The Words of Reverend Chong Jik Woo 

True Relationships are more Precious than Life

Rev. Chong Jik Woo

This is the first of two excerpts from the Sunday Sermon given on July 2, 1995, at the church in Washington, DC.

The most important thing in our life of faith is to understand the meaning of true relationships and to maintain them forever. A person without true relationships is a sad and lonely figure. Without achieving true relationships, his life is a failure. His destiny is to be far from God when he leaves this world.

There is a wide spectrum of human relations. We have certain relationships which are preordained, such as blood relations with parents or siblings. We have social relationships which are accumulated over the years, such as friends, neighbors, alumni and other hometown associates. There are relationships which develop around our faith and church community. In our life, we are constantly developing relationships around common goals, values and interests. Because our relationships are so diverse, sometimes it is easy to confuse the priority and to lose sight of the relationships which are most precious.

Because of the fall of the first human ancestors, all of the descendants of Adam and Eve have labored under the historical path of restoration through indemnity. For such people, the development of true relationships is vital. Even if people achieve a luxurious and materially splendid life, they will feel empty and useless if they have never accomplished true relationships. Many famous and wealthy people have died in loneliness.

It is undeniable that the relationship of Parent and child, brother and sister, and husband and wife is the basis of all human relationships. Human society is the cross-junction of many relationships, however, these "Four Great Realms of the Heart" serve as society's cornerstone. Love, therefore, is the foundation of a true society and a happy world. In fact, God's purpose of creation, was to establish that society of true love through the fulfillment of the Three Blessings.

Unfortunately, the human fall separated humanity from God. Human society became like an orphanage filled with lonely people, wandering and aimless. They lost touch with God and his heartle essence. They couldn't imagine that God wanted to be close to them. Nor that God could feel, think, laugh, and also, suffer and cry. To them, God was distant and fearful. And so, in peaceful times, they were indifferent to God, but during times of hardship, they begged for His help.

Jesus proclaimed a view of God never before heard. It created a revolution in humanity's pursuit for a closer relationship with God. He said that God was his Father and that he was His son. He revealed the secrets of the Universe and that God was the subject figure of truth, beauty, goodness, heart, knowledge and will.

If Adam and Eve had been more serious about the commandment and the heartistic reason for which it was given by God, they would not have fallen. They would have been united with God's heart and through that would have accomplished the Kingdom. God would have fulfilled his purpose and his ideal society would have emerged on earth at that time. The fall, however, established a faulty basis for human relations which was contrary to God. Therefore, humans must end satanic relationships and restore true relation with God. In this way, humans can still accomplish the ideal realization of God's original will. It is for this reason that Jesus instructed his disciples that if they loved anyone, even their own father and mother, more then Jesus, they could not maintain their relationship with him and with God who was in him. This the original standard of relationship with God. After the fall, humans became a "wild olive tree". We, as a wild olive shoot, must be grafted on to the True Olive Tree, which is the Messiah. That means we must deny ourselves and the past and connect to the true love, life and lineage of the Messiah. We walk the course of resurrection and are born again. In order to restore original true relations with God's will we must put the relationship with God and Christ first and go forward with patience and a sincere spirit.

Let us reflect more on our current situation and the present status of our relationship with God and True Parents.

The Sorrowful Road of Restoration

According to Genesis 1:28, God gave man and woman the blessing to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion. This was the first time humans had received blessing from God. If the first human ancestors had obeyed God and achieved heartistic unity with him, the fall would not have occurred. Instead, they would have accomplished the perfection of their personality, inheriting God's divine character. They would have accomplished the ideal family foundation centering on God. That foundation of goodness would have naturally expanded through the family to the tribe, society, nation and world. God's ideal of creation would have been accomplished. Adam and Eve's inheritance of true love, life and lineage from God would pass on to their eternal descendants. On that basis, the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth and in spirit, would be established and endure forever.

God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Therefore the society that accomplishes His ideal will also gain those qualities. That society will go on forever as a harmonious world of true love relationships. In that society, the basis for birth is a true love relationship, the basis for life and all activities is true love relationships. Even the basis of one's death is true love relationship. In that society, death is not death but, rather, a transition to the higher realm of life and relationship with God. In that final realm, love is the air we breathe as we live with God forever.

Such a society was lost because of the fall. Adam and Eve were cut off from God's true love and received, instead, satan's false love, life and lineage. Through their descendants, evil multiplied and extended from the family to the tribe, society, nation and world. That society was evil and full of conflict. It has been hell on earth and in spirit. Humanity was unable to accomplish the 3 blessings. They had no recourse except to repeat the process of the fall continuously throughout the course of history. For fallen people to be saved, they must be cut off from the inheritance of false, satanic love, life and lineage from the fallen Adam. The messiah comes as a new sinless Adam with the heart of True Parents. He stands in the position of new first ancestor. Fallen humans must unite with him and, through him, receive, true love, life and lineage. This is the phenomenon of rebirth and is the destiny of fallen human beings. God is the subject of goodness. Therefore, God's predetermination of his will is for goodness only. Because his will for goodness is absolute, He must accomplish it. Isaiah 46:11 reveals God's resolve. . ."I have purposed it and I will do it."

The mission of the second Adam, Jesus, is more than just teacher, ruler or king. Before all that, he is to establish the position of True Parents. Through the fall, humanity lost the original parents. As a result, the world became an orphanage. People's original mind, since that time, has been searching for the Heavenly Father. The most precious last word in the life of faith is "Heavenly Father." People want to see him and to live with him. But between humanity and God exists a wide gap of historical sorrow. Without understanding the content of his sorrow, we will never be able to cross over the separation nor will we ever be able to know him. We have been unaware that God has been searching for his lost love, his missing children with the desperate heart of a parent. We have been insensitive and indifferent to God. We may say we believe in God, but we conduct ourselves as if God is unaffected by us. We don't feel God, because we are separated by the deep and sorrowful valley of tragic history. Unless we walk through the valley, we will never know God, nor will we be able to feel how deeply he loves each of us. Without understanding this, many times we have hurt God, denied him and nailed his heart to the cross. We have only made him more miserable and sad. Therefore, humans must pass through three roads in the valley of death, then they can understand God, meet him and receive from him the original inheritance. What are the three roads that travel through the valley of death?

Adam's road of death

Through the ideal realization of love, God wanted to accomplish the beautiful dream of creation. He wanted to experience the give and take of joy, glory and preciousness forever. He wanted to accomplish a world of peace, happiness, and unification. With great patience, he unfolded the creation process for many years in order to prepare the perfect environment for the first human ancestors. He created them and gave them the three blessings, thus enjoining them toward the accomplishment of his dream. But Adam and Eve could not understand God's deepest heart and instead made God suffer in sorrow. Genesis 6:6 tells us that God was so grieved by man's fall, he even repented that he created him. As God cried out for them with deep longing and tears, Adam and Eve only hid from him. God not only lost his children, he also lost the temple where the four great realms of the heart were to be established. Have we ever experienced this misery of God's heart?

God's suffering with Adam's family did not stop with the fall. He wanted to separate their family from satan immediately through the providence of Cain and Abel. But Cain, also, could not understand God's heart nor why he made Abel the central figure of the Foundation of Substance. If Cain and Abel had made unity they could have separated from satan. Unfortunately, Cain establish the condition of the first murder. God could not violate the Principle by intervening into their portion of responsibility. Instead, God had to walk the suffering historical path of restoration working toward another opportunity to separate man from satan. Again, without understanding the background of God's suffering, we will never be able to comfort him and release him from his historical grudge. We cannot look at the circumstances of Adam's family without tears. We must always remember that God's situation is more severe than our own.

The Way of the Crucifixion

Because of Adam's fall, God could not accomplish his will and, instead, has been suffering to make a foundation for the messiah. In order to send the messiah, he suffered and toiled for 4000 years to prepare a chosen people. Many times they broke his heart and betrayed him and yet he remained patient with them. To witness God's devotion in the face of such hardships should move our heart to tears. Only then can we begin to understand God's pain when the chosen people could not unite with Jesus. Because of that, Jesus could not fulfill the three blessings and accomplish the mission of True Parents.

In Gethsemene, he was "sorrowing unto death." He prayed tearfully three times for God "to take this cup from me, not as I will, but as thou will." At his crucifixion on top of Golgotha, he cried out with a tearful, bloody heart, ". . .my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" In that suffering situation he prayed for his persecutors, saying, ". . .Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." Jesus came with the mission of True Parents, but True Parents died by the hand of their own children whom God had prepared for 4000 years. God had worked so hard to bring about the day of True Parents.

Yet sadly, it only made his pain and disappointment that much more greater in view of the continued sin of the people. Jesus called on God to please forgive them. But imagine God's heart to see his only son in this way. That's why there was darkness for a three hour period. Such a tragedy was too much even for God to bear. We must liberate God's deep grudge over this. We must console God and Jesus' heart. We have to examine our own true love relationship with God, Jesus and True Parents in relation to this historical tragedy. Without a real heart connection to this history, our relationship with God is hollow.

Without a repentful heart, we cannot even talk about God and Jesus.

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