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Rev. Sun Myung Moon Brings His Message to Las Vegas after World Tour

Douglas Burton
May 18, 2011

Design of new Sonic Cult billboard to be installed near the Las Vegas strip: From left: Mitsuru Hunter, Ben Lorentzen and Joe Young.

Benefit Slot Tournament and Black-tie Gala to Help Salvation Army

Saturday is the Day of Judgment according to some end-time believers, but the Reverend Sun Myung Moon of Korea, honored as a prophet and peacemaker by millions worldwide, is optimistic on the future of the planet and particularly keen on the future of Las Vegas. Rev. Moon will be the keynote speaker at 1 p.m., Saturday May 21, 2011 at the stylish Aria Hotel (the Bristlecone Ballroom) where he will speak on the topic of "Building a World of Universal Peace at a Time of Global Crisis." The program will include prayers for peace from local ministers and other religious leaders. Music will be provided by Sonic Cult, the Sunday-Service band of Lovin' Life Ministries in New York, headed by Rev. Moon's daughter, Rev. In Jin Moon.

Rev. Moon, 92, and Mrs. Moon arrive in Las Vegas at the end of a world speaking tour that began in Seoul on Easter Sunday and covered eight European capitals. The Unification Church founder, who famously predicted in 1985 the imminent demise of the Soviet Union, has been telling his audiences that January 13, 2013 indeed is a turning point in world history. Unlike end-time preachers who foresee the end of the world on Saturday, or else in the year 2012, Rev. Moon foresees a coming world of peace and prosperity ushered in gradually by a religious awakening. As he has explained in numerous speeches, he believes that Las Vegas has a bright future as a world-class tourist destination where visitors and their families can take advantage of spectacular shows and environmental wonders in the region.

The gaming industry, too, can be used to raise funds for good causes, and to demonstrate it, he is inviting 300 of his friends and followers to participate in a benefit slot tournament and black-tie gala on Saturday. The tournament will take place both before and after the main event for 300 players who have paid an entrance fee. Individual prizes will be awarded, and proceeds of the tournament will go to the Salvation Army, according to organizers.

For weeks, scores of Unificationists have prepared Las Vegas for the weekend by distributing nearly 100,000 copies of the book, As a Peace-loving Global Citizen, Rev. Moon's bestselling autobiography. (See vimeo video: Blessing of Glory -- Remix" performed by Mai Thurston and Demian Dunkley.) Motorists in Las Vegas have noticed recent billboards advertising the book and the Sonic Cult band. 

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