic effect of the breakdown of the family in our cities and towns. In light of this, isn't it grossly irresponsible to advocate lifestyles which are diametrically opposed to the creation of stable families?

ABC and the major media have just completed a major propaganda campaign promoting homosexuality as a normal lifestyle. This is more than a slap in the face of the family. This is a heinous assault on the moral foundation of our society. There is a culture war taking place in America-a war between God-centered morality and self-centered amorality. ABC and those who have cooperated in their publicity campaign for Ellen have clearly declared their position as enemies of the moral principles which are necessary to preserve our country.

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