The Words of Reverend Chong Jik Woo 

 Life of Faith and Growth

Rev. Chong Jik Woo
Bible Verses: Colossians; Ch. 1, Vs. 9-14

Part 1 Introduction

Good Morning. How are you?

Last week, True Parents suddenly visited Washington, D.C. . Even though their schedule was so busy, they took time to give us two speeches beginning at 6:00 am. Through this tremendous blessing we could all receive resurrection. We are deeply grateful with a thankful mind to True Parents.

Now, in the wake of Father's speech, do you feel sad when you consider how hard it is develop ourselves and to attain the maturity that True Parents are asking of us. Though its hard to understand, we must try our best to achieve it. That's why we're in church today.

Some members came to see True Parents and hear them speak and some members lost the chance. Our lives of faith vary as do our rate of growth and maturity.

Do you want True Parents to visit often and give us that kind of incredible inspiration or are you afraid of that? Don't you know if you work and pray hard sincerely, they will be here often?

Some members come to church only when True Parents are here. This type of person has a serious internal disease and a distorted life of faith. This person cannot grow up. Seeing True Parents as an accessory of our high class life is an abomination. For them, to see True Parents means: Its showtime!

Living our life of faith is one war we must wage, fighting on each day. It is one of the struggles we must commit ourselves to in order to receive deep awakenings. In order to grow up and improve ourselves, we must have a serious life of faith and pass over the hill of our life's debt.

We must think, even though I am close to True Parents through my mission, I must still be faithful and go over the hill of indemnity. If I do not fulfill my mission and responsibility, I will only be bothering God. This is a serious matter. Therefore believers always have to be humble and merciful. We must clearly understand our position and our situation. If one tries hard with a single mind and heart, even through difficulty, the good fruit of a life of faith will be born.

If a member misunderstands their situation and figures "I am grown up enough, I have finished my indemnity course and no longer have to join in church activity," there is no one who can take responsibility for his indemnity course. This kind of person will trouble his ancestors, his descendants and God.

The Bible verse that was read is a part of the letter Saint Paul wrote to the Colossian church. He was trying to educate them and help them in their life of faith.

The time of the early Christian Church and our time in our life of faith, is similar. Lets learn about the life of faith through these bible verses.

In order to be victorious in our life of faith we must overcome suffering. All things that cannot be victorious through a suffering course will naturally decay. When human beings go through suffering they can gain a deep understanding of the knowledge of life and get training enabling them to overcome future situations. Also, if we hear God's word and digest our suffering through a life of sincere serving, we will develop our heart, our personality and our faith.

Let us examine further how we may grow and develop in our life of faith.

Part 2 Growth of Personality

From reading the Bible, you may deepen your knowledge of God and His will. In verses 9 and 10 of the chapter, we can find out about the meaning of growth. Developing our personality means gaining in both knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge in the external world means a knowledge of material things. However, the knowledge I'm referring to is not scientific knowledge. It is a more internal, fundamental knowledge of the original world. Understanding means to know this internal, fundamental and original world. For example; To know who I am, to know the world, to know the origin of the universe, to know God and True Parents, are all important aspects of the internal knowledge.

If you study hard and research the Divine Principle and the Bible, you can gain true knowledge and wisdom. You will not make the same mistakes you made when you were ignorant about life. Through applying your knowledge and wisdom you will develop your personality.

Human beings, throughout their entire lifetime, are involved in learning in order to develop their understanding and personalities. You must fulfill heartle unity with God through a Principled understanding of God's deepest heart, His situation and His will. This unity must be manifested by your actions. In this way, you as the object of God's deepest desire, will become His true sons and daughters. You must feel that, with an ever increasing knowledge of God, your life will become more hopeful and precious.

The person who is proud about their present situation, as well as the person who overly despairs about it, are both unwise and ignorant. We must have an active faith and true knowledge of tomorrow. With such a faith and knowledge, we can research God's will for today; building a victorious foundation for a bright tomorrow. In this way, we will live a full life of love, tears, joy and sorrow.

An important thing is that when I love, I shed tears. But even more important than that is the meaning of my tears; also, the meaning of my laughter. When we reflect upon the seriousness of the impending judgement time, we can see how our faith and knowledge of this time affect our deepest heart (shimjung). Because of this, I can cry for the people of this world. That is important in a life of faith. Through tears and laughter, the value of a true life of faith appears. It is praiseworthy for the one who's heart is touching God's. Someone who possess that kind of heart can give to us tremendous grace and blessing. This is the value of a life of faith.

Tears, to a man of faith, will cause him to rejoice, even in a time of suffering. But laughter, when it has no foundation in true faith and true knowledge, is out of place. Such is the case for someone who basks in their own glory. Instead, man should find the deepest place where he can cry together with God. That is the way of a true life of faith.

Through a true life of faith, your personality must develop. If it doesn't develop right away, you must try and try again until you find a way to grow. If you don't have an understanding of the life of faith, then that faith is a dead faith. That faith is dead even though you may have held your belief for a long time. It is just like memorizing the Bible; if you can't understand it's meaning, then it's useless. Likewise, if you don't understand the heartle behind the Divine Principle, you can't grow in your life of faith no matter how much you study. So we must live our lives studying the Principle, followed by heartle, Principled action. If we do that, we can increase our understanding of life's Principles, which is the fruit of a life of faith.

Part 3 Developing Our Faith

Verses 11 and 12 speak of attaining all patience and long-suffering with joy. St. Paul tells us to give thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light.

Even during long suffering, don't despair; always be thankful, always have a thankful mind and go forward. If you do that, you will taste joy growing deeply within you.

The Bible says,"if you know the truth, the truth will make you free." Knowledge can be gained through deep suffering. Jesus said, "carry my yoke and learn from me." It means that without experiencing the same life of faith as Jesus, we will not grow in our life of faith. We can learn and grow in our understanding through living our life of faith.

A life of faith bears fruit through terrible suffering. I'm sure you have had serious experiences after which you have received grace. You suffered, then you were blessed. Because of Satan's accusation, God has no choice but to guide us this way. Therefore, you have heard through the Divine Principle, that God has had to test you. This is the condition to get out of Satan's dominion. There are individual level tests, family level, tribal, society, national, world, cosmic and God-level tests. Suffering and agony is not to make men fall down in failure, rather it is the short cut to becoming a true person. It is the way of receiving God's blessing. Human beings must pass through this road. So why are you afraid of it? Why do you hesitate in your life of faith? It is just like a pregnant woman when she delivers her baby. She forgets all of her suffering once she sees her beautiful child. It is then when she smiles a beautiful deep smile. It is like the joy God feels when He witnesses our resurrection and rebirth. In spite of His suffering for us, he feels deepest joy. Let us return joy and satisfaction to God through achieving our resurrection and rebirth.

When you obey the truth your spirit will be cleansed. Through the love of brothers and sisters, your spirit will be enriched. You can bear good fruit in your life of faith through holy action which God is calling us to perform.

We have to unite word and action, mind and body. One action is more important than 1000 words. Don't just participate in worship service without following it with action. Develop your life of faith.

Through a life of righteousness you may gain understanding on your own. By discovering the meaning of life on your own, you develop the confidence to press forward for goodness. Rather than a selfish faith and salesmanship faith, we need the quality of a pure life of faith.

If you try hard there's nothing impossible. First smile and greet each other. Make friends and help each other. Don't be jealous of what other people are doing. Instead, be an example that others can follow. If you do that, everyone will like and respect you, everyone will need you. You will be that kind of person.

A person who never helps others will not know the taste of true faith and can't feel the value of true life. You should love your neighbor as yourself. The purpose of life is fulfilled in helping others. This is the primary philosophy in a life of faith.

So we should begin our bright future by developing our lives of faith. When you are in difficulty, be patient. Even though you don't understand something, don't jump to conclusions. Although a life of indemnity is no joy, still find some joy. You should be victorious in your life of faith. With an aggressive mind and positive faith, go forward.

Part 4 Developing Your HeartVerse 9 says you may be filled with knowledge of His will and all wisdom and spiritual understanding.

If Adam and Eve could understand God's deepest heart, they wouldn't have made a serious mistake by disobeying the commandment. But they couldn't understand God's heart and they made their own judgements. Because of that, they couldn't make heartle unity with God. Also because of that, the fall occurred. So we have to be serious in our responsibility to experience God's heart and relieve God's suffering.

Today, Christianity misunderstands God's heart. They believe God is just a joyful and glorious Father in Heaven. They don't know God has been suffering for 6000 years looking for His missing children with a lonely, disstressful and sorrowful heart.

You must know what the 4 heartle realms and the 3 kingships are. Human beings must be reborn through God, the vertical parents, and through True Parents, the horizontal parents. As His children, we have to achieve the perfection level through God's true love, true life and true lineage. In this process, we'll become true children, true brothers and sisters, true husband and wives and true parents. As such, we can fulfill God's will.

Because Adam and Eve couldn't reach the heartle perfection level in these 4 great heartle realms, God has suffered for 6000 years. Through this, we can understand deeply about God's heart. We have to liberate God from the agony of the fall. To do so, we first have to accomplish the children's realm. This is the realm which is God's deepest realm and which will liberate God from the agony of the fall. In every realm the Parents heart is the same.

God has already fulfilled the invisible way of Heaven. Human beings, after bearing children, fulfill the substantial way. That's why human beings become the second creator.

The 3 great kingships means vertically grandparents, parents and children through 3 generations united together. We have to fulfill the ideal of the family kingdom. Then this family kingdom spreads to the tribal, national, world, and cosmic level through the 8 stages. In this way we have to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven.

In the 3 great kingdoms, grandfather is in the position of emperor. Parents are in the positions of king and queen and children are in the position of prince and princess. These are the positions we hold in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. With this kind of feeling, we have to attend True Parents.

In the spirit world, Grandparents are the king of the family. This means former king of the family on earth. Parents are the king of the family on earth in the present and children are the king of the family, on earth and in heaven, in the future. Without unity in the 3 generations we can't realize the Kingdom of Heaven.

So, we can see how, after the fall, the family broke down seriously. Before going to higher levels, we have to solve the family problem first. Before establishing king of the world, we have to establish the king of the family. Therefore the restoration of the family is the most fundamental and important thing.

As you know, the American family is far from God's standard. Fortunately you and I have received the Blessing and we have a chance to reach this level. How happy we are!

Let us become victors, successful in our life of faith through our experience of God's and True Parent's deepest heart. Let us reach the perfection level of our heart by fulfilling tribal messiahship.

Part 5 Development of the True Life Verse 10 says, " You may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God."

If Adam and Eve hadn't fallen, they would have realized the ideal of the Kingdom through their life dwelling with God. That is God's hope and His ideal of creation. How many hours have you been dwelling with God each day? The truth is we spend more time in our lives living with Satan than with God.

There are times when we can more easily dwell with God. For example: Attending a worship service, prayer time, while witnessing, attending a church activity, times of sacrifice for the sake of God's will, times of lecturing and studying God's Word and Divine Principle, etc.

Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, fallen people must pass through a course of indemnity as they go through a course of resurrection and restoration. Without paying indemnity you cannot remove Satan's influence from yourself fundamentally. And although nobody likes the indemnity course of restoration, that is why its so important.

Some members misunderstand indemnity. It seems like an individual course that doesn't belong to me. I like a joyful course, not an indemnity course. That's why some people say, " Divine Principle is ok but an indemnity course is not for me." That's also why some people leave the Church. How about you? Are you enjoying the Unification Church life or rather is it a life of indemnity? If there were no need to fulfill an indemnity course, why has God suffered for 6000 years? Without passing through an indemnity course we can't restore an environment of true life. To fulfill our indemnity course we have to begin from the bottom as servants of servants on up through 8 stages horizontally and through the 8 stage vertical indemnity course as well.

When we've fulfilled it, Satan personally gives us a certificate and then moves out. From that point we can fulfill the ideal of the kingdom.

The fulfillment of God's will is 95% God's portion of responsibility and 5% human responsibility achieving the goal of 100% . That's why God has been looking for human beings. That's why God has been calling me. That's why you and I are here today.

What's the difference between other churches and the Unification Church? The traditional Christian Church is essentially the faith of the believers asking for God's blessing. The Unification Church is essentially faith through indemnity.

Why did you come here today? Are you asking for God's blessing or establishing your course of indemnity? First you must fulfill your indemnity course and then blessing will come naturally.

Today's America is a living hell because Americans have lost their faith and are far from God. When believers in a society loose their spirit and hope that society is like a boat floating without oars or a rudder. The spiritless faith we see in America has become a warm bed of sin. Believers can't distinguish between good and evil, between God's work and Satan's work. At such a time an unbelievable amount of indemnity is heaped upon them, for example: The rise of communism. A popular thought at this time was that, "God is dead." Righteous people who would not accept this idea were murdered. Also True Parents were greatly misunderstood and received lots of persecution.

The history of the Unification Church has been one of suffering. Yet no matter how difficult it is we must restore the world to a beautiful environment, liberate all things, liberate human beings and liberate God. The mission of the tribal messiah is to restore the true life environment.

Everywhere people are struggling and crying out in the hellish environment. Communities are weak and people are struggling merely to manage their own family. People are unhappy. Therefore we must quickly deliver the message of new hope and try our best to bear fruit expanding God's territory. True Parents came to the United States 20 years ago and paid a lot of indemnity through misunderstanding and persecution. Father was sent to prison. In that difficult situation without stopping they built up a heavenly foundation. Therefore America has a lot of debt to God and True Parents.

American people have misunderstood why God blessed America. It isn't only for America but in order to accomplish God's will and save the world. Your ancestors in order to establish this beautiful America went over the hill of indemnity with tears, sweat and blood. What do you want to leave to your descendants?

Pollution, crime, drugs, confusion, mistrust between people, mysterious diseases, AIDS, starvation, all kinds of social unrest, anxiety over the miserable world situation, economic disaster, corruption, sexual immorality and perversion, family breakdown, child abuse. Its worse than an animal society. This is the current, terrible situation. Then who can save this world? Only we can solve these problems. No one else. Why?

From amongst the vast number of people of this world God chose us. He educated us, trained us and Blessed us. That's why we can be close to God. Only we know God's will. God asked us to help Him. Besides us there's nobody. What will you do? Do you want to help or try to ignore your responsibility? That's why the time of the 7 years of tribulation began. Through Divine Principle activity we can win peoples hearts and get them to open their minds. Through the WFWP activity we can solve the family and children problems. Through USA and other church activities we can change the social environment.Through tribal messiahship activity we can show the proud ideal of the kingdom. Through these we can fulfill God's will.

Part 6 Conclusion

Last March 18, True Parents called the Regional Leaders to the New Hope Farm which True Parents purchased in Texas last year. Its located 2 hours from San Antonio near Crystal City. Its former name is Crawford Farms. Its around 3000 acres and its quite famous in Texas. In sharing his plan Father explained that during the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain which took 400 years people moved from the countryside to urban areas. In the urban areas they built up a culture convenient for their modern life; communication, education, transportation, jobs, every field. But through urban development many new problems arose; air pollution, water pollution, food pollution, environment pollution, moral pollution, etc. If we continue to go this way human beings will die off. In view of this situation True Parents have unveiled a plan in which we will establish a world level hometown which will be a model of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will begin in the year 2000 and we have prepare for that now.

In the future people will move from the cities into the countryside to escape from the pollution and enjoy beautiful air, water and healthy food. The world level hometown will be in the countryside. So, we now have two kinds of hometowns, the first is the one where you are doing your tribal messiah activity and the second is our world hometown.

As we know Chung Ju, Father's hometown in North Korea is where the world level hometown ought to be but North Korea is a difficult communist controlled country that cannot serve as a holy ground at present. So in order to establish a world level 2nd hometown in Father's lifetime its going to be done in America, in Texas. How wonderful it is for America to have received this blessing!

In fact the area of Texas is 4 times as large as the Korean peninsula, the soil is rich, the land is flat, it is very cheap and there's plenty of empty space available for development. But it is not just farming that Father wants to do. Father wants to establish the ideal of the kingdom.

Father's plan is that each nation and each state purchase over 1000 acres in Texas and that each member connect both heartistically and externally to this project where Father will make the ideal town on earth.

We will have food, education, housing, sports and recreation, an environment and culture better than Disneyland. Fishing, hunting and all kinds of recreational activities will be done in the world level hometown. Everyone in the world will want to visit that town for more than two weeks (each year). Father has this kind of gigantic, incredible, beautiful plan.

How do you feel about this? This isn't a dream. This is a reality. Do you want to participate in this plan? Father said that if each family wants to unite with this plan, that within 3 years family should purchase at least 50 acres. Land cost is between $300 and $1000 per acre.

Also each family should spend 40 days each year on the land serving the project. Father also said that each region should buy one boat for the project and donate $7000 every month.

Father's schedule is so busy. He has so many things to do. I'll ask you one more time. What do you think of this plan? Do you want to participate? Exciting?

During this time of 7 years tribulation we have to pass through the final judgment. First personality is judged. Then faith. Then heart. We have to obey God and True Parents directions passing through the judgement time by way of a successful life of faith. By developing our personality we'll become mature citizens for the Kingdom of Heaven. Second, through the development of our life of faith we'll become God's representatives. Third, through the development of our heart as children of filial piety and God's royal family we'll liberate God's heart from its agony. Fourth, through the development of true life boldly and brilliantly marching forward we will build the Kingdom of God on Earth.

During the beautiful month of April, we have to understand our situation, carry out Father's deep message, sharing our faith, sowing good seeds. God Bless you all. Thank you. Let us pray.

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