The Words of Reverend Chong Jik Woo 

True Parents and the Providential Turning Point 

Rev. Chong Jik Woo
May 2, 1993 - Washington DC

 Revelation 22:17-20

"....And the Spirit and the bride say come. And let him that hear say, Come. And let him that is thirsty come. And whoever will let him take the water of life freely. For I testify to every man that hears the words of the prophesy of this book, if any man shall add to these things, God shall add to him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophesy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. He which testifies these things says, Surely I come quickly: Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus."


Good Morning! How are you?

Today is May the second and is the beginning of a new month. It is good to begin a new month by gathering together to worship God. My feeling is overflowing. I have such an excited feeling within myself as we begin this month. Yesterday, May first, was the 39th Foundation Day which is the anniversary of the founding of HSA-UWC. Time goes by so quickly!

During this month of May so many important events will be taking place. May 16th is the Day of the Love of God which celebrates the first time in history that a child of True Parent's could receive the Holy Blessing which was given to Ye Jin Nim and Jin Whi Nim in 1981. From May 13th to May 24th, True Father will be touring this nation to speak in 12 cities while True Mother, from May 26th to June 27th will be touring the nation and speaking in 20 cities. This will be the time of the historical proclamation of True Parents.

So many important events will be taking place this month. Truly, we are beginning a most exciting and historical month. What kind of day will May 15th, May 28th and June 26th be for us in this region?..... I am sure that we will never forget this historical month of May 1993!

So you must understand the importance of this month. We have to wake up from our long winter sleep. It is now spring season which is the time of sowing new seeds. God has given us this exciting historical time to sow the seeds of spring. So, I beg you and I pray that you don't miss participating in this important month. My advise to you is don't make an excuse and avoid this challenge. If you do, later you will feel regret, because you will have lost the greatest opportunity! I really believe, in our life-time, we will not see a month which contains so much historical meaning! If you give your greatest effort during this month of May, you will gain the merit and value of this month. You and your family will be engrafted into the eternal record of May of 93! This is my conclusion and advise....if you want to hear more, I can say more....

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would not have needed the Messiah. They would have become the True Parents. They would not have needed the messiah or the providence of restoration. 2000 years ago, if Jesus had made the foundation for the messiah on the tribal and national levels, he could have proclaimed his messiahship on that foundation. He could have completely fulfilled the providence of God and there would have been no need for the second coming of Christ. But the Chosen People could not trust him and follow him. Jesus was crucified and could only fulfill the course of spiritual salvation. On the day of Pentecost, Jesus and the Holy Spirit could be established as the spiritual True Parents. However, he would have to return and fulfill the completion level of salvation. Before he passed away, he vowed to return to lead us into the completion level. As a result believers have been waiting ever since for that day of return. We can see this eager longing expressed in Rev. 22:17-20:

"....And the Spirit and the bride say come. And let him that hear say, Come. And let him that is thirsty come. And whoever will let him take the water of life freely. For I testify to every man that hears the words of the prophesy of this book, if any man shall add to these things, God shall add to him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophesy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. He which testifies these things says, Surely I come quickly: Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus."

During the past 2000 years people have been desiring the new word of truth which would explain the meaning of God's providence. But the right to "unseal the book of new truth" is given to only one man chosen by God. During this time many people will rise claiming to be that person; but they only create confusion through their own self-righteousness, egoism and wrong interpretations. In this kind of confusing situation, people are still searching for the True Word.

In Matthew 7:21 Jesus tells us "....not everyone that says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of my Father which is in heaven." This means that we must follow God, not just by words, but by finding the true path of righteousness and putting it into practice.

Throughout history, man has sought to solve his problems and struggles through religion, science or through moral, ethical and philosophical teachings. But today, it seems that all solutions have been exhausted. No one seems to know how to solve the problem of human suffering today.

Christianity is divided into several hundred, conflicting and confused denominations. The recent tragedy in Waco and the group which expected the rapture to take place last October 28 are serious examples of the current situation of Christianity. Christians are very confused and divided about the meaning of the second coming of Christ.

During this time of tribulation more and more serious things will happen. Therefore righteous, conscientious, Abel-type Christians have very deep concerns about the present situation. They are longing for the true word and method to solve the problems of the world. They are longing to know how a happy and peaceful world can be accomplished.

Today is similar to the time of Jesus. At that time, people with humble, open minds were searching for the truth. Such people could quickly understand the word which Jesus spoke. But those people who were self-righteous, egotistical and clung to old fashion concepts and traditions lost their chance to save their life and future. Their regret is never-ending.

Even though there are so many faithful people all over the world who pray and long to hear the true message of God, it was you and I who could receive the blessing so easily despite our unworthiness. Therefore, through the coming historical event we have to confirm, once again, our vertical and horizontal relationships, our self value, and true view of life. I wish you will have a successful life of faith. With that mind and deep desire, let us talk about True Parents and the providential turning point.


New Truth is the axis of the providential turning point. God wants to save his lovely children because of his deep love for them. It is for this reason that God has been suffering and sacrificing. He wants to recreate his children through new truth.

One oriental saint once said, "...if I awaken in the morning to New Truth, even if I die that very evening, I will have no complaints."

In order to find new truth many people have suffered through miserable lives. The Divine Principle which came from God and was received by Rev. Moon, is the word of prophesy which is the completion of the Old and New Testaments. The Divine Principle is a mysterious word about the creator's power and will to achieve true love, true life and true blood lineage. World famous scholars have said that the Divine Principle is the most precious religious book. They recognize that the Divine Principle is prophesy from God and is the Completed Testament. This word of prophesy is the right medicine for an ill world. Divine Principle is a most scientific, reasonable, logical, practical word of truth. Divine Principle, born from the nation of Korea, is the most important word and Rev. Moon has risen to become the world's most honorable and respectable saint and teacher.

Without understanding the heart behind history, we cannot value the Divine Principle. Also, we cannot understand depth of God's heart. If we understand the internal heart of the principle, we can bring the complete resurrection of our own heart. In order to know the value of this word, we have to prepare our deepest heart. Some people cannot understand the principle because they don't have the proper internal attitude and heart. The Last Days is the time of the judgement of word, ideology and concepts. So we have to decide to believe the truth or not, to receive the truth or not, digest the path of righteousness or not, follow the way or not.

From another viewpoint, the fall of man is the result of ignorance. If someone insists on old concepts, he will judge himself. So we have to look for, listen for and gain true knowledge. Through receiving truth and taking action, we will resurrect, bear fruit and reach salvation.

True Parents give us so many words of truth, but without deep understanding we cannot judge Father's word. Also other churches have no right to judge Father's word unless they research his word deeply. Father has been suffering and giving, without giving up. His life is the living proof of who he is.

We must find the right people who can understand the meaning and value of this historical proclamation. We have to make a historical revival meeting. No matter how difficult, we must accomplish an unforgettable resurrecting revival meeting.

This is the first time in the 6000 years of restoration, that such a grace could be given by God to man. Without understanding the true meaning of this campaign, we could make a foolish historical mistake. We don't want to have to carry the same providential regret as John the Baptist.

Awaken and be sincere with powerful actions which liberate God's heart and agony. Lets pioneer, together, this new historical frontier.


Revelation 22:20 says "....he who testifies to these things says, 'surely I come quickly'....even so come quickly, Lord Jesus."

Believers are still waiting after 2000 years. They want Christ to come quickly, but until a foundation to receive him is made, he cannot arrive and be proclaimed. How wonderful it would be if the Messiah could come in a grand manner. How easy it would be to recognize him if he came on the clouds with an angelic brass band leading the way! No one could miss such a grand celestial parade.

Unfortunately for those who expect such a coming, we see Jesus' words in Luke 17:24-26 "....As lightening flashes from East to West, so shall the Son of Man be in his day. But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation." Who could reject the Christ which came out of the sky? Clearly, believers who await the coming of Christ are very confused.

On Easter morning in 1936, at the age of sixteen, Father received the mission of Jesus. From the time Jesus transfered his mission to the True Parents, they have suffered so much. They have walked so many courses of indemnity in order to make the historical foundation for the proclamation of the messiah. This foundation was constructed with tears and suffering. As a result, without our own tears, we cannot understand who are True Parents.

2000 years ago, God prepared the environment to receive the Messiah through the development of the Hebraic and Roman cultural spheres. Today, similar to 2000 years age, God has prepared the world-wide foundation to receive the Messiah. After World War II, if God's side nations of Great Britain, America, and France had united with Father, he could have solved the major world problems by 1952. He could have indemnified all the left-over conditions from the Old and New Testament Ages and by 1953 he could have proclaimed the beginning of the Completed Testament Age. By 1960, the Kingdom of God on earth would be established. But instead of this hoped for path, our Father was rejected and had to go the long suffering secondary course. He went to North Korea and was imprisoned and tortured. He walked the long indemnity course of prolongation. God's providence was postponed for more than 40 years and during that time Father went to prison 6 times. He received so much persecution and suffering. God, Jesus and True Parents are the saddest of all beings. They have gone the most miserable, difficult and lonely course. They have the deepest broken hearts which is too deep to describe in words. When we think of the word "God", it has the same meaning as "sorrow", "suffering", "broken Heart". To be God means to be all those things because God is the King of suffering.

If we know these thing about God, then we can begin to understand the depth of God's joy over the Holy Wedding of True Parents which took place on March 16 (lunar) 1960. For the first time in history, True Parents were born through the Holy Marriage banquet of the Lamb. This event was the most wondrous thing of Grace. Even so, sometimes we forget the importance of this event. But God can never forget that. It was the first time in 6000 years of restoration history that God could experience the joy of His son and daughter's Holy Wedding. In that historical event, the hopeful longing expressed in Revelation 22:20 could be fulfilled.

Once more, we need to evaluate our situation. Don't you think our wake-up call has come? Through the Holy Wine Ceremony, we received the blessing of true life, true love and true blood lineage. By the grace of True Parents we could link to the True Olive Tree. Is that wonderful or not? Lets give a big hand of gratitude to our True Parents.

So True Parents came and brought a mysterious medicine to heal mankind. Without resting even today, one elderly man is living the life of the frontline soldier. Without making the deep relationship of heart we may lose this blessed situation. We should not lose the sense of the value and meaning of our blessing. We should know that the worst sin is the one which damages our heart. The sin which crushes the heart between parents and children, between husband and wife, between family and neighbor is the most serious sin. We should awaken our hearts and avoid this kind of mistake. In order to avoid that mistake, we should be mindful of Father's life code:

1. If you can be the victor over all suffering you can become the prince of glory. He could be such a prince of glory and a person of respect because he could overcome all manner of suffering in his life. That's one of the reasons he never complained about his suffering. He knew that the way of suffering is the way to perfect his personality. 2. If we can dominate ourself, we can dominate the universe. With this code he trained himself strictly. In order to develop perfect personality, we must subjugate the body to obey the mind. If we can do this we can be a true leader. A true leader is someone who can get their body to follow the commands of the mind.

3. The purpose of life is for serving others. The individual serves the family which serves the community which serves the nation which serves the world.

We must understand that the purpose of this campaign is not just to bring people to Father's talk. Our purpose is, also, to resurrect myself and my family.

Since the end of World War II, Great Britain, France and America could not unite with him. For 47 years he has been praying, five times a day, for their restoration and resurrection. Last year, through True Mother's WFWP tour a successful foundation was made on 4 continents and 10 nations through 110 events. Adam's family was restored which means that Eve's and Cain & Abel's mistake was restored. Mother became the resurrected True Mother over 10 national Cains and Abels and brought them to Adam on the worldwide level. Through this foundation they have the right to begin the Completed Testament Age. Father, through this victory, has the right to proclaim mission of True Parents and Messiah. This is why on April 7, True Parent's wedding anniversary, Jesus and True Parents were liberated.

Without fulfilling this indemnity course such a proclamation could have never been made. Father has been waiting for this for so long. If we miss this chance to participate in this longed-for event, we will feel deep regret. This is our chance, with a small offering, to pay off a large debt. Don't you have a large debt? Then what should we do?


God's providence is the course of restoration through indemnity, therefore we cannot understand this process with our practical mind alone. That's why many people become confused along the way. In Matthew chapter 7, Jesus tells us that the gateway to heaven is very narrow, while the gateway to hell is very wide. Also, in the 10th chapter he tells us that if we try to preserve our life we will lose it and if we lose our life we will gain it. From the standpoint of the practical mind, these sayings are hard to understand. Many things are confusing in the Last Days which is why we need to put "new wine into new wineskin". This means that we should give up our old traditions and past concepts with a humble and open mind. If we purify our mind and bodies we can find True Knowledge and become people of truth. If we have the spirit to work together, live together and even die together for righteousness sake, we can save our life.

The 40 year course of wandering from 1952 to 1992 is over. It is time to go into Canaan. However, the Canaanite tribes occupy our territory. They are externally rich, but are internally poor. We must help and lead them. We should not be influenced by them and begin to follow their way of life. We must influence them to lead a Godly way of life. That is the challenge of the Tribal Messiah. When we go to our hometown, we may be externally poor while our friends and family are externally rich, but our treasure is one of greatest value: we can teach and lead all people to the true meaning of life. Unfortunately, many community members receive more influence from the society rather than giving influence to the society. This is similar to the Israelites tendency to worship the idols of the Canaanite tribes. God said, "thou shall have no false God before me" Even today, we still are influenced by the idolatry of the Canaanite tribes.

This is the beginning of the 7 year tribulation. Now is the time for the division of good and evil, grain and husk, sheep and goat, righteousness and unrighteousness. This is the beginning period of the construction of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The next 3 and a half years until 1996 will be the most difficult of the tribulation period. We will see many instances of unexpected disasters and sufferings all over the world. During this time, we should be striving for higher standards of public life. Now is not the time for private thinking and action. Please try to understand your individual responsibility. During this time we have to have a brave mind. Push forward, strongly and boldly. Now is the time of great, unforgettable adventures. With an overflowing spirit let us determine to even die, if necessary, for God's will.

If we pray more seriously, we may understand how serious is our situation. If you only stay at home and live a private life, you will not be happy. However, if you strive to live a public life, you will always be blessed with the power of joy. Isn't that your true experience?

Even Father said that he didn't like the course of indemnity, but it is the only way to go.

America was established by puritans who got persecuted all over the world. Through the difficult course of indemnity, God could bless this nation with their arrival. For this reason, America became the 2nd Israel and representative of worldwide Christianity. America became the central nation of democracy and the world. In this way, God blessed America because of the righteous nature of her birth. Also, God began to prepare American for the second coming of Christ. It was God's plan that the Second Coming of Christ come to America and be proclaimed. Therefore, America, centering on Christianity, must unite together for the accomplishment of world peace. God has always wanted that. But it seems today that fewer and fewer Americans believe in God. America seems to be moving farther away from God. As a America moves away from God, it moves closer to materialism. God has been purged from our society and the order of love has been broken down. Instead of true love, we see drug and alcohol abuse and the rise of nameless diseases. It is becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah or like the last days of Rome. Such a trend, if it continues unabated, will lead to the tragic death of this nation.

Who can heal those who are suffering from an incurable disease? Who can guide them to righteousness and give them hope? Who can cleanse this increasingly foul society? Who can resurrect this crumbling Christianity? Who can reconstruct this shattered family? Who can inspire a new pioneer spirit to hopeless, aimless, youth? Who can guide this erratic and ineffective government?

Our sorrowful, pitiful God is asking these questions....Who will do it?

What will be our answer to him? Will we go forward in a strong and bold manner or will we pretend we don't see the problem and escape? Actually it is too late to escape because there is no safe haven to which we can flee. Only Rev. Moon has the solution to these problems. The essence of that solution will be the main content of Father's proclamation during this tour time.

Again, let us pray to realize more deeply the importance of this campaign. Let us pray to be filled with the zeal that comes from seeing a tremendous opportunity before us. Let us have the sense of urgency to the extent that we feel that each phone call we make could be the one which could save our community, our nation, our world. If we go forward in this manner we will make God and True Parents happy with our successful result.


At the historical turning point, our attitude should be one of humility and mercy. Also we must long for the revealing of New Truth. We should be searching, looking, listening for that word, even to the point of death. If we could be the fortunate ones to actually receive that word, we must proceed in life with an unchanging spirit, determined to set up a life of loyalty and filial piety with an unshakable faith and commitment to action.

The way of heaven requires true knowledge and wisdom. My own style, my way __ __ hasn't worked. The easy way never works. We must become the victor of the life of faith by overcoming all suffering, agony and struggles.

With a principled and sincere spirit we can overcome all difficulties. If we do, we can change our neighborhood and community and expand our territory. Let's be patient and endure in today's fight to make tomorrow's victorious foundation. Let's go the basic formula course which True Parents have shown to us. Let's understand clearly about Father's words and directions and take the right action. Even if you don't understand at first, don't judge too quickly. Believe and go forward, because later you will understand. Let's accomplish this historical event victoriously through our sincere attitude and systematic method. Do your best. Trust the campaign system that has been established.

Father has invested heavily into our Washington community, so we must accomplish a big success. Washington DC is in the completion stage. For example the Washington Monument rally was the third rally after Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium. Also, this time Washington will be the third speech of Father. Washington DC is so important for True Parents because, as the Capitol of the nation, it represents the entire nation. Therefore, even if there is no success in the other cities, if Washington DC is successful everything will go well. Without success in Washington there can't be real success for the nation. It is a very serious matter.

Therefore, we need your help. Please support this effort by volunteering your time at the mobilization office, by reaching out to your community and by fulfilling your financial pledge to this campaign. Actually, we have only collected a small percentage of our budget needs. If we can't collect the full amount, there will be no way to succeed. In the past, at such desperate times, we would sometimes even sell our blood to raise funds for some important providential event. With that kind of heart and spirit, please support this greatest of all providential events. God has been waiting for this moment for 6000 years. Realize the importance now and take action. Realizing the importance after the event is meaningless.

Next Sunday, May 9th, is Mother's day. We will not have Sunday Service here at the Church. We will do our Sunday Service on the frontline stand to support this campaign through raising donations. Are you willing to join this army? God and True Parents need our help.

In order to bring victory in all three of our regional events, May 15th in Washington, May 28th in Baltimore, and June 26th in Charlotte, let us wake up, resurrect ourselves and family. Let us all join together and march forward to victory!

God bless you and your family and do your very best.

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