The Words of the Christopher Family

UTS Spring Clean-up and Easter Festival

Henry Christopher
March 2010

Let's Sing and Dance together! Come spend the night in the heart of the Hudson Valley.

A fun-filled weekend of Service, Sharing and Community starts will a general spring clean-up of the UTS grounds followed by a gratitude dinner. After that we have a teacher to help everyone learn the steps to the new craze - Ballroom Dancing.

On Sunday we'll greet the new day with a Sunrise Service at the top of the local mountain. After breakfast, many will go to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Lovin' Life Ministries. We'll also have a live-stream of the service for those who can't make it to NYC.

On Sunday afternoon we'll have an egg hunt, sports, races, games, more song, more dance and....

Easter Dinner catered by Whidbee Caterers

In the evening there will be an old Easter tradition - a bonfire (burning up the twigs and leaves we cleaned up) and mallow roast.

The schedule is full, the cost is low, and the fun is unlimited. Rain or shine, the day is planned. Just $15 per adult for the two days includes meals and (humble) lodging. Children under 14 are $10 and infants are free.

There will be babysitting available for a small fee.

Contact Henry Christopher. 

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