The Words of Reverend Chong Jik Woo 

Our Determination for a Successful Life of Faith 

 Rev.Chong Jik Woo
October 24, 1993 - Washington DC

Revelation 21:1-8

1. Introduction

Good Morning. How are you? In this beautiful Fall season, have you been trying your best to grow in your life of faith? We have to give thanks to God because he created the wonderful four seasons in which we can reflect and connect to beautiful nature and understand something about his heart. Through such a beautiful morning as this, we should feel that God is trying to convey his love to us. For this we should give thanks.

You have to realize how happy I am to live in this beautiful city rather than the North Pole or South Pole. As you know, Washington is one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Even though I have such a tight schedule, I have to make some effort to connect to nature and understand the beauty of creation. In such surroundings, I can deeply reflect and understand something new and meaningful about my life. In this way I will not be dry and I can continue to grow.

As you know, 1993 is moving by so fast. It seems to me that this year is moving faster than any other year in my life. From April to July we were preparing for True Parents and The Completed Testament Age tour. In order to be successful in this era we have to maintain this kind of busy time schedule. From now until December we can manage our time schedule in this busy manner by focusing on the tour of the True Children in our communities. If we do that how happy we can be.

During the fall season, the corn stalks bear good fruit, but if the farmer doesn't make effort to harvest the corn, then, it is useless. In our case, through this historical 8 city event, Father is giving each family the chance to make a true relationship with the True Family. If we don't take advantage of this opportunity, we will later have deep regret and carry an eternal grudge. This is a time for your family to make good relationship with the True Family. What do you think? If some families have had the wrong attitude or mind about this tour, please change your mind as quickly as possible.

What is the purpose of our life? Is it only for the taking of food, for making money? For physical comfort? In order to be a True Man and True Woman, we must serve others and give them true love. Even though our life is difficult and we are faced with many challenges, if we trust and obey True Parents and take action centering on their word, we will receive benefit a thousand times over.

Our life is a suffering course of indemnity. To pay the historical indemnity price is our mission and responsibility. Because of the fall, we should not expect anything else. God has chosen us, because He needs us for that mission, . He must accomplish His will to love us, so he cannot bear to lose us. For this reason, I shouldn't manage my life only for myself. We are public people chosen by God. Whether I like it or not, that is the reason I am here. Do you agree with that?

Therefore, we cannot manage our life in opposition to God's will. Our life is a life of suffering and is a different kind of life then ordinary people. When we have a chance to walk the suffering course of indemnity, I have to repent and feel regret for not working harder in the past. With this kind of mind we have a chance to connect to True Parents.

When you look back on your life, the only thing that you can be proud of is how well you managed your suffering life and how much you could overcome. Although at that time of our suffering course, we can't understand it's value, but later, when we harvest the beautiful fruit of the life of suffering for others, we will thank True Parents for giving us the indemnity course, for chastising us and urging us to go the way. We have to be thankful to True Parents today, while they are with us, and not just later when they may be gone.

Every Wednesday night, at Upshur street, we have an elder's testimony program. Through such testimonies we can understand the life of faith. We can learn how the earlier pioneers suffered and we can respect them, more.

My dear brothers and sisters, don't just seek the easy way of life. Don't be satisfied with your life because you have a nice atmosphere, nice house, good salary and environment. Don't take it easy, settle down and be proud of yourself. We have not arrived at our final destination. We are not yet in the final hometown, so managing our life conservatively and humbly is the wisest lifestyle right now.

Therefore, we should continuously make effort and dedicate ourselves to the life of serving others with a humble heart. Following this kind of blueprint is the only way to succeed in the life of faith. It is the wisest way to quickly finish our indemnity course.

For that reason, I can think of three important issues in the life of faith. First, after the proclamation of the Completed Testament Era, we should understand the meaning and value of this providential time. Second, because this age is different then any age, we have to evaluate our life of attendance. Third, how much I invest may heart and all things for the establishment of the heavenly country, the "one sovereignty, language, people, land and culture centered upon God". To establish that nation is the reason why True Family are charging forward to the frontline.

We cannot just be a spectator during this providential time. If you just stand by the wayside while True Parents are toiling on the frontline, later, you will have the deepest regret and carry the never ending grudge for having lost the chance to struggle together with the True Parents in their effort to liberate God and mankind. So today, we have to think about these three issues.


One of the secrets to the successful life is to know the meaning and value of the time we are in and never wasting it. Being able to know the time gives us the ability to make the right preparations and actions. If we do that we can expect to bear good fruit.

One wise proverb states, "the hero doesn't give birth to the great era, the great era gives birth to the hero."

However well you may prepare for your life, if you overlook the meaning and value of the providential time, everything is in vain.

Throughout the 6000 years of history, there has never been a time like our present age. There has never been a historical turning point of this great magnitude and scope. Think of it, we have the chance to join with the True Parents of all mankind to fulfill the ultimate hope of God's providence. How can we express this level of joyful feeling?

Even though I am not perfect yet, but if I become a person who takes part in the Completed Testament Age and becomes a needed and valuable person in that age, then I will be remembered throughout all time. Don't you agree about this? 2000 years ago at the time of Jesus, if John the Baptist and Judaism had followed Jesus Christ, then he could have fulfilled his true mission completely without the need for the suffering way of the cross. Unfortunately, they could not trust Jesus, and so with a suffering and heart broken feeling he started the secondary providence. He had to gather his own disciples one by one. Because the most prepared and capable people were ignorant or misinformed about Jesus, he had to search for his disciples in the most low class areas. Even though those people were mostly unsophisticated, poor and uneducated, if they recognized Jesus and followed him, they would become historical people.

After WW2, centering on Christianity, if the United States, Great Britain and France had awakened and united with Lord of Second Advent, today you and I would not be the central people of God's providence. This kind of glorious opportunity would have gone to much better and more capable people than us. Unfortunately for God, he must work with more low class people such as ourselves. He must continuously ask, demand, request and even beg us to understand and to do our mission. This kind of situation is a very painful situation for God. For us it is a fortunate, hopeful and happy situation, but for God it is a painful situation. We have to know that.

Christianity's distrust of Father has caused the postponement in God's providence. In order to restore this lost 40 year time, how much True Parents have had to shed sweat blood and tears. When we think about this how much we should shed tears to consider the long suffering of True Parents. If Christianity had united with Father during 1945 to 1952, through the United Nations he would have solved all kinds of world level problems and in 1953 he would have proclaimed the Completed Testament Age. From 1953 to 1960, by age of 40, Father would have restored the positions of elder sonship, parentship and kingship. He would have fulfilled the Marriage supper of the lamb and would have proclaimed True Parents. Even though this could not be totally accomplished, Father,on his own, made the foundation for the establishment of True Parents and after 40 years of the suffering course of indemnity, he had to start again. So 1985 is like 1945 and 1992 is like 1952. Father brought restoration on the world wide level by subjugating the worldwide Cain through loving Gorbachev and Kim Il Sung. Through that he fulfilled all worldwide level conditions of indemnity and on that foundation he could proclaim the restoration of the worldwide level elder sonship, parentship and kingship. This was completed on October 3, 1988 and is why, on that day, we celebrate The Foundation day of the Unified Nation of the World. From there, Father moved to create a new United Nations through the establishment of IFWP, IRFWP, WFWP. For this reason, in 1993, he had the right to proclaim the beginning of the Completed Testament Age. Without a doubt, this next 7 year period, until the year 2000, will be the most exciting period in history. What Father could have fulfilled at age of 40 he will fulfill at the age of 80. It is very sad, when we see Father working so hard in his old age, to know that everything should have been finished more than 40 years ago.

So the year 1993, with the proclamation of True Parents and Completed Testament Age, is like the recreation of the universe, this is the end of the age of religion and philosophy and the beginning of a new age.

So this 7 year period to the year 2000 is the most exciting and precious period of history. As I mentioned, this proclamation of True Parents and The Completed Testament Age is the most incredibly surprising event in human history. This is like the recreation of heaven and earth. This proclamation is outstanding because it declares the consummation of fives major concerns: 1. The consummation of God's providence, 2. The conclusion of hostilities and fighting, 3. The consummation of restoration, 4. The conclusion of the Bible age, 5. conclusion of the age of religion.

Also it declares the 4 ideal realizations: 1. realization of liberty. 2. realization of equality. 3. realization of True Love. 4. realization of peace.

Through this proclamation, a new history and new age begins. This is really an unbelievable event. It is so big, people cannot easily understand it or grasp it. Therefore, we have to help them understand and receive it, first through walking the course of indemnity for their sake and through teaching them with the Divine Principle. That is the responsibility we have now.

Before the arrival of the Messiah, beside God's external providence which manifest through the practical events of history, there are internal aspects of God's providence as well. The internal aspects of God's providence centers on the dispensation of the change of blood lineage. There are three important elements to this dispensation. First, the role of the Mother is very essential. Because Eve's role was so central in the fall, the Mother's role is central in restoration. Through the Divine Principle we learned the significant role of Jacob's mother, Moses' mother and Jesus' mother. Also we learned of the significance of Tamar. The second important element is restoration of the position of elder sonship in the womb of the Mother. And third, the conception of Jesus within Mary.

Through these events the Messiah was brought to the people. The Messiah came 2000 years ago, but the people could not trust him and so they rejected him and sent him the way of the cross. Before he was crucified he promised that he would come again. Finally, after 2000 years of prolongation, the Lord of Second Coming arrived to the Korea Peninsula and realized the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. We must explain to the people that this event has been the desire of God since the beginning of time. To fulfill the purpose of creation was the mission of Jesus and now, finally, the True Parents are fulfilling God's long time hope and dream. Through the long suffering course of True Parents, the original ideal of God is being fulfilled. If we explain this well, the people will be moved and we will surely expand our foundation.

The Completed Testament Age means the fulfillment of what God promised the people through his prophets of the Old Testament, such as Isaiah and Daniel, and his prophets in the New Testament, such as the prophesy in the book of Revelation. The Completed Testament is the accomplishment of all prophesy of the Old Testament and of the New Testament. Up until this time, there has been so many religious leaders and founders such as, confucius, buddha, zoroaster and Mohammed. Also there has been so many philosophers such as, Socrates, Plato, Hegel, Kant. Their ideas and the ideas of all religions are fulfilled at once in the proclamation of the Completed Testament Age. What an outstanding time it is!

However, such a large dream is hard for ordinary people to understand. How can such a grand ideal be realized? Those who don't understand the Principle and don't understand Father have a hard time to believe. Unless we can make it clear, people will have difficulty to understand and to believe. Only through by the work of the hidden providence of the Mother-son cooperation can this dream be realized. Philosophers don't understand the nature and reality of the human fall. In order to establish the realization of the ideal world, God's providence has to go the opposite direction of the fall. God chose the indemnity course as the restoration course to solve all problems. Because the leaders of the past did not realize this, they failed to accomplish the mission of world peace. So we have to clearly explain this process of restoration. Through the arrival of the Completed Testament Age we must realize the true ideal of all human hopes and desires.

Let us avoid the pattern of the sad and foolish history by understanding the meaning of this age. True Parents and True Family show the basic formula course to us. Let's avoid the way of privacy and with a public mind, try our best to fulfil our public mission.

Throughout history all people wanted this lucky chance. This is a once in a eternity opportunity so we should not lose this lucky chance. If we lose such a fortunate opportunity, we will never escape the feeling of regret and sorrow.


In the Old Testament Age I could accomplish righteousness through acting in accordance with the law. In the New Testament righteousness was accomplished through faith. In the Completed Testament Age righteousness is accomplished through the life of attendance. Therefore the Completed Testament Age is a completely new age in which the main virtue is living for the life of attendance and serving True Parents.

Without understanding this new age and insisting on their own way of faith and believing, Christianity remains asleep and must wake up. We must take responsibility to guide them to the right course of faith.

The life of attendance, for fallen people, is the way for them to fulfill the true desire of God. Attendance is true training for life in the Kingdom. It is also the short-cut to the Kingdom. It is the ultimate purpose for the believer. The life of attendance is the most refined and beautiful etiquette of life. It teaches us to share the most precious things in the most loving and humble manner. In order to manifest the true heart of attendance, we must stand on the foundation of an eternal love relationship. We must have a close relationship with the one I am attending. Without personal relationship, the way of attendance cannot be established. Therefore, in order to attend God, we need to make a relationship with God. In order to make that relationship, we received the blessing. Only through the relationship which is accomplished through the blessing is the life of attendance and the Completed Testament Age possible. We gain the privilege to attend through the blessing and the Completed Testament Age.

The Principle of Attendance is illustrated in a wife lovingly serving her husband. Also, when children serve parents with filial piety, the principle of attendance is manifested. Or when the King's vassal is serving the royal highness with a deep and loyal heart, again we see another example of this principle of attendance. When we look at the Lord of Second Coming as our Master and Lord, the way of attendance guides us to relate to him from the position of a loving and serving wife. When we see him as True Parent, attendance guides us to him from the position of children with hearts of filial piety. When we look at him as King of Kings, the way of attendance guides us to him from the position of a vassal serving the king with undying loyalty. So true attendance means sincerity, loyalty and filial piety. It is the life of response to the love of the Lord by returning to him our beauty.

The purpose of creation is to return joy and satisfaction to God. God could never receive any joy or satisfaction from his children until this time. How much God wanted to hear from his children these words: Abo nim, Oma nim, Cham pu mo nim. Where is there a more painful and suffering case than this? How much God hungered for the true love of his children. How can we serve and attend this poor and miserable Daddy? How can we comfort him? We have to understand his real heart more clearly in order to liberate this historical grudge from Father and liberate God, True Parents and all things. That is our most serious responsibility in our life and we must understand that clearly. We have to have a strong determination to serve God forever. Our fallen heart is like a empty house, a ghost house. We need to purify clean and decorate our heart for the life of attendance.

Without passing through the life of faith, we cannot go to the kingdom. That's why we need strict training in order to be able to attend and serve God whether we are asleep or awake, going or coming, joyful or sad, busy or not busy. We have to always be in a state of training for the life of serving and attending our True Parents. Therefore, during any week of our life, if we make a mistake, we can quickly repent and redirect our life to a more perfect life of attendance. Even though we may think we are living with only ourself, we are always living with God. We should have the same heart towards attending God as we do towards attending Father when he is with us at Jefferson house. Father maintains that heart toward God always. For example, even in Hungnam prison, Father felt he couldn't stretch out his legs after working all day because it would be impolite to God. To that extent, Father believes he is living with God. In this same way we have to manage our life.

The life of attendance guides the position of Cain to center upon and unite with the position of Abel. If we are confused about the Cain and Abel positions and the nature of their relationship then the life of attendance becomes disordered. This is important because God and True Parents are in the Abel position and we are in the Cain position, the Church leader and elder is in the Abel position and the Church member is in the Cain position. The most important thing in the life of attendance is the life of separation from satan. All things in my life: my mind, my body, my actions, my possessions must be separated from satan and then offered to God. So we have to offer all things to True Parents with a sincere heart which is separated from satan. Anytime we have something good or precious, rather than thinking of only ourselves, we should always want to offer that to the True Parents first. The life of attendance is, rather than just seeking a comfortable and easy life, thinking about those who are working on the frontline for God. If we think about those who toil on the frontline, we will feel guilty and push ourselves harder. Also, the life of attendance is the life of reporting and discussion with God and True Parents. Without reporting and discussing, God cannot choose the best way and participate in our life. Trying to manage our blessing life without the heart of attendance is not the way to go. We have to manage our life in accordance with Father's direction. That is, always, the smartest way to go.

Someone who knew True Parents but never longed with tears to see True Parents will bear a grudge when they enter the spiritual world. Because such a person's understanding of love was weak on earth, he cannot receive love deeply when he goes to the spiritual world. That's why he will have grudge. No one likes water which is in between hot and cold. So in order to be a member of the Unification Church, we have to either practice hard or just give up.

The church is the training center for the life of attendance. Members who don't participate in active church life are missing out on that most important training. Good attendance training teaches us to relate to the Church as if the Church were the True Parents, themselves. Therefore, if we receive good training in the life of attendance we will know that attending True Parents means having an active Church life. With this kind of mind, we will have a successful life of faith.

Rather than praying 100 times, it is better and more valuable to have a beautiful memory of attendance. For example, to offer one small handkerchief to Father is more valuable in the spiritual world than any prayer offered by the greatest saint of the past ages.

In this hopeful, new age of the Completed Testament, let us do our best to evaluate our life of faith.


From the moment of the fall, humans have been living in suffering. Suffering is bitter. No one likes or wants suffering. But happiness and glory come to us through suffering. We cannot be excused from this. The smartest way of life is the life which trains us to overcome suffering. The person who doesn't know the taste of suffering, probably doesn't know the taste of true happiness. Pain, suffering and agony are words which are about God, because God is the king of suffering and pain. Who ever feels they have a suffering life cannot compare their life of suffering with God's and True Parent's. The person who thinks that the suffering life is precious, is a person who is qualified for a glorious life. A person who avoids suffering is unwise and foolish. He doesn't know the secret to receive tremendous blessing.

The life of a person who has no suffering is very untasty, is no fun and is a very boring, simplistic life. The person who does not want to experience suffering is not qualified to take part in the coming joyous world. We have to understand clearly the nature of my own indemnity course. If we do, we can more quickly clean up the past and complete my own personal course of indemnity. I cannot transfer my portion of indemnity and suffering to someone else, so I have to fulfill my own personal course of indemnity.

True Parents pioneered, by themselves, in order to cultivate the desert of this society. A thousand million times they have received the persecution of satan. Yet, in spite of that environment, they persevered, never gave up and made a world wide foundation. Even though Father is getting old, he never stops and never takes a rest because he is only focused on the liberation of God and all the world. Carrying this kind of sincere heart he tries his best. Even Mother, now, is working under the tightest schedule, speaking two times a day and restoring the providence of Mother and Children cooperation. Father is working so hard without sleeping to education Japanese members. And even the True Children are paying indemnity and are working on the frontline to prepare a bright future for the coming world.

In this critical emergency time we have to realize our current situation. We have to repent for our past life and mistakes and correct ourselves otherwise we will feel unhappy and become a pitiful person. So let us take part in this historical suffering with True Parents. Let us not lose this lucky chance to be a successful and glorious person. In this historical location, Father has given us the chance to work with the True family in community activity. It is a good chance for us to invest our whole self together with the True Children in this suffering course. How lucky we truly are!

Even though we have many difficult situations externally and internally, let us unite together and go forward in victory.

How can we make True Parents happy as they are working as frontline soldiers? The only way is to unite with True Children and together report about our victory here. For that reason, True Children will have 40 events here in America. These 40 events are linked with Mother's 40 campus event in Korea and to the 40 events of the coming world tour. Through successfully accomplishing the providence of the Mother and Children cooperation, we will make the foundation for the Kingdom on the earth.

So we need a strong determination and pledge to God. Not only for our local events but for the world events as well. As we work to bring victory here, we must feel that we are taking part in the world level events as well.

Until this time, America has received many blessings, so America's mission is to return the blessing to God. If America does that, she will be blessed even more. In the Completed Testament Age, America must offer to God and the world. American brothers and sisters must wake up and consider the way of the Japanese brother and sisters. They try their best even though they are so tired. Like the spirit of a marathon race, we have to have that spirit now.

The evaluation of a successful life or a failed life is based upon the determination for whom, for what and for what purpose have I managed my life and what is the result of that life. If the place where I die is a place recognized by God and is where God blesses me, than how happy I am.

In the very last moment of my life, if I have determined to die for others, I will live, but if I try to selfishly cling to my life, I will die.

In the Completed Testament Age, and during this seven year tribulation time, we must understand what True Parents want us to do and manage our life for a glorious future. Let us take part, with all our heart, in this final suffering course.


In order to have a strong determination for a successful life of faith, let us, first, know the providential meaning of our time. Secondly, let us live a life of attendance and, thirdly, let us take part in the course of suffering. This message comes from God for us in this community. You have to receive this message with a serious mind. We need this right now. All this is for the establishment of Father's land. In order to establish Father's country, we should have the heart of someone who has lost their own country. For this reason God has chosen us. Let us not repeat the same mistakes of the nation of Israel. With this determination let us go over until the year 2000. For that purpose Father made WFWP and Tribal Messiah activity. If we establish God's country and world, we don't need any other activity. Establishing the country of God is the highest priority. For this reason, Father gave us the blessing. One of the most important purposes of the blessing is to establish the ideal of pledge # 5.

So there is not so much time left in the year of 1993. Through this community event, centering on the True Children, we can fulfill the purpose that we have yet to fulfill this year. We can find new children and establish a new history. Let us take part in the establishment of this new history. I hope and pray for your success, God Bless you and your community and family. Thank you very much.

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