The Words of Reverend Chong Jik Woo 

Chong Jik Woo

This is the second of two excerpts from a sermon given at Sunday Service, July 10, 1994, at the church in Washington DC.

A society which produces no fruit of true love is full of darkness and hopelessness. God has, single-mindedly, sought to establish the ideal world of love centered on God. In order to accomplish that, he has no regard for his honor and situation. His only hope is to bear the fruit of true love.

Today, it seems that falsehoods are given more credence than truth. Fallacy has more power than fact. Fallen love is more appealing than true love. Fallen man is living a more wealthy and respectful life than the man of truth. That is the current situation of society. Therefore this confused society gives testimony, in these last days, of the need for revolutionary change towards a society of true love. As Revelation 21 predicts, the time would come when all things "would be made new". Now is that time.

With a vibrant life of faith, let us overcome all difficulty and go forward. By doing so, we can fulfill our divine mission as representatives of God. Until now, God has been carrying a deep grudge as he has longed to save his fallen children in every corner of the world. Let us understand clearly our current situation, our duty and mission, our value and true relationships; and our fundamental hope and bright future.

The expansion of the environment of true love is the way we can establish the ideal society. Accomplishing that expansion will be the way we can be victorious in our life.

In the practice of true love, we seek to save our neighbor, This means we witness. This activity provides valuable training for church life, for the growth of my life of faith, for the completion of my personality and the accomplishment of the ideal of true love.

Because True Parent's church is cultivating the building of character and the practice of true love. We could say that the church is the training center for life in the Kingdom. Therefore, we should strive to have success in our church life. If we are unsuccessful in our church life and our mission as Tribal Messiahs, we could not very well call our life a success.

In order to become successful in our present life, we should follow a course of strength and boldness. We should be patient and with an adventurous spirit overcome any difficulty. This is the way of God's Will. It is the way of the good samaritan who was a brave and righteous young man. With that heart and spirit, we should love our neighbor and save them; likewise our society, nation and world.

In order to be successful in the practice of the life of true love, we have to try our best with the utmost sincere spirit. Give comfort to those who have experienced heartal damage in society. Receive the new vitality and the new desperate heart. Try to have new hope, even when others around you may be discouraged and seem ready to give up.

In order to go forward in our life of faith, we have to measure the details of our life continuously. We have to be mindful of the huge debt we have to God and True Parents. Let's forget the bad experiences of the past, and live the rest of our life in the most hopeful manner. Maintain a humble attitude and reflective mind in the practice of true love so that we can be responsive to God and True Parents and be worthy of their blessing.

In this Completed Testament Era, each aspect of the struggle of good and evil has reached it's individual turning point. When the first generation passes the baton to the second generation, it is a very tense time. Therefore, resurrect your mind and body, rising to the highest ideal. Our hope and desire is our Canaan of milk and honey. Overcome all suffering and agony of today with the conviction to go forward through tomorrow.

God calls us as a member of the Great Completed Testament Age Crusade. We have to understand the serious suffering of those who lost their own nation. In order to restore God's hopeful country, we have to go forward with that understanding. Goodness is the act of sacrifice and service for the higher purpose. So, to establish the public good, we have to sacrifice our private situation with a positive mind. Those who do, will be the victor in the practice of true love.

Be Fruitful

The record of your sacrifice for God's will is stored forever in the eternal world. Someday we will all pass away from this earthly domain and so we shouldn't be overly concerned about earthly, material attachments. Whenever we have a chance to serve others with a sincere spirit, heavenly wisdom will tell us that we are doing something which will remain forever. With that wisdom, we will be able to manage our life well. Even though we pass away, the fruit of our true love will remain forever. As love is given and returned, it becomes more substantial. For this reason, God instructed us to serve others because he desires to give us a greater love and blessing. From there, we can realize an ideal society and begin eternal life.

Eternal life can only be accomplished when we practice sacrificial love like the samaritan young man. The way of love and the way of life are the same way. If we become confused and perceive the way of life and the way of love as separate and unrelated, we will lose everything and everything will become useless.

Don't expect to be given anything. Instead, if you take action, leading through example and sacrificing for public work, you will accomplish 100 times more than what you could have been given.

Our mission is, internally, to be faithful in our church life and bear abundant fruit. This means to have many spiritual children. Externally, you should become a respectable professional person in your field. As such, you can restore an economic foundation and expand a beautiful environment.

When you have good give and take action in your church life and society life, the generating power will bring incredible development and miracles.

Someone who isn't accomplished in society will, likely, be faithless in his church life. His approach to life is half-hearted until, finally, he loses faith, has a conscience problem and experiences a natural spiritual decay.

In order to be successful in our Tribal Messiah mission we have to be successful in both our church life and society life.

In order to become successful in the practice of true love, let us inherit heavenly tradition and set a example of living an ideal church life. This is the way of prosperity and eternal happiness. In order to have success in the practice of true love, each person of various fields and areas of responsibility must repent for past mistakes and redecorate our life with shiny deeds of true love. Not only by talk but by walk. That means, by taking action. So let us go forward.

On July 26, we will have the inaugural event of the Youth Federation for World Peace in Washington DC. Because Washington is the capitol of the United States and is central in the whole world, it is a hopeful place for God. It is the flower blossom of heart and love. In order to prepare for the second generation in the coming 21st century and for the opening of the era of world peace and happiness, having YFWP is a bright and wonderful thing.

On this occasion we can more clearly understand the importance of Washington and how vital True Parents feel our mission is here. From all over the world, 160 national representatives of YFWP will come to Washington. So with the utmost sincere heart we want to comfort, encourage, and show them our spirit and our result. Shall we give them hope? We accomplished a great result through the campaign of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age last year and this year. So in order to bring great results again, let us all invite our guests to this event and try our best to bear good fruit.

Through that let us try to reach our witnessing goal for this year. True Parents traditionally have a 40 day witnessing campaign during the summer. From July 20 to August 30 we are going to have a historical witnessing campaign during this time. All members must participate in this campaign in order to bring a successful result. Let us try our best with a sincere spirit. In this period, if we bring a successful result, we will make God happy. Let us liberate God and bring comfort to True Parents. For that to happen, with a marching spirit let us go forward. How about that? Do you agree or disagree? If you agree to be involved in this activity, please raise your hands. Thank you, God bless you, your family and your mission.

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