The Words of Reverend Chong Jik Woo 

Restoration Through Indemnity And Our Hopeful Desire 

 Rev. Chong Jik Woo
December 5, 1993 - Washington DC
Hebrews 12:5-13 1


Good Morning, how are you?

This is the last month of this year. I want to thank you so much for your hard work. Without your help we could never have broken through as we have through True Parent's and True Children's tour. During this time, we could have the opportunity to examine the depth of faith and heart of the True Family and compare that to our own. It has been an incredible experience for us and we shall never forget this time. Even though this is the Completed Testament Era, it doesn't mean that we, personally, have finished our own indemnity course. We still haven't fulfilled our responsibility yet. We have much left over in our personal indemnity course. I feel that is true for myself; how about you? Have you finished your indemnity course or are you still in the process of construction? According to the time table it is the Completed Testament Age, but according to our own situation, we are on the road of the course of restoration through indemnity. More than anything, we all want to successfully fulfill our course of indemnity. Because of that, recently I have been thinking about our current situation. By examining the Bible, Father's words and the Divine Principle, we can more clearly understand where we are and how we must go.

Whenever the new year approaches, I feel a great inner struggle. In order to welcome the new year properly, we should be able to offer to True Parents great results from the past year. But, always, the result we have is below God's expectation. In that situation, at least, if we can show that in the past year we grew spiritually and that our faith has deepened and matured, God will give us another chance to fulfill our mission.

True Parent's expectation for us is very high. It seems there is always a great gap between our level and the level of True Parents. Unless we fulfill our own indemnity course on the individual, family and tribal level we cannot have hope to join the True Family on their level. The only way we can reach their level is by living a life of constant reflection, confession, and evaluation. As we approach the new year, in this final month of 1993, let us make extra effort toward reflection and new determination for the coming year.

If you study deeply the 66 books of the Old and New Testament with the tool of the Divine Principle, you can find a deeper insight into the nature of God and His providence. We can discover that God's deepest love was manifested in the course of disciplinary punishment and chastisement of his chosen people. In other words, in the history of the chosen people, many times God had to invoke the harsh providence of chastisement upon his lovely children. No one knew that, behind that bitter punishment, God was broken hearted and crying. In a similar way, parents, in order to deeply educate their children, sometimes whip their children on the thigh and then afterwards they cry. Even God wishes that there could be another way of restoration other than the awful course of indemnity.

God is not only holiness, glory and peace. He is also managing Universal law. We have to understand that God's position and situation is not enviable in any way. It is the most severe and sorrowful position. Behind the events of the history of suffering, God is miserable and crying to find and guide his lost children back to him.

When we receive disciplinary punishment it is very painful and sad, but after that, the Bible says, ".... it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them...." True Parents give us many conditions of indemnity because they love us and are training us. We have to fulfill and bear that "peaceable fruit of righteousness." That is our responsibility.

During this year of 1993, True Parents have never rested and have been working harder than anyone else. By their own example, they show us how to work, how to accomplish and how to take action.

As we consider Hebrews 12:5-13, let us talk about restoration through indemnity and our desire.


What is the meaning of restoration through indemnity? Basically, It means reversing the course by which we lost our position and status as God's sons and daughters. By reversing the course of sin and the fall, we can regain our original position and status. For example, Man, in seeking self-centered pleasure, rejected God, left his bosom of love and made God sorrowful. In order to rectify this situation, God rejects fallen man, requiring fallen man to struggle against all hardships in order to return to the bosom of God's love.

How many kinds of indemnity are there? There are three kinds of indemnity. The first of these we refer to as indemnity of equal amount. An example of this kind of indemnity can be found in Exodus 21:23-25, " for life, eye for an eye, tooth for tooth..." The second kind of indemnity is called indemnity of lesser amount. An example of this kind of indemnity would be the crucifixion of Jesus. Believers in Christ, by the mere condition of faith, receive the great benefit of Jesus' cross without having to go the way of the cross themselves. The third type of indemnity is indemnity of greater amount. An example of this would be when the Israelites failed in their 40 day condition of faith through spying in Canaan. To indemnify this lost 40 days they had to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. That is, one year for every day of spying. The restoration providence through indemnity removes the condition of sin and then a new start can be made. For example, on the individual level, the feeling of a guilty conscience is resolved through the indemnity course, or on the social level, through the heavenly law of God, we clean up past social ills and society makes a new start. Everyone is required to walk his course of indemnity and if on earth we don't pass through the course of indemnity, no one will welcome you in the spirit world. The main point of lamentation and remorse is that I have been at fault. We are fallen descendants who must clean up their lives through the indemnity course.

Who can solve this problem and save the individual, family, tribe, nation and world from sin? Who can subjugate the evil authority of this evil world? Who can remove the original sin? Who can judge and punish the evil satan? No king, president, or scholar can do this, only the Messiah. He is Commander- in-Chief of indemnity. Because of the messiah's unique value, authority and ability, mankind throughout the ages awaits his arrival. He comes to clean up all sin.

Since Adam and Eve's fall, mankind has been searching for God in heaven while God has been looking for man, his children, on earth. The consummation of history is when God and man finally meet. We know, according to the Divine Principle lecture on the Last Days, that there has been three times in history when such a reunion could take place; the time of Noah, the time of Jesus and the time of the Second Coming of Christ. At such a time, God wants to send the messiah as a representative of God and centering on the messiah, the providence of reunion can be fulfilled. God wants to finish this providence quickly, but due to many human failures his will, sadly, has been prolonged.

Typically, fallen people's concept is that all glory and blessing should come to them, while indemnity should go to God. They are very wrong. Christianity has completely misunderstood this point which has impaired communication with God. There is no glory, true love or blessing unless you can fulfill your responsibility. Only True Parents are able to teach us clearly about God's situation. Other churches and religions are unaware that God is suffering and that his heart is painful. As a result, no one, except True Parents, feels compelled to liberate God from that situation.

The messiah can teach us clearly about God's situation because he knows the inner nature of God's heart and the way of true love. Therefore, the messiah comes to the earth to restore the relationships of True Love. Through the messiah we can understand True Parent's love, the true love of husband and wife, and the true love of children.

Jesus was the messiah, but because of the failure of the Chosen People, Jesus could never accomplish the position of True Parents. Without accomplishing that position, Jesus could not reveal the "heavenly things" and guide the people to the completion of True Love. That's why his sorrow was so deep at the Garden of Gethsemene.

If we could feel completely the sorrow Jesus felt, I think we would be more able to realize the value of this present age. That's why, sometimes, I wonder how much you respond to True Mother's and True Children's proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. We have experienced True Mother's tears and True Children's tears as they have delivered this historical message, but unless we understand and share in their tears we cannot create the sufficient motive to clean up our past failures and make a new start.


The greatest wish one could have would be to meet the messiah in his or her lifetime. Throughout history, people of goodness and righteousness have been waiting and desiring to meet the messiah. Sadly, most could never see such a day in their earthly life.

In order to receive the messiah, first, we have to establish the foundation for the Messiah. This means establishing the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. Adam and Eve should have made a foundation of faith with God by receiving his word and believing that word absolutely. However, they lost faith in God's word and fell. In order to restore this mistake, we must reverse the process. We have to show unwavering faith in God's word and God's directions. We have to establish the foundation of faith which requires a central person and a providential time period. For instance, each of us, must go a public course of seven years and twenty-one years in which we fulfill witnessing, prayer and fasting conditions while receiving persecution. By this path we fulfill the indemnity course of the foundation of faith.

Next, Adam and Eve, in fulfilling the foundation of faith, would then inherit the divine nature of God; making a foundation of substance with God. God would have incarnated in Adam and Eve substantially. However, because of their disobedience, instead of receiving God's nature, Adam and Eve, received the nature of satan. So to reverse this nature, we need to return to the Garden of Eden and set up the positions of Adam and the Archangel. We must take the position of the archangel and reverse the process of the fall and of the fallen nature. This is the meaning of the relationship of Cain and Abel.

We reverse the fallen nature by taking the position of Cain and learning the humble way of obedience. Through this course we set up the foundation of substance.

Restoration of the foundation of faith and substance accomplishes the foundation to receive the messiah. The purpose of creation is to fulfill the 3 blessings and fulfill the Kingdom of Heaven on earth centering on Godism and Adamism. That is why in order to restore God's ideal of creation, the rebirthing process requires that we establish the foundation for the messiah. On that foundation the messiah, the new Adam, must come.

In order to fulfill the mission of Tribal Messiah, you must, likewise, make a foundation for the Messiah. Unless you can make such a foundation you will never be able to fulfill your mission. With this foundation we have the chance to find God's true children, family, society, tribe, nation and world. We can establish the ideal of one world under God. Isn'this wonderful?

That is God's and True Parent's desire and that is why True Children are working so hard at this time. In view of this, we must ask ourselves: what is our desire and the desire of this community? What is most important to us? If there were no True Parents, our desires would be cloudy and unclear. Our desires would always be changing, vacillating and disappearing like smoke. Because we met True Parents and received the blessing, we are on the way to perfection and eternal happiness. How wonderful that is. Some people say, ".... the Unification Church is good, but I don't like your idea about paying indemnity, so I cannot belong to your church." Others say, "The Unification Church is good, but I don't like fundraising all the time." Do you agree with such opinions? What is the difference between the Unification Church and the traditional Christian church? The Unification Church is the church of indemnity and sacrifice. It is the representative of God and True Parents and pays indemnity for all the world. That is the main mission of the Unification Church. For that purpose we pay indemnity.

In contrast, the traditional Christian Church is asking for God's blessing while leaving the indemnity to God. They don't know God's and Jesus' real situation and only pray for blessing for their own family and church. They pray for things which are closer to their own small interests. The liberation of God is not on their agenda. Again, without understanding the deep nature of God's heart, we cannot make a deep connection to Him or make any heartal progress.

Tears has two kinds of meaning: first, joy and the other is, sorrow. True joy is felt when I can shed tears of indemnity for my public mission. Sorrow is the feeling I have when I realize my sin, mistake and indemnity course. What is the purpose of my life? We are not born just to eat. God has a certain purpose for the life of each human being. We have to understand clearly about the importance of time and make a commitment about my life. We should be determined never to bring sorrow to God and True Parents because of our self-centered inclinations.

We can fufill our true purpose, understand the importance of the age, make a new commitment and overcome our self-centered inclinations if we maintain a healthy life of faith. With this in mind, I had an inspiration at the beginning of the year to create the activity card. My motivation was to encourage your life of faith, not to discourage your life of faith. I don't know if that is helping you to be close to God and True Parents or not.

As you know this time is the time of action, the time to be strong and bold. Lets struggle and fight to go forward. That is our responsibility.


I think we have to renew our effort to research and study about God, True Parents, The Unification Church and the blessing. Let us take up a clear and correct course of action which Father has examplified and taught. In like manner, let us teach and live the true way of life as we explain the importance of the time. Let us be able to show how we can overcome and adjust to any suffering circumstance. In this time, without a strong determination we may lose all our blessing. As the Bible tells us, "...Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees; and make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed." So let us go forth to accomplish righteousness. Let us overcome the disciplinary punishment which God wants to give us with the knowledge that after the discipline comes the abundant blessing. This is the most incredible time in history and in our life. Let us remind ourselves of this again and again.

Even though we may die as we go over the indemnity hill for the establishment of God's ideal world, let us die with faith. To die with faith is victory. The only real tragedy is to die without faith. Think about True Parent's sacrifice and be more patient and make a more hopeful blueprint for the coming new year.

The historical year 1993 has only 26 days left. All human beings have been waiting 6000 years for this age. True Parents and the True family have joined together for this historical proclamation. This year of 1993 is really the most exciting era in our life.

During this time, your sacrificial help and your willingness to take personal initiative has allowed us to bring great victory in six events of True Children's tour. Now we have two events left. Compared with True Mother's event this is really very small, even so, let us make a beautiful conclusion.

The most precious thing in the universe is time. Lost time cannot be recovered. How much have you been working hard to follow True Parents? Even though it is difficult and we are still struggling we cannot give up. Let us try to endure and try to bear the best fruit. In the Completed Testament Age, we must proclaim the truth and teach people the importance of the time. Don't lose this glorious and fortunate chance to participate in this indemnity course of restoration.

In the beginning of 1993, True Parents gave us many new directions. We tried our best, but we couldn't fulfill everything. So we have a very sorry and painful heart. We have 26 days left in 1993. These remaining few days are very precious and we must confess and repent with a thankful mind. Let us try to bear the good fruit close to God and True Parents.

Our desire is for the accomplishment of God's will which means the establishment of God's country. To do this let us go over any indemnity course and trust father with deepest faith and go forward. I feel very sorry because we had many plans to carry out, but even though I am the Regional Director, I couldn't accomplish enough. Let us forgive each other if we have hurt each other. Lets make a new start and in our daily life let us maintain a fresh mind and body as we prepare for coming new year. As we do so, let us wake up and fulfill our indemnity course as we accomplish our Father's desire. May God bless you, your family and your mission in this coming year.

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