The Words of Reverend Chong Jik Woo 

Rev. Woo

Today is another Sunday. Is this Sunday any different then any other Sunday. This year is 1993. From some people's viewpoint 1993 is no different then 1992. When we only look at life with our practical, instinctive mind we get only a partial view of reality. In 1989 could your practical mind imagine that Communism was about to fall down? Were you able to envision that Father would meet Gorbachov or be embraced by Kim Il Sung? From the standpoint of our instinctive mind these things would never happen in our lifetime. We can conclude that our instinctive mind cannot perceive the things that God is doing. We need some other kind of sense to be able to perceive the will and providence of God. In order to succeed in life we need some kind of spiritual antenna. Do you have a spiritual antenna? Through our spiritual antenna we can know the meaning of the time that we are in. If we don't know the meaning of the time we are in we can easily make the wrong decision about something. If we wake up suddenly in the middle of the night and we smell smoke in our house, we know that we should jump up and quickly gather our family, leave the house and call the fire department. But if we don't have a nose to smell the smoke, we never wake up and then we lose everything in the fire. Today, Christians want to go to heaven but they don't understand God's will clearly, so they don't know the way to get to heaven. Last October, there was a large group of very faithful Korean Christians who believed that the rapture was going to take place on October 28. Many of them sold their homes and quit their jobs in expectation of that day. Many people laughed at them and thought that they were very foolish people; but True Parents were very serious about that situation and felt so sorry for them. Unfortunately, their understanding about the coming of Christ was not enough.

Many times Jesus would say : "He who has ears to hear, let him hear". Today, we need those kind of special ears, eyes and nose.

Why are we here? In our life we will have a certain amount of experiences. We will eat a certain amount of meals; We will take a certain number of breaths; We will sleep a certain amount of hours. When we've finished, then what? Aren't we here to do more than just those things? Before we die we want to show God some kind of good result. We want to return back to God the good fruit of our life. For this reason we joined the Unification Church. Many times we say that we want to be free - but Divine Principle teaches us that there is no freedom without results which make God happy. How can God be happy?

All over this world there is so much suffering and hardship. Everyday over 60,000 people die by starvation. In Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia, people are literally trying to survive by tilling the ground. Even though they toil so hard, they know that if the rain is delayed, or if the insects invade, their crops will fail and they will die. In other parts of the world we see so many people suffering because of bitter ethnic and national conflicts. In the former Yugoslavia, people are literally trapped in their homes while the war rages outside their doors. Even to just go to the store, or to go to work, or to go to school means they must risk their life. We may feel that we have some great difficulty, but compared to the real suffering in the world, our difficulty in this country is easily manageable.

The most important thing that we should know is that God's suffering and True Parent's suffering is greater than anyone's suffering. Sometimes you may make a mistake and think that True Parent's don't sympathize with your difficulties. But actually if True Parents give sympathy too quickly, we may develop a wrong concept about our difficulty and never discover our ability to endure and overcome. Also, if True Parents sympathize too quickly and take away our burden, we may never know the magnitude of God's suffering. Truthfully, the most beautiful moment for God is when someone who is suffering some tragedy, turns to God with a joyful, prayerful, and thankful heart and says "my suffering is only a small thing compare to yours, Heavenly Father, please don't concern yourself". God can never forget such a person. God will remain, always, with such a person. When my wife passed away it was a very painful tragedy for me. But, I must say, through such a tragedy I learned many deep lessons which brought me closer to God and True Parents. We must become the people whose greatest tragedy and suffering is that we have been unable, so far, to comfort God and True Parents. Our greatest sorrow should be that we have not been able to liberate them from their suffering. If we aren't striving to be like that, we aren't really following True Parents. We may be observing True Parents, but not following them with the heart of true sons and daughters. The worst thing we could do with our life is to use our suffering and difficulty as an excuse to become cynical and angry at God and True Parents. Please don't live that kind of wasted life.

What providential time is it now? What is the difference between 1992 and 1993? It may seem the same to you. The sun still rises in the east and sets in the West, but there is a big difference. It is a difference that you can only see with spiritual eyes and spiritual ears. Do you have those kind of eyes and ears? If you don't have those eyes and ears, then its good to listen to someone who does have those eyes and ears.

Father proclaimed that January 1, 1993 is the beginning of the Completed Testament Era. The Completed Testament Era is the age of perfection. It is the time of the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit. This is the time for God to establish his direct dominion with mankind.

We must analyze how this age could finally come about.

If Adam, Eve and the Archangel had united centering on God's word, everything would have gone well. The Kingdom would have been established at that time and there would have been no need for any restoration course. Adam and Eve would have been the True Parents and their family would have been the True Family. If Adam and Eve would have deeply realized the meaning and purpose of keeping faith in the commandment, they would have fulfilled their role.

We must understand some deeper aspect of Adam and Eve's relationship. In one sense, Adam, as man, is the incarnation of God. In this position, Eve stands as the wife of God. When Eve receives the seed of Adam into her womb it is the same as receiving the seed of God. That's why through this holy act of love, Eve would give birth to the lineage of God. The pinnacle of God's deepest will and desire is to find such a woman who can give birth to His original lineage, family, society, nation, world and eternal history. Without such a woman, God cannot stand as True Parent, cannot have his honor and dignity, cannot have his dominion or His kingdom, his true dwelling place. Could traditional theologies ever understand such a deep point? From this standpoint we can understand that the tragedy of the fall was the biggest tragedy especially for God. No one suffered more terrible consequences of the fall than God. Because Eve centered her love on Lucifer, God lost all things. Lucifer gained all things. Because of the fall, God lost his position of True Parent, he lost his honor and dignity, his dominion, his Kingdom, his true dwelling place. Lucifer gained the position of god and father, he gained his satanic honor and dignity, his satanic dominion, Kingdom and dwelling place. Until God could recover True Mother's position, satan could continually accuse God. This is why the first son's birthright must be restored. Satan claimed God's lineage. In order to fulfill the course of restoration the second son must take the position of the first son. The first son must go through the position of the second son. Eve must train Cain and Abel to successfully go this course. But this was a failure also. Eve, Cain and Abel all contributed to the breakdown of God's family.Why then is Tamar so beloved by God? Many ministers, when they turn to the 38th chapter of the Bible are very embarrassed by the story of Tamar. But, in fact, Tamar is the most victorious woman in the Bible. Can you imagine why? God is looking to fulfill his original will, therefore, God must bring his true son into the world. Before God can bring his son, there must be a successful restoration course to recover the elder son's birthright. This is the fundamental meaning of Tamar's course. Tamar's twin sons exchanged positions inside the womb. This represents the restoration of the first son's birthright from the womb. Mother Mary could inherit Tamar's victory and internal foundation because Mary was placed in a similar circumstance as Tamar. Both attended God's will to bring his lineage. Both risked their lives in doing so. Because Mary walked the same course as Tamar, she could inherit the restored first son's birthright in her womb. As a result of this, Mary could give birth to a son who was born as the son of God.

Can God's will be fulfilled by just incarnating in his Son? What is the purpose for God to incarnate in His son if their is no daughter? In order for God's will to be fulfilled there must be the position of the bride of Christ: the restored Eve position.

God's responsibility was to bring the new Adam. It was the responsibility of Judaism, centering on the unity of Zechariah and Joseph's family, to bring the bride. Jesus must have a bride, but all the providential people who were supposed to fulfill certain responsibilities could not understand what they should do. Even after 30 years, Mary could not understand her role clearly. We can understand Jesus heart when he said to Mary, "woman, what do have to do with me?" Jesus said that to her because his mother was involved in the preparations for the marriage of Cana's daughter. She was so worried about the refreshments she asked Jesus to do a miracle and turn the water into wine. Jesus scolded Mary in this way because she wasn't concerned about her most important mission. Her most important mission was to prepare for the marriage of her own son. Why was she so involved in the marriage ceremony of Cana's daughter when her own son, Jesus, was still without his bride? Which marriage would have more significance for God's providence?

If they could have succeeded, through Jesus and his bride the Kingdom of Heaven could have come. By killing Jesus, the true seed was killed and the prepared bride's womb remained barren. Killing Jesus meant that the True Father was killed, the True Parents were killed. God's honor and dignity, once again, was dashed to the ground and he remained in his woeful position of suffering and sorrow.

On such a foundation, the New Testament Age, the Christian era, began. That foundation was constructed on the blood, sweat and tears of Jesus. Christians for 2000 years have been waiting eagerly for the return of Christ. However, there is a hidden dimension within the Christian providence. The appearance of the true bride of the coming Christ is that hidden dimension. The pinnacle of the Christian era is not only the coming of Christ, but also the appearance of the bride of Christ. Christianity must unite with the coming Christ centering on his bride. Christianity's mission, like Judaism from before, is to bring the Bride. God brings the second coming of Christ. Christianity, on earth, should prepare the bride.

After World War 2 if American Christian missionaries could have united with Father, then within 7 years (1945-1952) the long-awaited Kingdom of Heaven could have begun. That means that in 1953 Father could have proclaimed the start of the Completed Testament Age. Father wanted to proclaim this age 40 years ago. This opportunity of 40 years ago was lost because those providential people representing Christianity could not unite with Father. In fact, they even began to persecute Father. For this reason, Father had to go to North Korea, to Hungnam prison and suffer many things. For this reason, Father had to delay his dispensation through an arduous 40 year suffering course. Because of this failure to unite, satan could claim the first Mother and through claiming first Mother, satan could claim the first Eve nation.

Satan could claim so much to his side. For this reason, God could claim the satan's side countries of Japan and Germany. But God did not abandon Christianity. God would not abandon America either. God would not abandon America because America was the fruit of Christianity. America, providentially, stands as the second Israel. For this reason, True Parents want to preserve America. Therefore, True Parents feel that, at all costs, America must be saved so that it can fulfill it's providential responsibility and destiny. You may not know, but for 47 years, 5 times a day, Father has been praying for the 7 providential nations of USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, China, Russia and Japan. Father has been praying, sacrificing and laboring to bring about such a moment that has now arrived: the beginning of the Completed Testament Era. Let's give a big hand to True Parents.

This age could come because Mother, as Eve, through Mother's tour could unite Cain and Abel centering on the True Parents. Didn't you feel some deep sense of victory when Mother came to Washington? Wasn't it an incredible moment when, centering on True Mother, the True Children were introduced and they could receive a standing ovation from the audience? This kind of victory took place all over America and then all over the World. Father pushed Mother so hard to finish everything by the end of 1992 so that he could proclaim this age by God's Day. At the fall of Man, Eve, Cain and Abel caused the breakdown in God's first family. Centering on Mother's tour, all things could be restored and for this reason Father could proclaim the beginning of the Completed Testament Age.

Because of True Mother's total victory, True Parents are completely one. Before this we would bow two times upon meeting the True Parents. But now we only should bow once. Bowing once instead of twice signifies that True Parents are one. That's why the True Family became the "New Family". The "New Family" is the family that is attending Father through the completion of the unity of Cain and Abel centering on Mother. This years motto "The New Family and the Unified Fatherland" is proclaiming that the True Family is a New Family. In order for us to enter into the Completed Testament Age, we must be deeply united with this New Family. We should inherit and unite eternally with the true tradition from the True Family, which is the model in which we can move freely between the individual, family, nation and world. We should complete our unified fatherland through our family being assimilated into the world of God, True Parents and True Children.

Then, what is the meaning of "the Unified Fatherland"? This doesn't just mean North and South Korea. It means any foundation made where God can dwell. If my mind and body are united then that is the Unified Fatherland in me. If husband and wife are united, then that is the Unified Fatherland on the family level. If my community, my spiritual children are united with me, that is also the Unified Fatherland. This is the way to expand the Kingdom. Eventually, the whole world and cosmos should be the Unified Fatherland.

The beginning of the Completed Testament Age is the realm that satan could never touch. This realm is a very strict area. No satanic element can enter there. That's why now the tribulation has started everywhere and even in our Church. Tribulation means that, suddenly, what was acceptable behavior before is no longer acceptable. This is similar to when the Israelite received the 10 commandments. Before they received the 10 commandments, they could complain many times and rebel against Moses many times and God would not be able to judge them. However, after they received the 10 commandments, if they complained or rebelled then some very swift solution to change their attitude would come. Please study this point in the Bible. It is very relevant to our day.

Tribulation has come to the world because it is no longer acceptable behavior to be disunited with True Parents. In the New Testament age, God had to be quiet. When Jesus was hanging on the Cross, he cried out "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me? Such a time is over. It is no longer acceptable for anyone to reject True Parents word. It is no longer acceptable for America to be unresponsive to the True Parents. In a sense, it is a very fearful age. What kind of attitude you have toward True Parents will be very clear in this age. There will be no delay in the judgement to anyone who is unresponsive to the True Parents. Aren't we glad that such a moment has arrived? It is great, but it is also terrible. We must be very clear about following True Parents tradition. We must be responsive to the way of True Parents or we may get stranded in the sea of tribulation.

The next 3 and a half years will be a time of great tribulation. Everything will be shaken. There will be many disasters, earthquake, disease and tragedies to strike this world. All arrogant people will be made low. God has been patient for 6000 years; now the time has come when all people, including Unification Church members to respond in the fullest extent to the call of True Parents. Now is not the time to rest, to be quiet, to be angry or to be complaining. Now is the time to get up and take action. It is time to speak out and proclaim the meaning of this age. For this reason Father has directed all regions to begin IOWC (CTC) activities and that every family should devote 40 days in 1993 to IOWC.

In order to enter into the Completed Testament Age we must fulfill a 40 day condition. At the time of Moses, the Old Testament Age was to begin also with a 40 day condition of faith. Moses sent the 12 spies into Canaan to fulfill a 40 day condition of spying. If they have faith, they will live, if they don't have faith, they will die. Only Joshua and Caleb could fulfill the 40 days of faith. They could live and enter the promised land while the first generation of Israelites, who couldn't have faith, died in the wilderness. Also, the New Testament Age was to begin with a 40 day period of faith. Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days of fasting. There Jesus was tempted by satan 3 times. After Jesus was rejected, he had to make a new 40 day condition of faith. After his crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus, in his spiritual body, remained on earth for a 40 day period. During that time he regathered 120 disciples and made the foundation for spiritual adoption on the day of Pentecost. When we think of Father's direction to us to fulfill a 40 day period of faith through IOWC activities, we must be very serious about the importance of that direction. It is our condition of faith in order to enter the Completed Testament Age. Here in Washington, centering on each community and community leader, IOWC activities will take place. 40 days of activity means 1000 hrs. of service in the year of 1993. If we offer ourselves in this most difficult time, it is most meaningful. You can fulfill your 1000 hrs. through IOWC, USA, WFWP and fundraising activity. Each member will receive a 1000 hr. card so that you can record your effort this year. At the end of the year all those who fulfill 1000 hrs. and bring good results will be honored by special certificate. Such a record in your family history would be precious and an eternal source of pride.

This is the greatest time for us to speak out. All the sorrow and suffering we have felt because of the unresponsive nation can be healed. Think that the next 3 1/2 years is like you have been called to the army. Imagine that our country has been attacked and we have been drafted into the armed services. Or imagine you are in jail for 3 1/2 years or sick and in a coma for 3 1/2 years.

The point is that this is the most important time to be active and aggressive about our faith. This is the time, like no other time, for us to harvest the fruit. If people resist in this age, they will not be able to live comfortably and forget what sin they committed. In this age, people who sin, who reject True Parents will never know peace.

Let us unite our mind and body, husband and wives, Pastor and church, community by community. Let us make every aspect of our environment unite with "The New Family" so that in every direction that we turn we can see the horizons of the Unified Fatherland.

God bless you, your families and your homes and let us work together to make Washington DC our Unified Fatherland.

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