The Words of the Cavanagh Family

Dr. Q.

Peter Cavanagh
June, 1999

In 1992, I took a coarse at UTS called "authority and leadership" which was taught by Dr Q  (sounds like Kaybedoe) sorry can't remember how to spell his name!  Dr Q had been hired by the UC in the early 70s to advise on the science conferences and other UC projects.  He said that his advise was seldom taken by church leaders and he was frustrated and sorry for the members because of the waste of resources.  He also said that many of the academics were paid very well to attend meeting but once the money stopped they did not want to be involved any more.

He told me that he was responsible for changing the science conferences from DP workshops into real academic meetings, but unfortunately they reverted back to workshops. Dr. Q actually liked Rev. Moon and while travelling on his many air flights on church business, he loved to tell his fellow passengers that he worked for Rev. Moon just to observe their reactions!  I believe that Dr Q studied comparative religions, wrote several books on the subject and taught at Berkley University.  Anyway, he would often be seen talking with UTS students late at night in the dining room.

I often would be out late fund-raising and when I returned to UTS at midnight,  Dr, Q would be there obviously drunk!  but I found Dr. Q made more sense stoned than many UC members sober!

Anyway, the point of this story is that with his extensive knowledge and experience of the UC, I asked Dr. Q,  "what is the future of the UC"  and he told me that the UC would become a minor sect within Christianity that the focus of member's attention would be on business  and that many of those business would eventually fail!  He said that the UC had a golden opportunity in the 70s to influence and change things but it lost the chance.

Remember this was 1992 when he told me this and I think he may be proven right.

PS: Dr. Q was blessed in Japan (93) to a rich Japanese home member who owned a chain of language schools called bi-lingual with 30,000 employees.  He was very happy with his wife, but sadly, Dr. Q died shortly afterwards.

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