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Bahamas Report

Gary Chidester
December 26, 2005

Dear Family,

Bahamas gave a warm and victorious island welcome to our True Parents! The event was held in the grand palatial surroundings of the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. With bright sunshine and, sparkling ocean water, and cool ocean breezes, the earth itself seemed to be cheering in the arrival of the King and Queen of Heaven and Earth.

The national messiah, Rev Dr. Sik Yu, had worked ten years to bring together leaders of the political and religious arenas, who turned out this evening. Rev William Thompson, President of the Bahamas Christian Council, brought many high level guests to help fill the banquet hall set for 400. Mr. Obie Ferguson, the major union leader, brought over forty guests as well. The Judean Baptist Church, led by Rev Dr Marina Sands, brought many guests from her church.

From Jamaica, the Governor General, the Honorable Sir Howard Cook, sent a direct message to True Parents in support of the World Tour 2005! It was attended and read by the Honorable Audley Shaw, member of parliament, Deputy Leader of the Jamaican Labor Party and the Shadow Minister of Finance and Public Service. Among the dozen who attended from Jamaica, was the leader of the largest mosque, Imam Mohammad Islam, who is the Ambassador of Peace in Jamaica. Special thanks to Rev Mike Irwin who was instrumental in helping last minute arrangements in the audio/ radio set up, as well as general affairs.

From Florida, Rev Byron Filus, our Co-Convener of Florida ACLC, invited the leaders of the Christian Missionary Alliance in Bahamas, and nineteen attended. Forty members attended from Florida, many arriving a week in advance to help support Rev Dr Shik Yu, among them our Regional Director, Rev Dae Hee Hong. Also, we had representatives of the ACLC from Miami and Orlando to come at their own expense.

In the Bahamas, many of the brothers and sisters, particularly the Japanese Sisters, gathered in the Bahamas. Their prayerful support from these many years bore great fruit in those who attended True Fathers Speech. Even though the dinner was held back until after Father spoke, they all stayed for three and a half hours, and responded warmly to True Father's questions. They seem to hold onto Father Moon's every word, for they shouted out "yes" almost in unison as one loud voice, as it was appropriate to do so. Laughing out and shouting "amen" was a clear indication that these leaders supported Father completely! Bahamas is indeed, a warm and welcoming nation!

During Hoon Dok Hae, True Father spoke of Bahamas as like a child island being born from the "mother" of North American Continent. Lying just a few miles off of Florida, it is more a geographical part of North America than the Caribbean. Father said that it is important to understand the principle of the number three in terms of Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament Ages. Thirty Japanese Sisters should attend each Ambassador of Peace, ten representing OT, ten the NT and ten the CT ages. They should work in stages of three months, as OT, NT and CT ages, and each month should be ten days for the OT age, ten days for the NT Age and ten days for the CT age. It is by winning victory in one step that can interlink with restoring the previous stage. It is by working with the Christian foundation that the Old Testament foundation can be completely restored. By creating the Abel type UN, and then even the foundations of ancient Rome can be indemnified. We even need to restore the economics, and world economy is centered on the banking system. We need to establish an Abel type bank, a "World Peace" Bank. If one small foundation is established, no matter how small, and it is 100% centered on God, then that can connect to the wider established foundation and become the standard and power behind it all. Then the Heavenly Kingdom can be won!

This was such a special experience for all those National Messiahs who have sacrificed and served True Parents all these many years.

For me it became even more personal, when True Father was trying to get his grandson to dance by clapping and singing. The child ran back into the bedroom. At that point, True Father pointed his finger straight at me and asked me to sing a song. As I came up front he said "be quick" and "be strong." I was thinking I wanted to sing a western song, but my mind became suddenly blank. I couldn't thing of anything, except the tune of "Um Maya". So I started singing loudly and strongly, looking intently at his grandson who then responded and danced, clapping as well.

The ocean breeze picked up and blew the white curtain out, billowing around the small child, as if to embrace him. True Mother laughed and clapped her hands. It was as if all of creation was joining in. It was such a joyful time to be with our True Parents.

Rev Gary Chidester

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