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Invitation to the Discover True Friendship Tour in Jordan

Paul Byrne
March 18, 2009
Assistant International Executive Director, IRFF

Rasoun, Jordan - This year's Discover True Friendship Tour features a project in the village of Rasoun, Jordan, July 8-22. Join us as we renovate the local boys’ and girls’ primary schools and improve the quality of life of the community’s children.

Activities include renovating two village schools (one for boys and one for girls), and fix up the local park and playground. Working together with villagers to improve their community offers opportunities to learn about and experience their lives and culture.

In this intercultural program, young men and women will learn about the challenges facing the people of Jordan, issues related to poverty and international development, and practices of sustainable development. There will be meetings with non-profits and international organizations, tour the capital city of Amman. The schedule includes sight-seeing trips to Petra, the city built into towering cliffs by the ancient Nabataean people, and Jerash, a beautifully preserved and restored Greco-Roman city.

In a world divided by religion, race, nationality and language, this is an opportunity to create understanding and friendships with brothers and sisters of other countries and cultures in a way that will change the lives of all involved.

On past Service Tours, young people built schools in needy communities of Zambia and Bangladesh, and a multi-purpose community center in Peru. They had life-changing experiences while impacting the lives of others.

This project is a partnership with the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation and Youth Federation for World Peace.

Applications are due April 20. Participants must be age 16 or older, agree to abide by the participant guidelines, and pay fees. For more information visit or email Paul Byrne. 

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