The Words of the Cohen Family

Lady Dr. Kim: A Remembrance

Daniele Cohen
Seattle, WA
November, 1999

There she was, on hands and knees crawling under the tables. objective T.P. empty banquet table. That was the first time I met Lady Dr. Kim. I got down on the floor with her and whispered, "what are you doing?" She said, "treasure hunt." I did not see her again until Barrytown, NY. I determined that I was going to befriend her. I followed her everywhere, finally she told me to stop following her. I told her I couldnít, she was like a magnet to me. you should have seen the look on her face!

When I got sent to Wichita Kansas pioneering, I called her up crying telling her what was happening there. I had been on the front page of the local newspaper, radio, TV News and at a debate on the college campus. People would come up to me and spit in my face. One old grandma pushed me in front of a bus! I almost got killed. What did she do? She came to see me! I could not believe it! How unworthy and grateful I felt, you got no idea. She explained to me what was happening. My ancestor John Brown had wreaked havoc in that state, I had to pay the price for that.

During the Washington Monument campaign, it was she that did a very special ceremony to sanctify the grounds and protect True Fatherís life. I was allowed to walk it with her.

Next time we met was in Chicago, she came to speak to the Korean members and stay with Oh Young Chun. She said, "you are here!". She liked to speak until late into the night, she laughed because many times, I would be one of the only one still awake. She asked me about that, I told her that even though I could only understand a few words, I was hoping through osmosis, maybe I could understand what she was saying.

On Church Holidays, Oh Young Chun Harmony always stayed at Lady Dr. Kimís house in Tarrytown, and I got to go with her. I will never forget one Christmas eve, I drove Dr. Kim to one of her kids' house to deliver presents. This person screamed at Lady Dr. Kim, and I understood every word. She called her mother names and threw the presents at her, told her to get out and never come back! I wept all the way back home and what did Lady Dr. Kim do? She tried to laugh it off and comfort me, told me it was the price she had to pay. Then she told me what it was like when she joined Abba-nim. She said her husband beat her and stole her clothes, her relatives hated her. She told me she had the honor to deliver the first two True Children, Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim. You see, she was a real doctor.

What a heart the woman has. In Korea in 1982, at the Blessing, when she saw my husband Ken and I together she said, "Oh! Destiny, you two were destined to be together." She explained that when my husband Ken had been in that accident at Donners' Pass and in a coma for 6 weeks, she had fasted and done cold showers for him, in order to save his life. The very day he had his accident, I was struck by a bus in Chicago. She explained that it was destiny for us to be together.

When our son Nathan was born 15 years ago, she insisted upon doing the Eight Day Ceremony, incredible! She liked to tell me that when I spoke to her in my broken Korean, if she closed her eyes, she said she thought I was a real Korean, she told me that I spoke with a North Korean accent sometimes, because Oh Young Chun Harmony came from North Korea I guess. Last time I saw Lady Dr. Kim was at Upshur House, we were doing the 120 bows and all night prayers for RFK. I couldn't believe she was there! I ran and bowed to her weeping with joy! I told her I loved her so and had longed to see her for so long! She explained to me that God wanted to Bless my husband, because He had wanted to Bless the Black community in America for the longest time and now the time was at hand! I told her my husband was my best friend in all the world. She had tears in those old eyes. She is over 80 now, and I understand in need of all our prayers fighting the same battle as Ronald Reagan.

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